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Saying Goodbye to Friends

Originally posted 04/08/2004 01:00PM

The theme song promised they would be there for each other – and for 10 years the six stars of Friends truly were. Together they rode the bronco of sudden fame, hung on during a media backlash and tough salary negotiations and supported each other through personal crises, marriages and babies. As the show's May 6 finale approaches, the famous sextet looks back in a new book, Friends ... 'Til The End. In this exclusive excerpt – featuring never-before-seen photos from the set – they open up about the show and each other. Friends, says Jennifer Aniston, has been "like a gift you can't even imagine." Jennifer AnistonI was 23 years old when we started. Now here we are in our 30s and some of us have been married and some babies have been born. ... What's so weird about this show is that so much of our lives get in there. ... Whether it was a relationship thing or a parental thing, a situation in our lives is somehow always being played out on the show. ... It did feel like I was growing up in front of everybody.

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'Sopranos' Star Makes Good with 'Joey'

Originally posted 03/29/2004 10:26AM

Call it "How you doin'?" meets "fuhgeddaboudit."

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Newest 'Friend': Baby Girl LeBlanc

Originally posted 02/13/2004 11:00AM

"Friends" star Matt LeBlanc, 36, and wife Melissa welcomed baby girl Marina LeBlanc on Feb. 8 in L.A., PEOPLE reports. Both mom and Marina -- at 7 lbs. 1 oz. and 19 in. long -- are doing fine.

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Way To Go, Joey!

Originally posted 05/08/2003 11:20AM

Should Joey ever try to win Rachel's heart again on Friends, he might consider borrowing a page from the wedding handbook of his alter ego (and we don't mean Dr. Drake Ramoray): Take a spectacular Hawaiian evening. Add a cliff-top view of the Kauai surf. Bring in strumming guitars. And dance the night away with some of your best friends. So it was May 3 when Matt LeBlanc, who plays lovable lunk Joey Tribbiani on the hit NBC sitcom, married his fiancée of five years, model Melissa McKnight, before a crowd of 75 guests that included Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. Says Kudrow: "It was so romantic and beautiful."

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LeBlanc Says 'Aloha' to Bachelorhood

Originally posted 05/05/2003 01:00AM

Matt LeBlanc lei'd it all on the line for his love on Saturday.

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WEEK IN REVIEW: Will Joey Live On?

Originally posted 10/18/2002 01:00PM

JOEY'S JIVE: Joey Tribbianni's alter ego, "Friends" star Matt LeBlanc, told reporters he could contemplate a spin-off series revolving around his character once "Friends" ends its nine-year run on NBC next May. "There could be six spin-offs," LeBlanc, 35, told TV's "Extra" in an interview. As he also told Zap2it.com: "If it was done correctly and the idea was right, and I trusted the writers and the people running the show, the show runners, absolutely I would consider it," says LeBlanc. "It allows me to have dinner with my family every night, it allows me to sleep in my own bed every night, I can see my dogs, I can drive my own car. You have some semblance of a real life."

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Matt LeBlanc Cool with Staying Friendly

Originally posted 10/15/2002 10:00AM

Don't wave goodbye to Joey Tribbianni just yet.

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Originally posted 03/20/1998 12:00AM

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