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A Bill Murray Christmas Special Is Hitting Netflix and It Stars Basically Everybody Ever

Originally posted 05/22/2015 10:10AM

Netflix has just proved that it's never too early to start preparing for the holiday season.

The streaming service announced Friday that it's picking up A Very Murray Christmas, a special starring Bill Murray and written and directed by Sofia Coppola.

Paying homage to classic variety shows, the special follows Murray playing himself as he worries that no one will show up for his TV show thanks to a massive snowstorm in New York City.

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How Michael Cera Pranked an Entire Audience | David Letterman, Michael Cera

Michael Cera Once Pranked a Sundance Audience with a Question About His Nonexistent Son (VIDEO)

Originally posted 08/27/2014 08:25AM

Michael Cera was a guest on The Late Show this week, and he told David Letterman about the time he and a friend had a little fun at the expense of a Sundance Film Festival audience.

Cera planted his friend in the audience and had him ask a fake question as a prank.

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Credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty
Stream Michael Cera's New Folky, Self-Released Album Here | Michael Cera

Stream Michael Cera's New Folky, Self-Released Album Here

Originally posted 08/14/2014 04:45PM

He picked up a bass for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and a guitar at the end of Juno, so we all knew Michael Cera was musically inclined.

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Credit: Tara Walton/Toronto Star/Getty; Courtesy Your_doppelganger/Reddit
Michael Cera as the Portrait of a Spanish Woman from 1940 | Arrested Development, Alia Shawkat, Michael Cera

Michael Cera as the Portrait of a Spanish Woman from 1940

Originally posted 04/08/2014 03:45PM

Michael Cera has apparently been lying about his age.

And nationality.

And gender.

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Credit: HBO/Everett
From King Joffrey to Justin Bieber: Who Are TV's Worst Bad Seeds?

UpdatePosted 04/06/2014 06:55AM

From King Joffrey to Justin Bieber: Who Are TV's Worst Bad Seeds?

Originally posted 04/04/2014 06:30PM

When Game of Thrones returns for its fourth season Sunday night, fans will get to enjoy the latest adventures in the reign of King Joffrey Baratheon, a blond tyrant who rules Westeros with an ironfisted combination of petulance and sadism. To celebrate Joffrey's impending nuptials, we've given him a wedding gift: a list of the horrible TV children just as bad as himself. Maybe they can have a playdate – just leave the crossbows at home.

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Credit: Alexandra Wyman/Invision for AMC/AP
Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend's Date Night with Michael Cera | Christina Hendricks, Geoffrey Arend

Caught in the Act

Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend's Date Night with Michael Cera

Originally posted 07/12/2013 08:10AM

Christina Hendricks and hubby Geoffrey Arend were the picture of a happy couple on Tuesday night.

The Mad Men starlet and Body of Proof star were joined by a big group of friends, including Michael Cera, at Stone Rose lounge in New York City.

"They were acting cute and she was giggling," an onlooker tells PEOPLE of the pair. "It was adorable how Geoffrey was being sweet with her and totally doting. I was surprised Michael was with them, but they must know each other well because it seemed like they were close."

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Credit: Sam Urdank/Netflix.
REVIEW: Arrested Development Still Brings Laughs – But Something's Missing | Arrested Development, David Cross, Portia de Rossi

PEOPLE's TV Critic's Arrested Development Review: It's Just Not as Funny

Originally posted 05/27/2013 11:30AM

bgwhite bgwhite   

Arrested Development, one of the cleverest sitcoms of all time, returned to life over the weekend, as Netflix launched an entire season of 15 new episodes for instant and, if one so chooses, marathon streaming.

This is a cause for celebration: reviving a cult network classic as digital, 24/7 programming is something like cloning a fresh mastodon from genetic material tweezered off a frozen carcass.

There is no guarantee, however, that the genetic material may not have mutated or deteriorated with time.

That is the case with Arrested Development, which lasted a mere three seasons on Fox despite ecstatic praise and is now regarded as such a classic that this revival has been wildly anticipated (and hyped).

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Credit: Picture Perfect/REX USA
Michael Cera Plays Poker Like a Shark

Michael Cera Plays Poker Like a Shark

Originally posted 07/24/2010 06:10PM

While Michael Cera's outcome in the upcoming comic-book movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World may be a wild card, the young actor was always the big poker winner against his costars during downtime on the Toronto set.

"I wouldn't say I'm great," a humble Cera, 22, told PEOPLE at San Diego's Comic-Con International, but he did admit his costars "didn't know what they were getting into … I play in a really good game in L.A. with really good players, people who are a few levels above me.

"I just try to walk away with my money from that game, and that's made me a better player."

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