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Jon Bon Jovi

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Bon Jovi Helps Rehab a Detroit Neighborhood | Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Helps Rehab a Detroit Neighborhood

Originally posted 07/08/2008 12:00PM

Jon Bon Jovi gave Detroit’s East Side something to sing about Monday. The Grammy winner helped knock down a block’s worth of buildings to make room for five new homes.

The houses are being built by a partnership between the rocker’s Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation, the Saturn car company and Habitat for Humanity.

“I wanted to give something back to you,” the rocker, whose foundation provides affordable housing to communities in need, told the crowd, according to the Associated Press. After construction crews demo’d amid “Knock it down!” chants, Detriot-area Saturn dealers helped raise the first wall of a new home.

Bon Jovi, 46, in town for a concert that night as part of his Lost Highway Tour, gave a speech and then said he had to leave: “I have to go my day job now.”

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LeAnn Rimes Sacrifices Health for a Sexy Video Shoot | LeAnn Rimes


LeAnn Rimes Sacrifices Her Health for a Sexy Video Shoot

Originally posted 10/23/2007 08:15AM

It's not easy being sexy, but someone's gotta do it. And it was country singer LeAnn Rimes's job to sacrifice her own health to get a music video shot with Jon Bon Jovi.

"We stayed up to 6 a.m. I was in a nightie in the middle of the street. It was freezing," she tells PEOPLE at Redbook Heroes: The Strength & Spirit Awards in New York Monday night. "I got a little bit of a cold from it."

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Bon Jovi to Restore Rundown Philly Homes

Bon Jovi to Restore Rundown Philly Homes

Originally posted 10/06/2006 08:55AM

Jon Bon Jovi on Thursday announced an effort to renovate 15 rundown houses in Philadelphia's blighted north side.

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Kirsten & Jake's Arty Date Night | Jake Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten & Jake's Arty Date Night

Originally posted 08/29/2005 06:00AM

Reunited sweethearts Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal took in a little culture – and supported a fellow celebrity – when they attended Ocean's Twelve actor Scott Caan's photography exhibit at Los Angeles boutique Na'Pali. The couple, who arrived in Gyllenhaal's black Mercedes, checked out Caan's black-and-white shots, a mix of everyman and celebrity photos, including Angelina Jolie (who wasn't at the event).

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Stars Raise $7.5 Mil for Kerry-Edwards

Stars Raise $7.5 Mil for Kerry-Edwards

Originally posted 07/09/2004 08:00AM

New York's Radio City Music Hall became a 6,000-seat Democratic convention Thursday night, as stars took the great stage to sing the praises of the new John Kerry-John Edwards ticket – and to pour $7.5 million into the campaign's coffers.

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Caviezel Hits the Links | James Caviezel

Caviezel Hits the Links

Originally posted 04/29/2004 9:00AM

Where is one to go after playing Jesus? Jim Caviezel, for one, hit the links – to play legendary golfer Bobby Jones in the biopic Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius (opening Friday). If that seems like an easy role after the enormous challenge of The Passion of the Christ, then perhaps you didn't know that Caviezel is, well, let's say, not a fan of the sport. "I wasn't into golf – I'd rather watch the paint dry, I'd rather watch Martha Stewart," Caviezel said at the movie's New York premiere this week. "I could care less about the Golf Channel or any golf. I like the fast sports. I like basketball, football, baseball – golf just never really interested me." So why star in a movie about a golfer? "I liked the story of Bobby Jones, I like what he stood for," Caviezel said. "He was a guy who was an amateur golfer that beat all the best in the world. ... (The movie is) about sportsmanship, it's about (the idea that) there's more to life than winning championships. I, like most people, wouldn't want to see it if it was just about golf."

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Bon Jovi Welcomes a Baby Rocker

Originally posted 04/01/2004 01:50PM

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea, have given birth to their fourth child, Romeo Jon, New York's Daily News reports.

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Local Boy Makes Good

Originally posted 11/14/2002 12:00PM

Jon Bon Jovi is not a man who can afford to be late for a show. Buckled into his black Dodge Viper on a Thursday afternoon, he roars out of the garage of his home, an imposing limestone residence that resembles a French château plunked down in central New Jersey. He shifts into high gear and in less than 10 minutes pulls into the parking lot of the local elementary school. He dashes into the principal's office to get a visitor's pass, which he slings around his neck.

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Bon Jovi to Kick Off Football Season

Originally posted 08/01/2002 12:30PM

The NFL is preparing a big Times Square bash on Sept. 5 to usher in the 2002 season and to help financially beleaguered New York City.

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Bon Jovi: Give and Take

Originally posted 08/27/1997 12:00AM

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