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See Katy Perry and John Mayer Debut 'Who You Love' Live

Katy Perry Joins John Mayer Onstage for 'Who You Love'

Originally posted 12/18/2013 03:00PM

John Mayer and Katy Perry started and ended Tuesday with each other – and "Who You Love."

Following an early appearance on Good Morning America to premiere the music video for their duet, Perry appeared onstage during Mayer's encore in Brooklyn, N.Y., capping the winter leg of his tour with the first live performance of their song.

"Someone I know we all love – me a little more than you – please welcome the fantastic Ms. Katy Perry," Mayer, 36, said as the pop star made her way onto the stage to cheers from the crowd.

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Watch John Mayer and Katy Perry's 'Who You Love' Video

UpdatePosted 12/17/2013 04:15PM

John Mayer and Katy Perry Premiere 'Who You Love' Video

Originally posted 12/17/2013 09:15AM

John Mayer, Katy Perry – and a mechanical bull?

The couple were joined by an unexpected costar in the music video for their duet, "Who You Love," the third single off of Mayer's Paradise Valley album.

Premiering Tuesday on Good Morning America, the Sophie Muller-helmed video features Mayer, Perry and other duos riding a mechanical bull before shooting off confetti cannons.

"We set the casting call up for real couples. It's just so authentic – they were having a great time," Mayer, 36, says. "There's nothing scripted in that video except putting a bull in the middle of the desert."

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Katy Perry on Motherhood: 'I'm Definitely Not There Yet'

Katy Perry on Motherhood: 'I'm Definitely Not There Yet'

Originally posted 12/09/2013 09:00AM

Katy Perry isn't ruling out the possibility of having children one day – but it's not happening tomorrow.

"I'm definitely not there yet, and I can't plan that far in advance," she tells January's Marie Claire, out Dec. 17, when asked about having kids. "When I decide to have a family, I'll just want to be Mom for a little bit."

The "Unconditionally" singer, 29, doesn't say whether she would consider procreating with on-again beau John Mayer, 36, but it's clear the Grammy-nominated singer is smitten.

"He's just a fantastic partner," she says. "I've been a fan of his for such a long time. He's got a brilliant, brilliant mind. It's a rad, mature relationship."

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See John Mayer & Katy Perry's First Portrait Together | John Mayer, Katy Perry

UpdatePosted 12/03/2013 11:55AM

John Mayer and Katy Perry Release 'Who You Love' – See the Cover

Originally posted 12/02/2013 09:00PM

John Mayer's not running anymore – that much is clear from the cover of his latest single, "Who You Love."

Dueting with girlfriend Katy Perry on the track, which they cowrote for his latest album, Paradise Valley, the couple posed for professional portraits to accompany the release.

"I'm excited to give you the first look at the single artwork for 'Who You Love,' shot by the great Mario Sorrenti," Mayer, 36, writes in a post on his Tumblr. "Get it at the iTunes Store, and then head over to Vanity Fair to see exclusive photos from the shoot."

"And yes, we look like this at home pretty much all the time," the musician jokingly adds.

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PHOTO: Is Katy Perry Wearing an Engagement Ring?

PHOTO: Is Katy Perry Wearing an Engagement Ring?

Originally posted 11/11/2013 11:45AM

The star sports some suspicious bling on that finger

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Katy Perry 'Wants a Normal Relationship' with John Mayer

Katy Perry 'Wants a Normal Relationship' with John Mayer

Originally posted 10/31/2013 05:40PM

Katy Perry's boyfriend might be famous, but she's not trying to make her relationship with John Mayer into the music industry equivalent of Brangelina.

"I want to have a normal life with a normal relationship and I don't want to be forced to just hang out in a hotel room all the time," she tells Entertainment Weekly. The singer-songwriter, 29, says that while she shares "bits and pieces," she doesn't want to reveal everything about their life together.

"I keep enough to myself," she says. "I'm going to go on dates and movies and dinners and when I do it's not because I'm trying to garner any kind of publicity, it's because it's something that is just an inevitable byproduct of this life. It's never my main focus, it's never intentional. [My] ideal date is just dinner and a movie. It's so normal. And a hike, we love to hike."

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Katy Perry: I Had a Crush on John Mayer for a Long Time

Katy Perry: I Had a Crush on John Mayer for a Long Time

Originally posted 10/23/2013 09:45AM

Katy Perry knows all about working hard to achieve your goals, but it seems the "Roar" singer has applied the same rules to her love life.

In an interview with W magazine, the singer reveals that she was interested in boyfriend John Mayer, 36, long before they got together in 2012.

When asked if she had a movie crush, the 28-year-old replied, "I actually am dating my crush. I had a crush on him for a long time, and it just so happens we fit together great."

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Critic: Katy Perry's Prism Takes Her Out of Comfort Zone

Katy Perry's Prism Takes Her Out of Comfort Zone

Originally posted 10/22/2013 10:00AM

bgwhite bgwhite bgwhite  

It wasn't a good sign for me when "Roar," the No. 1 single that heralded Katy Perry's third studio album, felt kind of tame compared to Sara Bareilles's "Brave," a similar self-empowerment anthem that came out a few months before.

But the good news is that "Roar" (which, admittedly, has since grown on me) isn't even one of the best songs on the vibrant, multicolored Prism – and there are certainly plenty more hits where that came from.

This is a pop blockbuster that easily beats 2010's hit-laden behemoth Teenage Dream. It finds Perry once again working with A-list producers like Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Stargate and Benny Blanco, and they deliver the hooks and beats for the diva, whether it's blissful dance tracks ("Birthday") or forceful power ballads ("Unconditionally").

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Katy Perry Recalls the Time Barbara Walters 'Shaded Me'

Katy Perry Recalls the Time Barbara Walters 'Shaded Me' for Being Late

Originally posted 09/28/2013 04:45PM

Got an interview with Barbara Walters? Here's a tip: Don't be late.

Katy Perry learned that the hard way when, during a scheduled sit-down with the veteran journalist, she happened be running behind schedule ... only to run straight into Walters's ire when the interview finally got under way.

In the latest issue of Billboard, the "Roar" singer, 28, looks back on the encounter, which happened to coincide with the demise of Perry's marriage to her then husband, Russell Brand.

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Why John Mayer Won't Sing His Hits (Hint: He Can't)

UpdatePosted 08/29/2013 08:00PM

Why John Mayer Won't Sing His Hits (Hint: He Can't)

Originally posted 08/29/2013 03:30PM

Anyone hoping to hear "Why Georgia" and other throwback tunes during John Mayer's latest tour should probably adjust their expectations.

"[My voice is] coming back and it will come back all the way to where it was. All the early stuff, I can't do that full voice right now," the musician – who's still recovering from two surgeries on his vocal cords – tells TIME.com as part of their 10 Questions series.

"The Botox takes a while to dissolve, so as it dissolves, my range comes back. Born and Raised and Paradise Valley stem from this inability to sing higher. I didn’t know I had a granuloma for most of the making of Born and Raised. The songs are all low because I would hit a ceiling faster. Looking back on it now, I’ve been making these records based on those limitations."

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