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Project Runway: Designing (for) Women

Project Runway: Designing (for) Women

Originally posted 09/16/2011 07:00AM

Lessons learned on Thursday's Project Runway: a man can't always define his significant other's personal style. And the only body part men think to highlight is, well, boobs. At least that's what happened when nine guys were invited into the workroom and teamed with designers to create garments for their wives and girlfriends.

Every designer chose a man to work with, thinking Thursday's challenge was about menswear. But as it turned out, contestants had to rely on these males to describe their ladies' personal style and preferences, and then take them to Mood to shop for suitable fabrics. Some designers fell right into step with their clients, but others, namely Olivier, had a very difficult time taking orders from another person.

In the workroom, the men had "unique" ways of describing their loved ones' tastes. The only thing Bert's client, Anthony, could focus on was his wife's ample chest, while Anya's partner, Mike, couldn't seem to name a color his wife didn't like.

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Michael Kors Ties the Knot | Michael Kors

UpdatePosted 08/18/2011 12:00PM

Michael Kors Ties the Knot

Originally posted 08/17/2011 06:00PM

Wedding bells have finally rung for Michael Kors and his longtime partner.

The designer and Lance LePere tied the knot on Tuesday in Southampton, N.Y., in a private ceremony on Dune Beach officiated by Southampton Mayor Mark Epley.

"To marry someone as wonderful and special to me as Lance barefoot on a glorious beach is more than I could have dreamed of," Kors, 51, said in a statement.

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Michael Kors to Marry Partner | Michael Kors

UpdatePosted 08/05/2011 10:00AM

Michael Kors to Marry Partner

Originally posted 08/05/2011 08:30AM

Now that same-sex marriage has been legalized in New York, designer and Project Runway judge Michael Kors has confirmed that he will marry his longtime partner, Lance LePere, PEOPLE has confirmed.

"Lance and I are very excited to finally be able to have the opportunity to marry in our home state after many years together," said Kors, 51. "We have no plans for a major party, but we will be getting married privately."

The couple picked up their marriage license at the City Clerk's Office in Manhattan.

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Michael Kors on Miley Photos: 'What's the Big Deal?' | Michael Kors, Miley Cyrus

Michael Kors on Miley Photos: 'What's the Big Deal?'

Originally posted 04/29/2008 07:35PM

Michael Kors has added his voice to the chorus chiming in on the Miley Cyrus controversy – and gives his approval to both the Hannah Montana star and to photographer Annie Leibovitz.

"I think they're beautiful pictures," the fashion designer and Project Runway judge told PEOPLE at Monday's New York premiere of Iron Man, an event he co-sponsored with the Cinema Society.

As for the debate over the photos and what all this may mean to Cyrus's career, "I don't understand what the hubbub is about," says Kors, 48.

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