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Mia Farrow

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Dylan Farrow 'Heartened' by Response After Woody Allen Allegations

Dylan Farrow 'Heartened' by Response After Woody Allen Allegations

Originally posted 02/02/2014 12:10PM

Dylan Farrow stepped out of the shadows Saturday to detail the sexual abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of adopted father Woody Allen two decades earlier.

A day later, the New York Times columnist who broke the story tells PEOPLE the young woman is now feeling encouraged by the supportive feedback that has been pouring in.

"She's really heartened by the response and support she's getting," Nicholas Kristof tells PEOPLE. (Kristof, a friend of Dylan's mother, Mia Farrow, and her brother, Ronan Farrow, first published excerpts of her open letter to Allen on Saturday.) "She sends a big thank you to all those speaking up about sexual abuse and trying to break the silence."

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Cate Blanchett Hopes Woody Allen's Family 'Can Find Peace'

Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin React to Dylan Farrow's Letter

Originally posted 02/02/2014 10:35AM

Dylan Farrow ends her open letter detailing her sexual abuse claims against her adoptive father, Woody Allen, by singling out several actors who have starred in the director's films, asking pointedly, "What if it had been your daughter?"

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Inside Story: Why Woody Allen Wasn't Prosecuted after Daughter's Abuse Allegations

Why Woody Allen Wasn't Prosecuted after Abuse Allegations by Daughter

Originally posted 02/02/2014 09:50AM

It had been, she says, a private ordeal.

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Dylan Farrow: Open Letter Details Sexual Abuse by Woody Allen

Dylan Farrow: Open Letter Details Sexual Abuse by Woody Allen

Originally posted 02/01/2014 06:00PM

There was a lot of debate earlier this month after Woody Allen was given a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes.

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What Mia Farrow Liked, Loved and Refused to Watch at the Globes

Mia Farrow Liked a Lot About the Globes – and Really Didn't Like One Thing

Originally posted 01/13/2014 02:00PM

Like much of the world, Mia Farrow was Tweeting all through Sunday's Golden Globes broadcast.

(In case you don't already, Farrow, 68, is definitely worth following on Twitter: She Tweets everything from cat pictures to articles about global poverty. And sadly, while a Tweet about her and Philip Roth watching Sharknado was revealed to be a hoax, she did in fact watch the television epic at one point, Tweeting "Tomorrow I'll pick up a chainsaw," a reference to the film.)

In case you missed it, here's a list of the things Farrow likes (or loved!) Sunday night – and the one thing she didn't:

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Mia Farrow's Remark About Son Ronan Gets Readers Roarin'

Mia Farrow's Remark About Son Ronan Gets Readers Roarin'

Originally posted 10/06/2013 09:00AM

Paternity was a much-discussed topic among PEOPLE.com readers this week, with few lacking for a strong opinion.

At the same time, a certain already controversial young pop star further raised blood pressures with her latest remarks.

Here are the five stories that sparked the strongest reactions this week, from happy, sad, laugh out loud, angry and wow.

To tell us what you think of what's going on in the news, click on the appropriate icon appearing at the bottom of every story.

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Sinatra Widow Calls Suggestion Frank Fathered Mia's Son a 'Bunch of Junk'

Barbara Sinatra Slams Suggestion Frank Sinatra 'Possibly' Fathered Mia Farrow's Son

Originally posted 10/03/2013 01:45PM

Mia Farrow raised millions of eyebrows this week when she admitted to Vanity Fair that former husband Frank Sinatra "possibly" fathered son Ronan, rather than long-assumed dad Woody Allen.

But two people are quite certain that what Farrow asserts is bunk: Sinatra's widow, Barbara, and Allen himself.

Barbara Sinatra, who was married to the legendary crooner from 1976 until his death in 1998, told Palm Springs, Calif., newspaper the Desert Sun that Farrow's potential admission was "a phony deal."

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Mia Farrow: Son Ronan 'Possibly' Fathered by Frank Sinatra (& Not Woody Allen)

Mia Farrow: Son Ronan 'Possibly' Fathered by Frank Sinatra (& Not Woody Allen)

Originally posted 10/02/2013 09:45AM

Could Frank Sinatra actually be the biological father of Mia Farrow's handsome son Ronan – whose father was always said to be Woody Allen?

Although no DNA tests were ever done, Ronan, a 25-year-old former Rhodes scholar who bears a striking resemblance to Ol' Blue Eyes, remains close to the late crooner's family, as does Farrow, Vanity Fair reports in its November issue, in an interview with the actress.

Farrow, 68, who was married to Sinatra from 1966 to 1968, admittedly continued a relationship with the music legend while she was involved in a longtime relationship with filmmaker Allen.

Sinatra, who died in 1998, would have been about 72 when Ronan, born in 1987, was conceived.

Asked point blank by Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth whether Ronan could be Sinatra's son, Farrow responds with one word: "Possibly."

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Sharknado Trends on Twitter, Tanks on TV

Sharknado Trends on Twitter, But Not So Much on TV

Originally posted 07/13/2013 11:50AM

Sharknado-mania swept social media Thursday night, but outside of the Twitterverse it looks like most people chose not to take the sharkbait.

Recently released Nielsen ratings show that only about 1.4 million people watched SyFy's shlock masterpiece, which "realistically" (cough, cough) features man-eating sharks attacking unsuspecting Los Angeles residents after getting blown to shore by an epic storm.

According to USA Today, the Nielsen figure is downright average for a movie premiere on this channel, which has found a niche trotting out awesomely bad horror flicks. (Case in point: the 2011 film Mega Python vs. Gatoroid starring '80s queens Tiffany and Deborah Gibson.)

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Credit: Syfy
Did You Get Caught in the Sharknado Twitter Storm?

Sharknado: SyFy's Quirky Horror Movie Is a Hit – on Twitter

Originally posted 07/12/2013 02:45PM

How about this as a horror-movie concept? A mad scientist is convinced that within the large, strange brain of the shark lurks an untapped skill for written communication. What if a shark could be trained to post on Facebook? No – Twitter! Yes, yes, why not Twitter?!

The scientist is right! Then things go horribly awry when the beasts, routinely fed a chum of vitamins, radioactive materials and laptop circuitry, learn to compress themselves into 140 characters or less, disguising tail and fin with tempting hashtags like #HaveASnack. Click on an innocuous-looking Tweet and you may end up saying goodbye to your hand, your arm, your intestines – your life.

Syfy's two-hour schlock masterpiece Sharknado wasn't quite that: It was, as the blunt mash-up of a title suggests, about sharks blown inland by storms and dropping on people like so many saw-toothed cicadas. But the sheer cheeky nuttiness of it all – plus a cast that included Ian "I Have Danced at Chippendales" Ziering and Tara Reid – caused a Twitter feeding frenzy when it aired Thursday night.

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