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Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry Opens Up about Getting Sober

Matthew Perry Opens Up about Getting Sober – and Helping Others Battle Addiction

Originally posted 07/02/2013 06:20PM

For a decade, Matthew Perry was living an actor's dream: he had an iconic role as sardonic Chandler Bing on the beloved No. 1 sitcom Friends and a salary that reached $1 million an episode.

But behind the scenes, Perry was struggling. "I had a big problem with alcohol and pills and I couldn't stop," he tells PEOPLE in an exclusive new cover story. "Eventually things got so bad that I couldn't hide it, and then everybody knew."

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See Jen's Awkward Friends Reunion with a Cameo by Ellen DeGeneres | Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry

Jennifer Aniston Has Funny (Awkward) Friends Reunion with Matthew Perry & Courteney Cox

Originally posted 05/22/2013 11:30AM

A little too friendly?

That was the scene for Jennifer Aniston when she sought some impromptu hosting advice from her former Friends costar Matthew Perry in a funny new skit to promote her Wednesday gig as co-host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In the clip (watch it below), Aniston knocks Perry's door to get some tips from her former castmate, who also has co-hosted the show.

"We haven't actually seen each other in like a really long time, 8 years. ... You really should have called," said a nervous Perry, who looked on sheepishly as their mutual pal and former costar Courteney Cox emerges from his house after an obvious sleepover.

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Is Matthew Perry a Crazy Cat Guy? | Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry Gets Feline Fever on Set

Originally posted 09/11/2012 03:25PM

Matthew Perry is back on primetime TV – and he's getting a little help from some feline friends.

The actor stars as a sportscaster grieving the death of his wife on the new NBC series Go On, and in Tuesday's episode, the process involves dealing with a handful of cuddly cats.

Though judging by the actor's expression, he's none to keen about having such a large group at home with him – perhaps what leads him to seemingly give them away later on.

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Matthew Perry Is No Stranger to Group Therapy

TV News

Matthew Perry: I'm Jaded But My New Show Makes Me Happy

Originally posted 09/11/2012 03:20PM

After nearly three decades of television and film experience under his belt, Matthew Perry admits at times he has had a been there, done that feeling when it comes to work.

But the former Friends star, whose new NBC comedy Go On premieres Tuesday night, can't help smiling when he talks about his new costars.

"I'm jaded because I'm old, but these guys are literally singing all day long and having a good time," Perry, 43, tells PEOPLE. "Everybody is really funny and really smart and really happy to be there. We all know that we're a part of something that is at least is aspiring to be cool and different."

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NBC Promises End-of-World Drama, More Spinning Chairs at Upfronts

Originally posted 05/14/2012 04:00PM

The annual TV upfronts have started in Manhattan, with the networks announcing their fall lineups and tossing sardine-size video clips into the open mouths of assembled advertisers and media people.

The big news out of NBCs presentation Monday is that The Voice, the network's standout hit, will be making more use of those wonderful swivel chairs. Yes, America, you will get to see more of Christina Aguilera swiveling, and you will be glad of it.

As to the actual new lineup ... well, NBC has had its problems with programming. Even the mightily promoted Smash, after a heavenly opening, sputtered. Its star, Katharine McPhee, was brought out not once but twice to perform at the upfront, but her show won't be back until midseason.

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Matthew Perry Returning to Rehab to Continue Recovery | Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry Returning to Rehab to Continue Recovery

Originally posted 05/12/2011 07:35PM

Matthew Perry, who has struggled with prescription pills and alcohol in the past, is going back to a treatment facility as part of his ongoing recovery.

The Friends star, 41, confirms the move in a statement that ends with a Chandler Bing-style dry quip.

"I'm making plans to go away for a month to focus on my sobriety and to continue my life in recovery," he says. "Please enjoy making fun of me on the World Wide Web.”

Perry, who most recently appeared in Mr. Sunshine on ABC, was in rehab twice in 2001 and 1997.

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Matthew Perry at 40: Another 'Friend' Going Gray

Matthew Perry at 40: Another 'Friend' Going Gray

Originally posted 08/04/2010 09:45AM

Taking a page out of former costar Matt LeBlanc's book, Matthew Perry refuses to work too hard at hiding the gray.

Asked if he'd resist covering up any silver streaks, the handsome-as-ever actor, who turned 40 last year, told a Television Critics Association panel while touting his new ABC sitcom, Mr. Sunshine: "I think so, until it doesn't look [right] … and then I'll change it. But I'm fine with the fact that some of my hair is gray. I think if it was all gray overnight that would be scary."

The former Chandler Bing of Friends was equally relaxed about having hit the milestone last Aug. 19, saying, "It just happened a year ago. So, it's okay."

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Matthew Perry to Face 40 on New Sitcom

TV News

Matthew Perry to Face 40 on New Sitcom

Originally posted 10/14/2009 01:20PM

Chandler at 40: Matthew Perry will star in, co-write and executive produce an as-yet untitled ABC sitcom that he conceived, says the Hollywood Reporter.

The former Chandler Bing of Friends will play a self-absorbed manager of a second-rate sports arena who starts to take stock of his life as he turns 40 – the milestone Perry hit in August.

Other Friends sightings on the tube lately include Courteney Cox starring on ABC's Cougar Town and Matt LeBlanc signing to headline the Showtime-BBC series Episodes.
Stephen M. Silverman

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Matthew Perry Morphs into Zac Efron for New Movie | Matthew Perry Cover, Matthew Perry

Movie News

Matthew Perry Morphs into Zac Efron for New Movie

Originally posted 11/28/2007 11:35AM

What will Zac Efron look like when he gets older? Matthew Perry, that's who. The Friends star, 38, will play the older version of the High School Musical star, 20, in the new teen movie comedy 17, set to begin shooting early next month, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In it, Perry awakes one morning to find himself 17 years old again – and enrolled in high school with his own children. Well, what kid wouldn't want to cut class with Zac? –Stephen M. Silverman

Credit: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/landov; Reed Saxon/AP
Matthew Perry & Aaron Sorkin Joke About Drugs | Aaron Sorkin

Matthew Perry & Aaron Sorkin Joke About Drugs

Originally posted 07/22/2006 08:00AM

Crack cocaine and Vicodin aren't the typical topics of conversation at a Hollywood TCA (Television Critics Association) panel to introduce new Fall shows, but when the event is led by Aaron Sorkin and Matthew Perry, accidents can happen.

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