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Sex and the City: They're Back! | Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City: They're Back!

Originally posted 03/17/2005 12:00PM

If watching the series DVDs isn't enough to satisfy your Sex and the City craving, not to worry: The show's stars are all back in new films, TV projects and more. Here's what they're up to:

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Sex Producer Laments Death of Movie | Sex and the City

Sex Producer Laments Death of Movie

Originally posted 06/04/2004 03:00PM

Kim Cattrall's refusal to appear in a Sex and the City movie may have killed the project – but that hasn't stopped some cast members from suggesting ways to go ahead without her.

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Cattrall Gives Thumbs Down to Sex Movie | Kim Cattrall

Cattrall Gives Thumbs Down to Sex Movie

Originally posted 05/25/2004 09:00AM

The on-again, off-again Sex and the City movie to star series regulars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall is now off again, this time because of Cattrall, reports Variety.

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No Big-Screen 'Sex,' After All?

Originally posted 03/08/2004 01:00PM

The "Sex" was great, but don't expect it to come back.

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A Satisfying Finish for 'Sex'

Originally posted 02/23/2004 12:10PM

After six enjoyable, risqué and sometimes heartbreaking seasons, "Sex and the City" didn't so much reach its climax Sunday evening as it wound down into a slow, comfortable fadeout. It was a fitting end to a show that has challenged conventions and pushed boundaries since its debut on HBO in 1998.

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Carrie and Company Prepping to Move On

Originally posted 01/26/2004 01:00PM

Fifteen minutes after Sarah Jessica Parker won her Golden Globe on the West Coast as the best leading actress in a comedy series, HBO aired the fifth-to-the-last-episode of her show, "Sex and the City," on the East Coat.

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Kim Cattrall

NEWS BRIEFS: Surprise Ending for 'Sex'

Originally posted 01/19/2004 01:55AM

REVEALED: Not even the cast knows how HBO's "Sex and the City" will end, Kim Cattrall (who plays Samantha) said on Monday morning's "Today" show. The Golden Globe nominee, 47, says that four different endings have been shot, so that even she has no idea about the conclusion of the show (which has six more episodes to go before its grand finale Feb. 22). She also said she had a career before "Sex" and anticipates having one afterwards. On Sunday night's episode, Samantha's breast cancer was diagnosed to be in highly treatable stage one, though she is questioning a proposed preventative prescription of chemotherapy.

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'Sex' Takes Serious Dramatic Turn

Originally posted 01/12/2004 01:00PM

With just six more episodes remaining after Sunday night's installment of "Sex and the City," several wild new developments have taken place in the lives of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her friends.

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Kim Cattrall's New 'Sexual' Handiwork

Originally posted 09/08/2003 10:00AM

On Sunday night's installment of HBO's "Sex and the City," Kim Cattrall's character Samantha revealed that she has a thing against a man holding her hand.

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WEEK IN REVIEW: Sunday's 'Sex' Night

Originally posted 06/20/2003 11:00AM

'SEX' KICKER: The sixth -- and final -- season of "Sex and the City" kicks off Sunday, and its effects are starting to sink in among fans and cast members. "When we got back and were shooting our group photo, which we do at the beginning of every year, someone said, 'This is our last group photo,'" actress Kristin Davis, 36, told the Associated Press regarding her publicity shot with costars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon. "I had to declare a moratorium: 'We can't talk about it every day. I'm not good with endings!'"

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