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Matthew Broderick

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Hugh Jackman, Hillary Clinton & More Stars Pack Oscar de la Renta's Funeral

Celebrities Pay Tribute to Oscar de La Renta at Manhattan Funeral

Originally posted 11/03/2014 05:40PM

From Hillary Clinton to Hugh Jackman to Mikhail Baryshnikov, luminaries of the fashion, entertainment and media worlds packed a Manhattan church on Monday for the private funeral of legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.

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20 Reasons Why The Lion King Still Rules 20 Years Later | The Lion King

The Lion King

UpdatePosted 06/13/2014 06:30PM

20 Reasons Why The Lion King Still Rules 20 Years Later

Originally posted 06/13/2014 02:35PM

Hey, here's something that will make you feel old! The Lion King is turning 20 on Sunday. The Disney masterpiece roared (shh, let us have that one) into theaters on June 15, 1994, where it would "Hakuna Matata" its way to becoming the second-highest-grossing film of the year, earning an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and two Grammys in the process.

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Find the Right Mr. Rogers for the Big Screen

Mr. Rogers Headed for the Big Screen: Who Could Play Him?

Originally posted 05/05/2013 09:05PM

It won't be an easy sweater to fill.

"There's only one person in this whole world like you," Fred Rogers liked to say on his long-running children's TV show. But now the difficult task begins of finding someone just like Mr. Rogers – or who can at least capture his essence – for an upcoming biopic.

A film about Rogers, who died in 2003 at age 74, is in the works at Treehouse Pictures based on a script by Alexis Jolly, a staff writer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Deadline.com reports.

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Sarah Jessica Parker: My 3-Year-Old Twins Style Themselves | Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker: My 3-Year-Old Twins Style Themselves

Originally posted 04/19/2013 10:00AM

"We tell them nothing. They pick their own head bands, pick their own hats. It's very amusing and entertaining for me," says the actress

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Super Bowl Commercials Score, As Rated By PEOPLE's TV Critic | David Beckham, Elton John

Super Bowl Commercials Score, As Rated By PEOPLE's TV Critic

Originally posted 02/06/2012 07:40AM

Madonna at the halftime show, a 21-17 victory for the New York Giants over the New England Patriots, and, of course, those Super Bowl commercials – Sunday night had it all.

Here, PEOPLE's TV critic, Tom Gliatto, assesses the spectacular spots that appeared between some of the game's greatest moments on the field.

In a surprisingly funny and effective promo for America's Got Talent, that aired during Sunday night's Super Bowl on NBC, new judge Howard Stern literally blasted a lousy singer offstage with a firehose. That's how you maybe felt sitting through all the evening's ads (which reportedly sold at an average rate of $3.5 million for half minute): punished yet also somehow refreshed by the onslaught of jokes, concepts and images.

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How Matthew Broderick Was Convinced to Star in a Bueller-Themed Ad | Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick Calls Ferris Bueller-Themed Ad 'Amusing'

Originally posted 01/31/2012 03:30PM

Honda's Ferris Bueller's Day Off-inspired Super Bowl ad was an Internet sensation – but the commercial's star Matthew Broderick didn't initially jump at the chance to reinvent his classic '80s film.

"It took a little, uh, thinking about it," Broderick, 49, told New York's Vulture blog. "It took a little time."

But eventually, the actor said he "ended up thinking it might be amusing."

Part of the decision came from knowing that The Hangover's Todd Phillips – whom Broderick calls "a good director" – was in charge of the two and a half-minute skit, which contains more than 24 references to the original movie.

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Matthew Broderick Brings Back Ferris Bueller for Honda's Super Bowl Ad

Originally posted 01/30/2012 09:55AM

Twenty-six years later, it's time for Ferris Bueller to take another day off.

In what's quickly becoming the most talked-out Super Bowl commercial of the year – a week before it even airs – Matthew Broderick will bring back his old Ferris Bueller character in a new ad for Honda this Sunday night during the NBC telecast.

Auto blog Jalopnik revealed the source of a teaser ad last Friday. So, Honda decided to release the extended version of the commercial online on Monday – and it's a two-minute-plus homage to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the original 1986 film, with Broderick this time calling in sick to a film shoot and enjoying another day of slacking instead.

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Sarah Jessica Parker's Romantic Dinner with Her Husband | Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker's Romantic Dinner with Her Husband

Originally posted 11/10/2010 06:00AM

Matthew Broderick's Early Verdict on Sex and the City 2

Originally posted 04/09/2010 12:30PM

While the cast of Sex and the City 2 may be contractually bound by the studio to keep their lips sealed about the upcoming May 27 release, Matthew Broderick is forbidden to reveal any spoilers by an even higher power: the movie's star and producer, his wife Sarah Jessica Parker.

"I've actually seen the movie, and it's wonderful," Broderick told PEOPLE at Thursday's Broadway premiere of the new musical The Addams Family, starring his pal and The Producers costar, Nathan Lane. "But if I were to say anything about it, I think a shot would ring out and I would collapse right here on the red carpet."

According to Broderick, Parker "is tightlipped about it, and [I have] the contract of marriage. I can't tell you anything about that movie, except it's excellent."

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