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Sneak Peek: Robin Wright Sizzles in Season 2 of House of Cards | Robin Wright

House of Cards

House of Cards Sneak Peek: Robin Wright's Claire Is Not 'the Sort of Enemy You Want to Make'

Originally posted 02/05/2014 12:45PM

On House of Cards, Claire Underwood is the queen of hearts, allowing her husband to sleep with a young reporter so they can leak damaging stories about their political enemies. And in an exclusive teaser from season two, it looks like the Underwoods are back to their old tricks.

But could it tear them apart?

In the clip from Netflix's hit drama, Claire (Robin Wright) and Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) are in full power-couple mode – though the tension between them is growing.

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Credit: ABC
TV Critic on Emmy Nods: Good for Kerry Washington! But What About Keri Russell?

TV News

UpdatePosted 07/18/2013 06:00PM

PEOPLE TV Critic on Emmy Nominations: Good Job, Kerry Washington!

Originally posted 07/18/2013 12:30PM

The best news out of Thursday's Emmy Awards nominations is that newlywed Kerry Washington is up for best actress for Scandal.

I was worried that the ABC melodrama – about a beautiful political fixer with conflicted romantic feelings for a handsome, emotionally disturbed president – wouldn't be considered serious enough to merit attention.

Actually, now that I've written that out, I can see why the show might not be considered serious. It's ridiculous. And, in fact, it was shut out of the other top categories. (Although Dan Bucatinsky got a guest-actor nod.)

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Wedding Weekend! Who Celebrated Love in Flats – and Who in Camouflage? | Kevin Spacey, Miranda Lambert, Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon & Miranda Lambert Sport Two Very Different Hats & More From the Weekend

Originally posted 05/06/2013 06:00AM

The most-coveted accessory this weekend? A hat, hands down. But in close second: a wet nap or some rawhide, depending on whether you were partying with Mama June or Kevin Spacey.

5. If the Hat Fits ...

Dear Princess Beatrice, we've spent precisely two years and six days thinking about that fascinator you wore to the royal wedding. Good news: We think we're finally ready to move on from all that pretzel-like, bow-ish goodness, and we have Miranda Lambert to thank. The Southern belle-worthy hat she wore to Saturday's Kentucky Derby in a nod to tradition ruined our college baseball caps forever, while Coco Rocha left us wondering what would happen if we showed up to work wearing orchids on our heads. (Girls, we tip our hats to you)

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Kevin Spacey Rescues Boston! And Shares Adorable Pics Cuddling Her | Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Rescues Dog, Names Her to Honor Boston

Originally posted 05/05/2013 10:20AM

Kevin Spacey found a very special – and, well, very adorable – way to honor an American city that has seen both tragedy and triumph in the last few weeks.

"New member of the family," he Tweeted Saturday, sharing a photo of his new puppy (seemingly adopted from the North Shore Animal League America). "Her name is Boston in honor of the city."

Since three people were killed and more than 260 injured on April 15 when two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line, the actor, 53, has visited both victims and the cops who came to their aid.

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Paging Professor Spacey! Oscar winner Kevin Spacey will take on a teaching position at Oxford University

Originally posted 06/14/2008 01:00PM

Source: Reuters

Credit: Michael Rozman/FilmMagic
Kevin Spacey Puts Some Rumors to Rest | Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Puts Some Rumors to Rest

Originally posted 04/30/2004 9:00AM

Kevin Spacey owned the London stage once again on Thursday – only this time, he wasn't in character, PEOPLE's London bureau reports.

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Credit: Michael Rozman/FilmMagic
Spacey: I Wasn't Mugged, After All | Kevin Spacey

Spacey: I Wasn't Mugged, After All

Originally posted 04/19/2004 6:18PM

From what sounds like a page ripped right out of the script of the movie "The Usual Suspects" -- which happened to star Kevin Spacey -- the actor on Monday was trying to clear up conflicting reports about an incident that happened to him over the weekend, when he claimed to have been mugged and robbed of his cell phone in a London park.

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Kevin Spacey Joins Elton John for Duet

Originally posted 01/23/2003 11:00AM

"American Beauty" Oscar winner Kevin Spacey will join a British beauty Grammy winner, Sir Elton John, at a Feb. 5 fundraiser for London's historic Old Vic Theater, the event's organizers tell the Associated Press.

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De Niro, Crystal 'Analyze' the Troops

Originally posted 12/05/2002 11:00AM

Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal happily traded the red carpet for U.S.-issued green Wednesday, as they premiered their latest film, "Analyze That," for the troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla.

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Kevin Spacey Has No Day at the Beach

Originally posted 09/18/2002 01:00PM

"American Beauty" Oscar winner Kevin Spacey says he's never been to the beautiful summer enclave of New York's Fire Island. So there.

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Kevin Spacey Hosts British Benefit

Originally posted 11/19/2001 01:00AM

The Oscar-winning actor joined with Britain's Dame Judi Dench to raise funds for the victims of September's terrorist attacks in the U.S.

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