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Big Brother, Andy Cohen and Friends Memories: The Talk's Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler Dish on It All!

Originally posted 09/16/2016 04:00PM

Interesting secrets come out when Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler play a game of 5 questions – including secret crushes!

Turns out, Chen, 46, and Andy Cohen both interned for CBS in 1990 – and Chen had a surprising crush on the Bravo host.

"I kinda had a crush on Andy Cohen, and I didn't know he was gay," Chen says in the exclusive video. "He was the star intern and then I got jealous and I hated him. And now he's one of my best friends!"

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Julie Chen Reveals That Her Great-Grandmother Was Kidnapped and Murdered by Bandits in 'Horrific Family Tragedy'

Originally posted 09/15/2016 07:55PM

Julie Chen is grateful to her grandfather for teaching her a valuable life lesson.

On Thursday's episode of The Talk, 46-year-old Chen revealed that both her great-grandmother and aunt were kidnapped, taken hostage and threatened to be killed by bandits until her businessman grandfather paid the ransom.

"Because he was wealthy and well-known, this put a target on his back. People knew who he was, so bandits one day kidnapped his elderly mother and one of his teenage daughters – my mom's sister. These two women were held hostage and the bandits said that they would kill them if a large ransom wasn't paid for in exchange," the talk show host explained to viewers.

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Sharon Osbourne's The Talk Co-Hosts Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler Say She and Ozzy Are 'Together'

Originally posted 09/08/2016 03:40PM

While Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler are respectful with what they share about their The Talk co-hosts, they're happy to discuss Sharon Osbourne's strength.

"She's an amazing lady," Tyler tells PEOPLE Now. "She's tough and she's resilient and she's also honest and she's forthcoming."

In particular, Tyler and Chen admired Sharon's demeanor amid very public relationship problems with husband Ozzy Osbourne earlier this year.

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Credit: CBS
The Big Brother 18 Cast Revealed! Are Returning Contestants Entering the House?

Big Brother

UpdatePosted 06/22/2016 08:50PM

The Big Brother 18 Cast Revealed!

Originally posted 06/14/2016 02:00PM

Summer is here, which means it's time for Big Brother fans to rejoice!

Leading up to Wednesday's premiere episode, CBS revealed the new batch of houseguests. But a season of Big Brother wouldn't be a season of Big Brother without some twists.

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The Talk Co-Hosts on Their Emmy Win and TV Success: 'Nobody's Hostile, Nobody Storms off' Set

Originally posted 05/02/2016 12:55PM

On Sunday, CBS's The Talk won its first Daytime Emmy in six years, and the ladies credit their success to "respecting each other."

Cast members of The Talk tell PEOPLE that their show is unique in the way that they're friends with amazing chemistry that helps them all "gel together" every morning.

"I feel like it's a safe table for all of us to be ourselves," explains Aisha Tyler, 45. "I feel like people feel that when they watch the show. We are telling the truth, and we're trying to be as honest and as truthful version of ourselves as we can be. I think people connect with that, I hope."

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Sharon Osbourne Slams People's Choice Awards Stage-Crasher: 'You Chose the Wrong Group of Women to Mess With'

Originally posted 01/07/2016 02:55PM

A word of advice: Don't mess with the ladies of The Talk.

On Thursday's episode of the show, the co-hosts reacted to the drama that went down Wednesday night at the People's Choice Awards when a man stormed the stage as they picked up the prize for favorite daytime hosting team.

"When you are on a stage, and it's your time in the spotlight, it's like you own that stage and that stage, for 30 seconds, was ours. Rightfully so it was ours, because the People's Choice voted us," said Sharon Osbourne, 63. "[Then] there's some kid who wants the spotlight and hasn't earned the spotlight – uh uh, you chose the wrong group of women to mess with."

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Credit: Heather Wines/CBS
The Talk's Julie Chen on Bringing Show to New York: 'This Is Our Second Home'

The Talk's Julie Chen on Bringing Show to New York: 'This Is Our Second Home'

Originally posted 12/14/2015 07:00PM

The Talk's week in New York has come to an end.

For the CBS' daytime talk show's final taping in the Big Apple, the women had Josh Groban in the studio Friday for an interview and to perform "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from his new album Stages.

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TV Hosts Are Taking It All Off! See Julie Chen, Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen Go Makeup-Free on Air

TV Hosts Are Taking It All Off! See Julie Chen, Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen Go Makeup-Free on Air

Originally posted 09/30/2015 04:00PM

See their inspiring (and stunning!) transformations


Julie Chen Reveals Family Secret: My Cousin Was Almost Raised as My Brother

Originally posted 09/16/2015 10:40AM

After confessing that her maternal grandfather was a polygamist, Julie Chen shared another dark secret from the other side of her family on The Talk.

The Big Brother host, 45, revealed Tuesday that when she was a child, her father's mother tried to convince her parents to raise her cousin as their son because they had no male heir.

"In Chinese culture, giving birth to a boy is everything. It allows a family to continue the family name and all the traditional Chinese customs," said Chen, whose parents emigrated to the United States.

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