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Want to See Johnny Depp Rocking Out On Stage with Alice Cooper? Here's Your Chance

Hollywood Vampires, a Rock Supergroup Featuring Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper, Announces Tour Dates

Originally posted 08/12/2015 11:55PM

Music fans will soon get the rare opportunity to see actor Johnny Depp jam onstage alongside rock legends Alice Cooper and Aerosmith's Joe Perry. But be forewarned: It's a very limited engagement.

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Aerosmith Members Say Steven Tyler 'Needs Help' | Steven Tyler

Music News

Aerosmith Members Say Steven Tyler 'Needs Help'

Originally posted 11/19/2009 05:30AM

As Steven Tyler's bandmates ponder the future now that he has decided to take a two-year break from Aerosmith, they are also expressing concerns about the singer's well-being.

"I think that he needs help and that attention needs to be put to his health," drummer Joey Kramer tells PEOPLE.

And Kramer says he isn't referring to the broken shoulder Tyler sustained when he fell off the stage during a concert in August.

Asked if he thinks there is something else going on with Tyler, he says, "I do."

Recent reports in the Boston Herald and online suggest Tyler, who battled drug addiction in the '70s and '80s and checked into a rehab center last year to detox from painkillers, may be partying again.

Though Kramer would not say whether he has seen Tyler use drugs recently, he says he is concerned because the singer has "isolated himself."

Says Kramer, "He's got some bad influences in his life right now and he's making poor choices."

Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford tells PEOPLE, "His behavior is spinning out of control."

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Joe Perry: Fate of Aerosmith Still 'Up in the Air' | Joe Perry, Steven Tyler

Music News

Joe Perry: Fate of Aerosmith Still 'Up in the Air'

Originally posted 11/11/2009 04:30PM

Joe Perry still isn't sure which way Steven Tyler's walking.

After reports swirled that Tyler might be leaving Aerosmith, his unexpected performance with bandmate Perry in New York City on Tuesday night wasn't just a shock to fans but also to Perry. At the performance, Tyler said, "I just want New York to know I'm not leaving Aerosmith."

"I was totally surprised. I had no idea he was going to show up," Perry tells PEOPLE in his first interview since the show. In fact, the pair hadn't spoken in weeks. "All I know is we walked off stage and were sitting taking our break [before] the encore and there was a bunch of commotion and I looked up and Steven was there."

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Steven Tyler: Back with Aerosmith | Joe Perry, Steven Tyler

Music News

Steven Tyler: Back with Aerosmith

Originally posted 11/11/2009 03:20PM

It looks like Aerosmith may have nine lives after all.

Just days after guitarist Joe Perry Tweeted that frontman Steven Tyler was leaving the band, the longtime duo has apparently patched things up.

Tyler and Perry made a surprise appearance onstage at the Fillmore in New York Tuesday night and announced that Tyler was back in the saddle. "I just want New York to know I'm not leaving Aerosmith," Tyler, 61, told the cheering crowd. The band then gave an rousing performance of "Walk this Way."

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POLL: Who Could Replace Aerosmith's Steven Tyler?

Music News

POLL: Who Could Replace Aerosmith's Steven Tyler?

Originally posted 11/10/2009 01:35PM

Only six weeks ago, Joe Perry optimistically told PEOPLE that he and his Aerosmith bandmates were "pretty much counting on getting back together sometime in 2010," once lead singer Steven Tyler recovered from the fall he took over the summer.

But now the guitarist has changed his tune, telling the Las Vegas Sun that "Steven quit as far as I can tell." He added, "We'll probably find somebody else, and then we'll be able to move Aerosmith up a notch."

Perry later posted more comments on Twitter, writing, "Aerosmith is definetly NOT breaking up. One of the members is doing his own thing and said so in the press. That's all I know ... In the meantime Aerosmith is positively looking for a new singer to work with."

Tell us: Who should replace Steven Tyler?

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What Happened to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler? | Steven Tyler

What Happened to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler?

Originally posted 08/12/2009 02:05PM

Nearly a week after Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler fell off the stage at a South Dakota concert, mystery surrounds his current condition.

A concert spokesman said Tyler, 61, was airlifted to a local hospital after suffering minor head, neck and shoulder injuries, according to the Associated Press. The band then postponed three concert dates in Canada and it's unclear when they will resume touring.

In radio interviews this week, lead guitarist Joe Perry said he hasn't spoken with Tyler since the fall, but told Chicago's 97.9 The Loop, "I've seen him fall of a stage more than once ... I've fallen off ... Stuff happens."

According to Perry, the frontman (who suffered a leg injury earlier this summer) broke his shoulder blade in two places. "No concussion. Nothing internal," he told Detroit's WXRX 104.9 FM. "So it's like he [was] in a bad bar fight. [Like] somebody had a baseball bat."

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