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Lauren Alaina

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American Idol: Haley's Roller-Coaster Ride

American Idol

American Idol: Haley Reinhart's Roller-Coaster Ride

Originally posted 05/12/2011 07:30AM

Thematically, Wednesday's American Idol show was a jackalope, a hybrid creature that didn't make much sense.

The four finalists were expected to sing two songs – one inspiring, the other moving. But isn't an inspiring song moving? Not only that, but the "moving" song would be from the vintage pop-rock catalog of songwriters Leiber and Stoller. At that point – the second half of the show – producer Jimmy Iovine, absent during the first 45 minutes, showed up with the funny, fabulous, totally non-vintage Lady Gaga as the night's mentor.

Gaga seemed to be wearing a wig made from a panda – something similar to her hair at the end of her "Judas" video – and was shot sitting against a white background.

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Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX/PictureGroup
American Idol's Lauren Alaina Talks About Meeting Miley Cyrus | Lauren Alaina

American Idol

American Idol's Lauren Alaina Talks About Meeting Miley Cyrus

Originally posted 04/28/2011 02:00PM

After a night dedicated to the music of singer-songwriter Carole King, the top six contestants remaining on American Idol spoke to reporters about the pressing issues of the night.

Who's that guy? And how was Miley Cyrus?
Did Lauren Alaina know Brett, the boy she pulled up on stage to sit next to her during her rendition of "Where You Lead"? "I wanted a cute guy up there and he's an intern for American Idol," Alaina said, "They said if he looked like he enjoyed it, he can't get fired because he's not getting paid, so it just worked out. I don't even really know him!"

As for meeting her idol Miley Cyrus (producer Jimmy Iovine more-than favorably compared her to the superstar when she sang "The Climb"), Alaina said, "I love her! She's got a lot of the same, what do you call it, sense of humor? We have the same sense of humor."

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