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Did Jon Voight Fail to Pay Support to Angelina's Mom? | Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight

Did Jon Voight Fail to Pay Support to Angelina's Mom?

Originally posted 04/16/2007 08:00PM

When she died, Angelina Jolie's mother was still owed $180,000 in spousal payments from ex-husband Jon Voight, according to her will.

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Jolie's Dad: 'I Haven't Seen Shiloh' | Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight

Jolie's Dad: 'I Haven't Seen Shiloh'

Originally posted 07/11/2006 07:55AM

Actor Jon Voight is still hoping to reconcile with daughter Angelina Jolie – and to see Jolie's own new daughter, 6-week-old Shiloh Nouvel.

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Jolie Erases the Voight in Her Life

Originally posted 09/17/2002 01:00PM

Angelina Jolie, whose legal name was actually Angelina Jolie Voight, has a new name.

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No Thaw in Jolie-Voight Relationship

Originally posted 08/08/2002 01:00PM

Stories that the "Lara Croft" star took pity on her dad after she saw him tearful on TV about their non-existent relationship are just not true.

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Jolie Also Splits from Dad, Jon Voight

Originally posted 08/02/2002 10:00AM

Just two weeks after Angelina Jolie filed to divorce her husband, Billy Bob Thornton, her father reveals that he, too, is estranged from her.

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OSCARS: Jon Voight's Transformation

Originally posted 02/14/2002 01:00PM

The "Ali" Best Supporting Actor nominee for his role as real-life sportscaster Howard Cosell says he required six hours of makeup every morning.

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