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Hailey Glassman to Be Subpoenaed in Jon Gosselin Lawsuit

Trials & Lawsuits

Hailey Glassman to Be Subpoenaed in Jon Gosselin Lawsuit

Originally posted 11/05/2009 04:55PM

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend Hailey Glassman and his friend Michael Lohan are among the witnesses TLC plans to subpoena in a breach of contract lawsuit filed against the reality star, according to new court papers.

Maryland's Circuit Court of Montgomery County has granted motions filed by the network's lawyers to depose Glassman, 22, Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael, 49, as well as Gosselin's lawyer Mark Heller, manager Michael Heller, bodyguard Thomas Meinelt and his talent rep Matthew Kirschner.

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Lindsay Lohan Stands Up to Her Father | Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Stands Up to Her Father

Originally posted 11/05/2009 02:35PM

Are things coming to a head? Or is it just more of the Lohan family saga?

Lindsay Lohan continued her Twitter attacks on her father Thursday in response to his leaking of voicemails of the sobbing actress.

"Its so sad that I even have to share this w/everyone, but I haven't had a real relationship w/Michael Sr. in years. That is the truth. Xox," she Tweeted. "I just hope I can show others how to be strong through times & to be able to stand up for yourself and loved ones no matter what!"

She does find a silver lining her in estrangement: "Good news is, I haven't called him many times @ all-so, it will end sooner than later!!! Lol"

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Lindsay Lohan Describes Her Father as a 'Lunatic'

Lindsay Lohan Describes Her Father as a 'Lunatic'

Originally posted 11/01/2009 12:35PM

Lindsay Lohan has taken to Twitter to slam her dad Michael, following reports that he is seeking conservatorship over her, and that he's offered an entertainment TV show tape-recorded conversations between himself and his ex-wife, Dina, in which they discuss their daughter's well-being.

"My father is a lunatic & doesn't even deserve such a title since he's never been around in my life other than when he'd threaten me & my family," Tweeted Lindsay, who just finished shooting the thriller Machete opposite Robert DeNiro. "He should be where he has always put himself after verbally abusing and physically abusing people all my life-behind bars."

Lindsay, 23, also wrote that her sister Ali, 15, is also concerned about their father's behavior. "It's so sad to get a phone call from my baby sister just now asking, 'why is daddy doing this?' Through tears. He's crossed the lines & hurt me & my family 4 the last time."

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Dina to Michael Lohan: Stop Talking About Lindsay and Drugs | Dina Lohan, Michael Lohan

UpdatePosted 10/18/2009 02:00PM

Dina to Michael Lohan: Stop Talking About Lindsay and Drugs

Originally posted 10/17/2009 11:00PM

Dina Lohan has a message for her ex-husband Michael about some recent interviews, during which he's claimed their daughter Lindsay is abusing prescription pills: Stop discussing Lindsay's private life and focus on yourself.

Dina lashed back Saturday, telling PEOPLE: "Michael Lohan needs to focus on being a parent, paying child support, of which he is six months behind, and making up for all the years he was an absentee dad. And stop going on national television talking about his children publicly."

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Lohans Want Michael to Focus on His Own Family, Not Gosselin | Jon Gosselin, Michael Lohan

Lohans Want Michael to Focus on His Own Family, Not Jon Gosselin

Originally posted 07/27/2009 10:10AM

As Michael Lohan emerges as a new advisor to Jon Gosselin on personal matters – and increasingly, on professional matters, too – sources tell PEOPLE that the Lohans wish he'd focus on his own family.

"It's embarrassing, he's embarrassing," says a Lohan insider, suggesting Michael pay attention to his own responsibilities, not those of Jon Gosselin. "He's trying to get deals for Jon. Maybe Jon can tell Michael to pay [ex-wife] Dina child support. He's now six months behind."

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Jon Wants Friendship with Kate | Jon Gosselin, Michael Lohan

Jon Wants Friendship with Kate

Originally posted 07/25/2009 05:20PM

Even as Jon Gosselin prepares for divorce, he hopes to remain close to his wife Kate, mom to their eight kids, according to pal Michael Lohan.

"He would love to be friends with her," says Lohan, the estranged father of Lindsay Lohan, who's been showing Gosselin around the Hamptons. "They had eight kids and he would like to work things out the right way and just be friends."

The new buddies spent Saturday in Southampton, attending a business meeting, walking on the beach – where they were met by paparazzi – and shopping at a J. Crew store for clothes to wear to a polo match in Bridgehampton that afternoon.

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Jon Gosselin Hits the Hamptons – with Lindsay Lohan's Dad | Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Hits the Hamptons – with Lindsay Lohan's Dad

Originally posted 07/22/2009 08:05PM

Jon Gosselin and the new Kate in his life – tabloid reporter Kate Major – hooked up with Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan, in the Hamptons on Wednesday.

"Jon is a friend, he's a great guy, he needed a place to get away to, and my doors were open to him and Kate Major," Lohan tells PEOPLE. "Jon and Kate [Major] are good friends of mine. She's with him [at Lohan's house]. Kate's like a daughter to me. When she needed a place my doors were open."

Gosselin was also seen last weekend with Major – a reporter for the Star – at a New York City restaurant. Jon has been dating family friend Hailey Glassman since splitting with wife Kate Gosselin. – Diane Herbst

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Lindsay Lohan's Parents Discuss Divorce Issues

Lindsay Lohan's Parents Discuss Divorce Issues

Originally posted 06/03/2008 01:30PM

Lindsay Lohan's divorced parents met in family court in New York on Tuesday to discuss visitation with their younger children Ali and Cody.

After spending part of the morning in private talks, Judge Stacey Bennett said in open court: "I'm encouraged to hear that the parties and counsel are working at ways to repair the relationship between the children and the father."

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Lindsay Lohan to Dad: Stop Talking to Reporters | Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan to Dad: Stop Talking to Reporters

Originally posted 04/18/2008 02:50PM

Lindsay Lohan has heard just about enough from her father.

"I just wish that he wouldn't go and talk to the media," she said Friday on radio's The Billy Bush Show. "It's not attractive to me, it really upsets me and I wish he would stop. ... I love my father. I just don't know why he's doing what he's doing. It's a weird situation, very odd."

Michael Lohan, 47, has frequently commented on his 21-year-old daughter's eventful life and that of their family, most recently talking about his divorce from Lindsay's mother Dina and the upcoming E! reality show Living Lohan with Dina and younger daughter Ali, 13.

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Michael Lohan to Spears Family: 'Stand Together' | Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears

Michael Lohan to Spears Family: 'Stand Together'

Originally posted 12/27/2007 03:00PM

Michael Lohan is going on defense when it comes to family – but this time, it's not about his family.

Lindsay's dad is talking about Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears.

"People just don't realize what it's like to live under the whirlwind that families like mine and the Spearses and other families out there are caught up in," Lindsay Lohan's father, 47, tells Extra. "It takes a lot to hold it together."

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