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Charlie Sheen to Have a Presence on Two and a Half Men Finale – But There's a Catch | Charlie Sheen

Two and a Half Men

It's Official: Charlie Sheen Will Have a Presence on the Two and a Half Men Finale – But There's a Catch

Originally posted 02/06/2015 07:30AM

Either it's a painful case of bait-and-switch, or CBS really wants us to think that Charlie Sheen will be back for the Two and a Half Men series finale.

What got our hopes up? The network released the title for the hour-long series finale that's set for Thursday, Feb. 19.

It's called "Of Course He's Dead – Part One and Part Two."

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Which Long-Running Sitcom Is About to End?

Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men Ending After 12 Seasons

Originally posted 12/05/2014 05:10PM

After an astonishing 12 years on the air, CBS's Two and a Half Men is ending its run.

While its chances of survival were shaky following Charlie Sheen's explosive exit in 2011 in between Two and a Half Men's 8th and 9th seasons, Ashton Kutcher proved a worthy replacement. The show continued to garner an audience upwards of 10 million viewers per episode.

Even when the show lost its "half" at the end of its 10th season when Angus T. Jones decided to leave (but not before begging people to stop watching), Two and a Half Men still continued to perform spectacularly for CBS.

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Which Costar Said Ashton Kutcher Will Be a 'Disaster' as a Dad?

Jon Cryer: Ashton Kutcher Is 'Super Excited' for Baby with Mila Kunis

Originally posted 07/19/2014 06:10PM

Is Ashton Kutcher ready to become a dad?

Just ask Jon Cryer, his on-screen BFF on Two and a Half Men.

"Oh, it's going to be a disaster," Cryer, 49, joked of his costar at the TCA panels and party Thursday.

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Watch Out, Jimmy Fallon: Stephen Colbert Can Sing (and Dance), Too! | Stephen Colbert

Watch Out, Jimmy Fallon: Stephen Colbert Can Sing (and Dance), Too!

Originally posted 04/13/2014 08:30AM

Jimmy Fallon joked on Twitter that Stephen Colbert will need to change his first name to Jimmy when he joins the ranks of late-night talk show hosts next year, but he might not be smiling once the Colbert Report star settles into David Letterman's chair.

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Two And A Half Men's Angus T. Jones Claims He Was 'A Paid Hypocrite' | Two and a Half Men, Angus T. Jones

Two And A Half Men's Angus T. Jones Claims He Was 'A Paid Hypocrite'

Originally posted 03/19/2014 12:45PM

Angus T. Jones grew up in front of America's eyes, but now the former Two and a Half Men star is finding a way to shine outside of Hollywood – from the pulpit.

"It was making light of topics in our world that are really problems for a lot of people. I was a paid hypocrite because I wasn't okay with it, but I was still doing it," Jones, who after 10 years left his role as Jake on the still-thriving CBS sitcom, says of the series – which, in 2012, he had publicly called "filth".

"I really want to be able to come into the light, because I know that's where genuine healing is," a bearded Jones, told KHOU in Houston, where the 20-year-old is now working with the World Harvest Outreach Church.

He also attends college in Colorado and is a close follower of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

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Emmy Picks: What They Got Right and What They Didn't

Primetime Emmy Awards 2012

Emmy Picks: What They Got Right and What They Didn't

Originally posted 09/24/2012 08:35AM

For some reason I started Emmy night worrying that Hugh Bonneville of PBS Masterpiece's Downton Abbey would win best actor in a drama, or that there'd be a Downton sweep. He gives a perfectly lovely performance, but it's essentially like watching Piers Morgan mellowed by a life of having valets brush his evening jacket.

But Damian Lewis won for Homeland, allowing my head to clear and track what I thought the Emmys got right and got wrong.

Got right: Homeland, Showtime.
Mad Men and Breaking Bad both had tremendous seasons, but neither was as brilliantly focused right out of the gate as this new political thriller. It was fitting, too, that the acting awards went to both Lewis and Claire Danes: They're a sort of Janus head – two faces, terrorist and counter-terrorist, each collapsing under the pressure of a duty to protect (hers) and destroy (his).

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Which Emmy Nominees Do Facebook Users 'Like'?

Emmy Nominees on Facebook: Who Has the Most Likes?

Originally posted 09/22/2012 04:30PM

Only the accountants at Ernst & Young – the official vote-counters for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – know who will take home an Emmy during Sunday's ceremony.

Until then it's anyone's guess. But we can tell you which Emmy nominees are getting the most buzz among 170.89 million Facebook users in the U.S.

Based on the number of "Likes" and the number of mentions on the social networking site, it seems Sofia Vergara is a fan favorite. The Modern Family star leads over Kristen Wiig, Mayim Bialik, Julie Bowen, Merritt Wever and Kathryn Joosten for the supporting comedy actress category.

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PHOTO: Ashton Kutcher's Two and a Half Men-Inspired Birthday Cake | Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Shares a Picture of His Birthday Cake

Originally posted 02/08/2012 09:20AM

As office birthday cakes go, Ashton Kutcher sure got a nice one!

The actor, who turned 34 on Tuesday, Tweeted out a photo of the cake his colleagues gave him on the set of Two and a Half Men – featuring an image from the opening sequence of the show.

"Love my coworkers!" Kutcher wrote.

With his estranged wife Demi Moore recovering in rehab following her recent hospitalization, Kutcher returned to the set of his CBS sitcom on Jan. 31 after a trip to Brazil.

"Ashton was in a great mood and seemed to be excited to be back at work," an eyewitness told PEOPLE at the time.
– Tim Nudd

Ashton Kutcher Kisses Jon Cryer

Originally posted 10/25/2011 09:20AM

The state of his marriage to Demi Moore may be a topic of national conversation, but now Ashton Kutcher's latest lip lock is causing chatter.

Monday night's episode of the sitcom Two and a Half Men had Kutcher and costar Jon Cryer kissing after Kutcher's recently divorced character, Walden, hits on a woman who looks like his ex-wife but turns out to be a lesbian.

He then plants one on Cryer's character, his BFF Alan, to save face.

Initially stunned, Alan quickly recovers and deadpans, "We're here, we're queer, get used to it."
Liz Raftery

Credit: Matt Hoyle/CBS
Ashton Kutcher a Surprisingly Good Man: PEOPLE TV Critic | Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer

Two and a Half Men

UpdatePosted 09/20/2011 10:15AM

PEOPLE's TV Critic Declares Ashton Kutcher a Surprisingly Good Man

Originally posted 09/20/2011 07:30AM

CBS's Two and a Half Men is now actually one man, played by Jon Cryer, one near-man, played by Angus T. Jones, and one manchild.

That would be Ashton Kutcher, who made his debut Monday night on the de-Sheened sitcom as Walden Schmidt. Walden is nearly the opposite of Charlie Sheen's now-dead sleaze king Charlie Harper: Sweet, unsarcastic but – here we stay true to the show's gawping bawdiness – possessed of an astounding anatomical endowment that he soon puts to use.

The instant verdict: Kutcher was not at all bad. He was quite likable.

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