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Martin Sheen

WEEK IN REVIEW: Whither Evan and Zora?

Originally posted 02/21/2003 11:00AM

'JOE' BLOW: Just days after Evan Marriott picked Zora Andrich to share his life -- and a $1 million check -- there are rumblings that all is not well in the land of FOX's "Joe Millionaire." "Is it possible to find true love in just a month with someone?" Andrich, 29, tells this week's PEOPLE. "I never rule out anything. But honestly, I think it would be highly unlikely." Marriott, 28, meanwhile, says he was turned off by Andrich's seeming lack of appreciation for her surprise $500,000 windfall, and goes on to talk about the woman he didn't choose, Sarah Kozer, 29. "(We) got along like gangbusters," he says, "better than a lot of ex-girlfriends I've had."

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Sheen: Guilty Plea for Trespassing

Originally posted 06/28/2001 10:50AM

Saying that his duties on "The West Wing" prevent him from fighting a misdemeanor charge, the actor pled guilty and got probation and a fine.

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Martin Sheen Arrested

Originally posted 01/22/1999 12:00AM

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'West Wing' Star Sheen Bashes Bush

Originally posted 07/20/1998 12:00AM


NBC to Sheen, Conan: No 'Millionaire'

Originally posted 07/14/1998 12:00AM

Sheen Vs. Sheen: Sheen Wins

Originally posted 07/13/1998 12:00AM

Sheen Beats Around the Bush

Originally posted 07/02/1998 12:00AM

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Sheen Presses Prez

Originally posted 06/22/1998 12:00AM

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Don't Rain on Sheen's Pomade

Originally posted 05/11/1998 12:00AM

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