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Mandy Patinkin

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That Time Zach Braff Took Over Our Twitter Account

Zach Braff's Twitter Takeover: Harry Styles, Bagels & Wish I Was Here

Originally posted 07/15/2014 11:40AM

Everyone knows Zach Braff's Twitter feed is awesome (who else would Tweet, "I think Lebron's gonna go to the Mets. #sports"), so PEOPLE was more than happy to put our account in his hilarious hands for a day.

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From Practical to Moving, Mandy Patinkin Shares Father's Day Advice

Wish I Was Here's Mandy Patinkin Shares Father's Day Advice

Originally posted 06/11/2014 02:00PM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr In Wish I Was Here, Mandy Patinkin plays Zach Braff's father – a fitting role for the dad of two.

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Watch Mandy Patinkin's Surprise Reunion with Two Long-Lost Ex-Girlfriends

Originally posted 02/20/2014 09:00AM

As Saul Berenson on Homeland, Mandy Patinkin can find anyone. But in real-life, the hirsute star of stage and screen had been stumped in his efforts to get in touch with a pair of ex-girlfriends from high school and college.

As Patinkin explained during a visit to Live with Kelly and Michael in December, he had been looking for a woman named Sandy, who had given him her first kiss. That appearance led to a few phone calls between the two grammar-school sweethearts, but no face-to-face meeting.

All that changed on Wednesday's show. As the Princess Bride star recounted the story to the hosts, a mysterious woman came up behind him – Sandy Hyman, live and in the flesh.

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Credit: HBO
Adorable! Homeland Gets the Sesame Street Treatment

Homeland Gets the Sesame Street Treatment

Originally posted 10/28/2013 03:45PM

Carrie's cry-face just got a whole lot cuter because Homeland's been given the Sesame Street treatment.

From the moody jazz-infused opening sequence to Special Sheep Agents, the Showtime drama is parodied in "Homelamb," a segment for the iconic children's show.

Nicholas Ba-a-a-a-rody – who sports Damian Lewis's trademark red locks – comes under fire for being a wolf in sheep's clothing. While Saul (who is played by Mandy Patinkin on the series) dons trademark glasses, Carrie breathlessly delivers why she thinks Ba-a-a-a-rody's is deceiving the Special Sheep Agents in a performance that rivals Claire Danes's portrayal on the actual Emmy award-winning series.

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Patinkin: 'Hope' for All

Originally posted 01/25/1999 12:00AM

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