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Josh Brolin

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Inside Josh Brolin & Diane Lane's Up-and-Down Marriage

Josh Brolin & Diane Lane: Inside Their Up-and-Down Marriage

Originally posted 02/22/2013 07:30AM

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane's eight-year marriage is ending in divorce, but the road wasn't always rocky for the occasionally tumultuous pair.

"We're very similar in that celebrity is not a necessity," Brolin, 45, told PEOPLE in 2003, after meeting his soon-to-be-bride, 48, the previous year through stepmom Barbra Streisand. "Everything is easy."

The simplicity seemingly continued for Brolin and his beauty, who wed the following year in a ceremony at the actor's central California ranch.

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Diane Lane and Josh Brolin Split | Diane Lane, Josh Brolin

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin Split

Originally posted 02/21/2013 02:25PM

After eight years of marriage, Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are splitting, their reps confirm to PEOPLE.

"They've been separated for several months. This was a hard decision for both of them to make," says a source close to the couple. "The relationship just ran its course."

The pair, who married in a 2004 ceremony at Brolin's central California ranch, were first introduced by the actor's stepmother, Barbra Streisand, at a party in 2002.

Brolin, 45, was recently arrested and held for public intoxication just before midnight on New Year's Eve 2013, but he was released without charge.

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Diane Lane and Josh Brolin Pack on PDA at Dinner | Diane Lane, Josh Brolin

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin Pack on PDA at Dinner

Originally posted 11/07/2011 05:45AM

Dinner with a side of privacy, please! Diane Lane and hubby Josh Brolin shared a cozy meal at Santa Monica's Via Veneto, kissing and looking at photos together in between bites. – Aili Nahas

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Diane Lane & Josh Brolin Get Jazzed in the West Village | Diane Lane, Josh Brolin

Diane Lane & Josh Brolin Get Jazzed in the West Village

Originally posted 10/24/2011 05:55AM

Longtime loves Diane Lane and Josh Brolin snuggled up in a candlelit banquette at New York's Bar Next Door, where they caught the sounds of jazz guitarist Dida Pelled. During the show, the couple indulged in housemade minestrone, Cabernet and pecan pie à la mode. – Kate Hogan

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Couples Watch: Eva & Eduardo Take a Romantic Cruise in Miami | Eduardo Cruz, Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria & Eduardo Cruz Take a Romantic Cruise in Miami

Originally posted 05/16/2011 06:00AM

• Eva Longoria and boyfriend Eduardo Cruz took a romantic trip to Miami together – and they weren't exactly sitting around. After Longoria took part in a magazine shoot, she and Cruz went jet-skiing around Biscayne Bay. Later that night, Longoria changed into a pink cocktail dress for a romantic cruise on a friend's yacht. "Eva and Eduardo looked very relaxed and happy," a source tells us, "kissing and embracing and laughing together."

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Five Things to Know About True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld

Five Things to Know About True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld

Originally posted 12/27/2010 01:00PM

Among a laundry list of seasoned scene-stealers starring in the Coen brothers's latest film, True GritMatt Damon, Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges – there's a new leading lady ready to make a big name for herself: Hailee Steinfeld.

As her first starring role in a major film, which is the second adaptation of the Charles Portis 1968 novel of the same name, Steinfeld holds her own as Mattie Ross, a fiery teen avenging her father's death in the wild, wild west. Before you catch the film, meet the Thousand Oaks, Calif., native, 14, who isn't afraid to take on hefty costars or a pit of snakes.

1. She got her big break in a Kmart commercial

Just months before she was rubbing shoulders on the dusty plains with Bridges and Damon, Steinfeld was bantering with high school kids in a squeaky-clean "Blingatude" back-to-school commercial for Kmart. She's the girl in the light-blue headband and heart-print top. It was one of Steinfeld's few onscreen roles before being cast in True Grit.

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POLL: Who's Your Favorite On-Screen President?

POLL: Who's Your Favorite On-Screen President?

Originally posted 07/04/2010 11:35AM

Call it civic duty or patriotic pride, Hollywood is no stranger to showing support for the red, white and blue. Actors and filmmakers alike have produced films about protecting and defending our country against everything from terrorists to aliens to giant astroids. Whether based on real-life leaders or leaders created by a screenwriter's imagination, some of screen's heaviest hitters have taken their turn portraying the President of the United States. But who served the office best? Our faves are:

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Five Things You Didn't Know About The Goonies (Until Now) | Sean Astin

Five Things You Didn't Know About The Goonies (Until Now)

Originally posted 06/05/2010 09:05AM

Any true fan knows that Goonies never say die.

As the '80s cult favorite The Goonies marks its quarter-century milestone, adoration for its misfit gang of treasure-hunting teens – including the not-yet-famous Josh Brolin and Sean Astin – is still alive and well.

This weekend, thousands of fans are due to converge upon the waterfront city of Astoria, Ore., where the 1985 film was set and shot, to celebrate all things Goonies. Among the "Come Join the Adventure" events are a tribute concert (performers include cast member Corey Feldman's band, Truth Movement) and a Truffle Shuffle 5k Run/Walk.

Can't make it to Astoria? Well, here are five fun facts about The Goonies – whose anniversary collector's edition is due on DVD and Blu-ray Nov. 2 – 25 years later.

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Charges Against Josh Brolin Dropped

UpdatePosted 01/06/2009 03:00PM

Charges Against Josh Brolin Dropped

Originally posted 01/06/2009 12:30PM

Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright can breathe easier: prosecutors have dropped all charges against the two actors, who were allegedly involved in a barroom brawl in Louisiana last summer, says an attorney for Brolin and Wright.

On July 12, while shooting Oliver Stone's biopic W, Brolin, Wright and five members of the film's crew were arrested on misdemeanor charges – including interfering with police officers – at the Stray Cat Club, where the fight reportedly broke out.

Los Angeles attorney Blair Berk, who represented all seven of the implicated parties, says prosecutors in Shreveport have agreed to drop all charges against the group within 60 days, the Associated Press reports.

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Move Over Tina Fey:  Josh Brolin To Play 'W' on SNL

Move Over Tina Fey: Josh Brolin To Play 'W' on SNL

Originally posted 10/15/2008 03:15PM

Actor Josh Brolin, who plays George W. Bush in the new bio pic W., is expected to impersonate the president when he hosts Saturday Night Live on Oct. 18.

"Expect a lot of fun and some surprising moments," Brolin told PEOPLE at the W. premiere Tuesday night in New York City. "There’s a good chance that W. [himself] may appear in a skit," he added coyly. "You’ll have to watch to find out."

Brolin, 40, who mastered the president's Texas twang and swagger, says the mannerisms have been hard to shake. Even his wife, actress Diane Lane and kids have told him to cut it out. "I found myself doing his hand gestures and my wife got mad at me a few times," Brolin says. "And if I tell a joke now I sound like W. My kids keep telling me, 'Stop doing the voice thing, Dad. It’s not cool.' "
– Paul Chi

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