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Lindsay Lohan

Watch: Teens React to Mean Girls as the Film Turns 10

Originally posted 04/22/2014 07:50AM

Mean Girls turns 10 next week.

But even as time continues its cruel march, the film's appeal remains undiminished, as this video in the popular "React" YouTube series reveals.

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Lindsay Lohan on Her Miscarriage, Sex List & Almost Killing Her Career

Lindsay Lohan on Her Miscarriage, Sex List – and Reviving Her Career

Originally posted 04/21/2014 08:00AM

Fans wanting to know more about Lindsay Lohan's life certainly got their wish Sunday night on Lindsay.

While the bulk of the OWN series about the actress focused on Lohan's struggle to revive her career and stay sober, the two-hour OWN documentary finale delivered a totally unexpected disclosure: She had suffered a miscarriage during filming.

The admission raised quite a few questions that largely went unanswered, but this is what Lohan did divulge in the series' final moments:

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Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Had a Miscarriage

UpdatePosted 04/20/2014 12:20AM

Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Had a Miscarriage

Originally posted 04/21/2014 12:20AM

Lindsay Lohan disclosed Sunday that she had a miscarriage during a break in the filming of her reality show on OWN.

The revelation came in the last moments of the two-hour finale of Lindsay.

"No one knows this, and we can finish after this, I had a miscarriage for the two weeks that I took off," the troubled actress said, fighting tears.

After a long pause, she said, "It's a very long story," and offered no other details.

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Lindsay Lohan Confirms Her 'Sex List' Is Real: Watch | Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Confirms Her 'Sex List' Is Real

Originally posted 04/18/2014 09:25AM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr Lindsay Lohan's "Sex List" is real, according to the 27-year-old actress.

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Get a Sneak Peek at Lindsay Lohan's Docuseries Finale

Lindsay Lohan's OWN Documentary Series Finale: Get a Sneak Peek

Originally posted 04/18/2014 08:30AM

The two-hour finale of Lindsay seems primed to keep people talking about Lindsay Lohan's struggle to revive her career and stay sober.

"It's a really f–––––-up disease and it's really scary," she says through tears as she talks about alcoholism in this sneak peek from the finale.

The episode hints at Lohan's bout with temptation as she sits at a party while champagne flows around her, and tackles the fallout from a leak of her supposed list of former lovers. It also promises to answer why Lohan briefly went M.I.A. during production on the series.

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Credit: Mike Pont/Getty
Dina Lohan Pleads Guilty to DWI | Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan Pleads Guilty to Driving While Intoxicated, Speeding on Long Island

Originally posted 04/15/2014 02:15PM

Dina Lohan pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to driving while intoxicated and speeding.

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Credit: OWN
Lindsay Lohan AdmitsShe Broke Sobriety for a Glass of Wine

Lindsay Lohan Admits
She Broke Sobriety for a Glass of Wine

Originally posted 04/08/2014 08:00AM

Has Lindsay Lohan fallen off the wagon?

On Sunday's episode of her Oprah Winfrey Network documentary, Lindsay, the recovering alcoholic admitted she slipped up with her sobriety and drank a glass of wine.

"Being in recovery and leaving this place where you're in this little bubble and everything is safe around you, it's really hard," said Lohan, 27. "And i jumped right into a relationship where we weren't on the same page. I wasn't considering the fact that the person I was seeing does drink."

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Credit: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.
Lindsay Lohan: 'I Don't Have as Much Anger Anymore'

Lindsay Lohan: 'I Don't Have as Much Anger Anymore'

Originally posted 03/28/2014 02:05PM

A seemingly content Lindsay Lohan told Ellen DeGeneres that she's refocused her life in New York, where she is comforted by family and inspired by the creativity of her friends as she maintains her sobriety and gets back to work.

"I don't have as much anger anymore," she said. "I have more peace in my life."

Smiling and laughing – and sharing details of her workout, which includes, Pilates, yoga and yes, pole dancing, three times a week – Lohan, 27, told DeGeneres in an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Monday that she's found more balance as her reality series for Oprah Winfrey's OWN network has finished shooting.

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Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS
Why Is Lindsay Lohan Wearing a Wedding Dress?

2 Broke Girls

Lindsay Lohan Wears a Wedding Dress: PHOTO

Originally posted 03/27/2014 04:30PM

What's going on with this get-up?

Lindsay Lohan is exercising her comedic chops with a guest-starring role on 2 Broke Girls, and PEOPLE has the first look.

The actress, 27, plays Claire Guinness, a bride-to-be who asks Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) to make her wedding cake, then struggles with decisions throughout the process.

"Lindsay was fantastic. It was so much fun," Behrs told PEOPLE Wednesday at the Night at Sardi's event benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association.

"I can't wait for everyone to see it. It's going to be a really funny episode!"

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