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Julianne Moore

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PEOPLE Review: Julianne Moore Nails Sarah Palin in Game Change | Julianne Moore, Sarah Palin

Julianne Moore Nails Sarah Palin in Game Change: Review

Originally posted 03/09/2012 10:15AM

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No one doubted that Julianne Moore would nail the physical details playing Sarah Palin in Game Change, about the Alaska governor's astonishing explosion on the political scene in 2008 as John McCain’s running mate.

So, yes, she does "the voice," which is flat yet nasal. But that's just the starting point. Moore is an unusual actress: At her best – and she is here – she's completely empathetic but also mysteriously remote. Her Palin from moment to moment is absolutely real – but always open to interpretation.

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Game Change Theatrical Trailer Released

Originally posted 02/22/2012 08:15AM

Moviegoers are getting a peek at Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in a theatrical trailer for Game Change, HBO's political thriller about the 2008 presidential race.

The movie, which will air on March 10 at 9 p.m., goes behind the scenes of Sen. John McCain's campaign and in particular his decision to pick the relatively unknown Alaska governor as his controversial running mate.

"We need to create a dynamic moment in this campaign," says Woody Harrelson, who plays McCain's adviser Steve Schmidt. "Or we're dead."

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Julianne Moore Portrays Sarah Palin's Rise and Near Demise

Originally posted 02/01/2012 01:45PM

Get ready to see Sarah Palin nearly unravel.

In HBO's Game Change, which dramatizes John McCain's presidential campaign and what happened after he picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate, Julianne Moore plays the Alaska politician as fierce and highly flawed.

"I miss my baby," Moore says as demoralized Palin in a new trailer for the TV movie, which premieres March 10 at 9 p.m.

"She's on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown," says Woody Harrelson, who plays McCain's adviser Steve Schmidt.

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Julianne Moore Performs as Sarah Palin in Game Change Trailer

Originally posted 12/22/2011 08:45AM

We knew she had perfected Sarah Palin's look. Now, in the first Game Change trailer, we see that Julianne Moore sounds just like the Alaskan politician, too.

Moore, 51, has just one line in the trailer – in which she accepts the Republican nomination for vice president in 2008 – but she delivers it in the classic Palin voice, one previously imitated to perfection by Tina Fey.

The movie, coming to HBO in March, also stars Ed Harris as John McCain and Woody Harrelson as his campaign manager.
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Julianne Moore & Uma Thurman Party Together in N.Y.C. | Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman

Julianne Moore & Uma Thurman Party Together in N.Y.C.

Originally posted 12/15/2011 05:55AM

Julianne Moore and Uma Thurman hung out together at a party for Waterford crystal in N.Y.C. Moore gave her friend a tour of the party space, which featured a tower of more than 500 champagne flutes. The ladies caught up on work and holiday plans before Thurman headed out to a late dinner with some producer pals. Moore stuck around, though, and mingled with partygoers like designer Christian Siriano.

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Julianne Moore Loads Up on Fall Fashion | Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore Loads Up on Fall Fashion

Originally posted 10/06/2011 05:55AM

Julianne Moore stopped by Edit New York, a boutique on the Upper East Side, for some seasonal essentials. On her shopping list: some KBL sunglasses, two pairs of Isabel Marant booties (in brown and black) and a Proenza Schouler bag! After ringing up her purchases, the actress hailed a cab and sped away. – Kate Hogan

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Julianne Moore: 'I'm Never Confident on the Red Carpet' | Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore: 'I'm Never Confident on the Red Carpet'

Originally posted 06/25/2011 10:00PM

You might expect Julianne Moore – a four-time Oscar nominated Hollywood veteran – to feel at home on the red carpet.

Not so, insists the actress.

"I never feel confident!" the star, 50, tells Health magazine. "I don’t know that there's anybody who does. I mean, you don't look around the red carpet thinking, 'There's a lot of confident people out here.'"

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Credit: Phillip V. Caruso/HBO
FIRST PHOTO: Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin

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FIRST PHOTO: Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin

Originally posted 04/27/2011 08:35AM

Donning the trademark eyeglasses and up 'do, Julianne Moore is proving she’s more than all right as former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The The Kids Are All Right actress, 50, has transformed herself into the politician, 47, for the new HBO film, Game Change, which begins production Wednesday.

Costarring Ed Harris as John McCain, the film follows the Arizona U.S. Senator's 2008 presidential campaign from his selection of Palin as a running mate to their defeat in the general election. Woody Harrelson portrays Steve Schmidt, McCain's senior advisor. Lost's Melissa Farman has also been cast as Bristol Palin.

The film, directed by Jay Roach and written by Danny Strong, is based on the bestselling book of the same name. Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman are executive producers.
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Julianne Moore to Play Sarah Palin in HBO Movie | Julianne Moore, Sarah Palin

UpdatePosted 03/10/2011 05:00AM

Julianne Moore to Play Sarah Palin in HBO Movie

Originally posted 03/09/2011 05:00PM

Move over, Tina Fey: Julianne Moore has been cast to play former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin.

The Kids Are All Right actress will star in HBO's upcoming movie, Game Change, based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's bestseller of the same name, a rep for HBO confirms to PEOPLE.

The movie will focus on the breadth of the 2008 presidential campaign mounted by John McCain in which Palin was the candidate for vice president.

Casting has not been completed for other roles such as McCain or Barack Obama.

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Julianne Moore Feels Sexiest When She's Away From Her Kids | Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore Feels Sexiest When She's Away From Her Kids

Originally posted 02/08/2011 08:00AM

Balancing motherhood and a sex life is no simple task for Julianne Moore.

"I think [to feel sexy,] you need to be away from your children," the actress, 50, told Tom Ford when he interviewed her for March's InStyle cover story. "Doing the mommy stuff does sort of squash that area of your life.

More specifically, The Kids Are All Right star says she feels sexiest "when I'm alone with [my husband] Bart [Freundlich] or when we take a trip."

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