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Kevin Connolly

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Couples Watch: Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth's Nashville Night Out | Jim Toth, Reese Witherspoon

Couples Watch: Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth's Nashville Night Out

Originally posted 06/27/2011 06:00AM

• Newlyweds Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth enjoyed an early night out in Nashville, sharing wine at Burger Up restaurant. The actress, looking cute and casual in a white T-shirt and shorts, sat close to her husband, laughing and touching him as they chatted. The pair left around 5:15 p.m., just as the tiny spot started to get busy. Earlier that day, the couple shared tacos at San Antonio Taco Company near Vanderbilt University. Says the manager of the duo: "They were holding hands, talking, smiling [and] having a good time, like couples do."

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Lady Gaga Draws Young Hollywood to New Year's Gig | Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Draws Young Hollywood to New Year's Gig

Originally posted 01/01/2010 02:30PM

At Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve poolside performance at Miami Beach's Fontainebleau Hotel, the outlandish performer wasn't the only star on display: A gathering of single, Young Hollywood types were in attendance – with some as mesmerized with each other as they were with the singer.

According to an eyewitness, Hayden Panettiere, 20, "was dancing, front and center" with Kevin Connolly, 35. The two were "chatting in the VIP lounge at the pool during the concert, and at the afterparty at LIV [nightclub at the Fontainebleau], they were sitting together. They were chatting all night, and they were very close to each other all evening."

The pair even shared a classic date food: Domino's New Pizza slices together poolside, says the eyewitness.

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Entourage Boys Get into a Battle of the Bulge | Adrian Grenier, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Connolly

Entourage Boys Get into a Battle of the Bulge

Originally posted 07/10/2009 04:20PM

The stars of Entourage are usually just as tight off-screen as they are on the show, but an alleged sock-stuffing incident during a PEOPLE photoshoot has sparked a playful war of words between Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly.

Grenier's gone on the mock-defensive after Connolly appeared on Tuesday's Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and, after the late night host showed a PEOPLE photo of Grenier, Connolly and costar Jerry Ferrara costumed as the Bee Gees for PEOPLE's Hottest Bachelors issue, Connolly told the audience that Grenier's ample disco-pants bulge came courtesy of a strategically placed sock.

"My question is: how would HE know?" Grenier told PEOPLE at the sixth season premiere party for the HBO hit. "What was he doing looking? And why was Conan looking too? It's weird! I've never scrutinized another man's groin area in my entire life – or his socks, for that matter."

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Brooke Congratulates 'Tremendous' Tom Cruise on Globe Nod

Golden Globe Reactions: Brooke Shields Congratulates 'Tremendous' Tom Cruise

Originally posted 12/11/2008 01:00PM

The Golden Globe nominations are in – and many of the new nominees are expressing their excitement, gratitude and surprise.

Some stars, like first-time nominee Kevin Connolly, were woken up by the news at 5.a.m. L.A. time. The elated Entourage actor wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion. "I'm pacing around on my cordless phone in my underwear," he told PEOPLE.

Brooke Shields, who rose early to help announce the nominations, was thrilled for friend Tom Cruise, who nabbed a Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Musical nod for his nearly-unrecognizable turn as a fat, balding movie executive in Tropic Thunder. "I'm so glad for him!" Shields told PEOPLE. "I think it's ironic, all the work that he does [and] that's what he gets nominated for. I think he's done tremendous work so I think he's probably chuckling about it too."

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Leo Focuses on Director Pal During Gisele's New Video

Leo Focuses on Director Pal During Gisele's New Video

Originally posted 11/20/2008 10:40AM

Leonardo DiCaprio showed some post-breakup goodwill Wednesday, as he watched his ex, Gisele Bündchen, sashay her way through a music video.

Why was actor was on hand for a special preview screening of the clip for Blackcowboy's "Come On" – which featured the supermodel's cameo? Simple. The video marked the directorial debut of DiCaprio's longtime friend, Kevin Connolly.

"[Gisele] has been a friend of the band for years," Connelly told PEOPLE. "[She] promised to be in the video a while ago."

And the model's A-list ex certainly turned heads as he walked into the MySpace Celebrity-sponsored event with his all-male entourage including the Entourage star and their mutual pal Lukas Haas.

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Kevin Connolly to Direct The Game and Ne-Yo's Video | Kevin Connolly

Kevin Connolly to Direct The Game and Ne-Yo's Video

Originally posted 11/03/2008 04:45PM

Entourage star and budding director Kevin Connolly has signed on to direct a music video for The Game and Ne-Yo, he reveals exclusively to PEOPLE.

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Entourage's Kevin Connolly Recalls Days Before Fame | Nicky Hilton

Entourage's Kevin Connolly Recalls Days Before Fame

Originally posted 09/10/2008 06:15PM

When Kevin Connolly was a struggling actor, his female entourage numbered one: Nicky Hilton.

"Here's what I always respected about Nicky: Before Entourage I was living in a one-bedroom apartment – a broke kid from Long Island – and we got together when I had nothing to offer her," Connolly tells the October issue of Playboy.

That was then. As for now, says Connolly, 34, "We're still friends, and we still hang in the same circles. But the paparazzi aren't hanging out in front of my house anymore. When I was dating Nicky one thing I said was, 'Nothing's worse than being chased by paparazzi who aren't trying to take a picture of you.' "

A product of a blue-collar upbringing, Connolly, also like his character Eric Murphy (aka "E"), moved to Los Angeles and fell in with a group of high-aspiring movers and shakers.

"We had our own fraternity," he recalls, "doing our fair share of a whole lot of nothing, hanging in our actors' flophouse in the [San Fernando] Valley with the same actor guys I hang with now: Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lukas Haas and Ethan Suplee. We lived on cheap pizza and pasta – a house of out-of-work actors trying to take care of one another. Leo was the first in our group to pop – more like explode – with an Oscar nomination at 19."

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Nicky Hilton & Kevin Connolly Split Up | Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton & Kevin Connolly Split Up

Originally posted 10/17/2006 11:35AM

Nicky Hilton and Entourage star Kevin Connolly are no longer a couple, the hotel heiress's rep confirms to PEOPLE.

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