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Lauren Scruggs

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Two Engagements Gave PEOPLE Readers Reason to Smile This Week

Two Engagements Gave PEOPLE Readers Reason to Smile This Week

Originally posted 06/07/2014 10:30AM

Few things in life are as sweet as a springtime engagement, and we got two this week – giving PEOPLE readers plenty to smile about.

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Credit: Courtesy Lauren Scruggs
Lauren Scruggs on Engagement to Jason Kennedy: I Was Completely Surprised!

Lauren Scruggs on Engagement to Jason Kennedy: I Was Completely Surprised!

Originally posted 06/04/2014 02:15PM

Lauren Scruggs has always been immune to surprises – until Jason Kennedy came along.

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Who Played Matchmaker for Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs?

Jason Kennedy: Giuliana Rancic Set Me Up with Fianceé Lauren Scruggs

Originally posted 06/03/2014 02:25PM

She's already a red-carpet pro and reality star, but Giuliana Rancic has one more talent she can add to her resumé: matchmaker!

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A Candle-Filled Engagement, an Outdoor Wedding & More Weekend News to Make You Awww

What You Missed Over The Weekend

Channing Tatum's Super Sweet Birthday Message, Melissa Etheridge's Outdoor Wedding & More Weekend News

Originally posted 06/02/2014 08:00AM

Ah, let the summer of love officially begin.

Now that it's June, the weather isn't the only thing heating up. From an outdoor wedding to our favorite outfit-coordinating couple, here's what you missed this weekend:

5. The Cutest Birthday Greeting of the Weekend

Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan marked a very special milestone: Their daughter, Everly, celebrated her first birthday on Saturday, which called for a sweet greeting on Instagram. The parents wrote "happy birthday angel!" over a photo of their little one playing outside in a peach-colored tulle dress and green, flowery wings. See their adorable card.

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Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy Are Engaged

UpdatePosted 05/31/2014 12:05PM

Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy Are Engaged

Originally posted 05/31/2014 07:30AM

Eight months after Jason Kennedy admitted he had fallen hard for fashion blogger and Still Lolo author Lauren Scruggs – "She's amazing," the E! News host told PEOPLE – he has asked her to marry him, reports E! News.

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Jason Kennedy 'Trying to Look Cool' Around Lauren Scruggs

Jason Kennedy 'Trying to Look Cool' Around Girlfriend Lauren Scruggs

Originally posted 09/08/2013 06:00PM

Jason Kennedy has fallen hard for Lauren Scruggs.

The E! News host and the fashion blogger and Still Lolo author – who was injured in a propeller accident in December 2011 that left her with a prosthetic arm and removed her left eye – haven't been dating for long, but they hate to be apart.

With Kennedy, 31, being based in L.A. and Scruggs, 25, living in Dallas, they're clocking a lot of frequent flyer miles when they see each other on weekends, but he misses her when she's not around.

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Lauren Scruggs Holds Hands with Jason Kennedy in Mexico

Caught in the Act

Lauren Scruggs Holds Hands with E! News Host Jason Kennedy in Mexico

Originally posted 08/27/2013 09:50AM

Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy's romance seems to be heaven sent.

The religious pair was photographed smiling while holding hands at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, Mexico, last week.

During their cozy visit, the E! News host, 31, and Still Lolo book author and fashion blogger, 25 – who miraculously recovered about a year ago from a propeller accident that left her with a prosthetic arm and removed left eye – "spent a fun and relaxing few days at the resort's Sabila Spa, getting his and hers massages," a source tells PEOPLE.

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What Did Bethany Hamilton Teach Lauren Scruggs About Life After Losing a Limb?

Lauren Scruggs Shares What She's Learned from Bethany Hamilton

Originally posted 11/18/2012 10:00AM

After Lauren Scruggs's propeller accident made news last December, her family heard from people all over the world who were praying for Lauren's recovery.

Scruggs, 24, also heard from some well-known well-wishers.

In January, Giuliana Rancic Tweeted her support, and Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack in 2003, reached out as well.

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Lauren Scruggs Shares Her Prosthetic Arms – and What She Loves About Them

Originally posted 11/16/2012 10:00AM

Lauren Scruggs has made a miraculous recovery from the propeller accident last December that nearly took her life, taking the emotional ups and downs in stride as best she can.

"There's still some hard days, for sure, and I think there will be the rest of my life," Scruggs told PEOPLE from her home outside of Dallas last month.

The Lolomag.com editor shared some of the physical adaptations she's made since losing her left hand (she also lost her left eye and sustaining injuries to her brain, shoulder and face).

"I learn new things every day and new ways to do things," says Scruggs, 24, who released a memoir, Still Lolo on Thursday. "I think it's interesting to watch how your body will conform to what the new normal is."

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Credit: Peter Yang
Lauren Scruggs: My Recovery Is a Miracle

Lauren Scruggs Calls Her Recovery a 'Miracle'

Originally posted 11/14/2012 05:00PM

Last December, Lauren Scruggs accidentally walked into a spinning plane propeller and lost her left hand and eye, among other injuries. Since then, she's made an amazing physical recovery.

Even more astounding? Her perspective on what's happened.

"It's kind of weird to say, but I wouldn't trade it," Scruggs, 24, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. "I have seen it as a miracle. I've been through a lot but I'm living."

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