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Naomi Campbell

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Naomi Campbell: I'm 'Never Gonna Get Away' from the Cell Phone Incident

Naomi Campbell: I'm 'Never Gonna Get Away' from the Cell Phone Incident

Originally posted 01/09/2013 02:30PM

The supermodel opens up about the time she served – and her thoughts on Tyra Banks


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5 Things to Know About Demi Moore's 26-Year-Old Love Interest

Vito Schnabel: 5 Things to Know About Demi Moore's New Love Interest

Originally posted 11/29/2012 06:45PM

He's no stranger to living the high life around larger-than-life personalities as the son of outsized artist and director Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell and Butterfly). But now that he's been linked to Demi Moore, 26-year-old Vito Schnabel may just get a taste of fame on his own terms.

The eldest son of Julian, Vito grew up around art world and Hollywood royalty before eventually making his own name as a curator and art dealer as a teenager.

"They are just constantly around beautiful and fabulous women and run with a very cool crowd," a source tells PEOPLE of the Schnabel family. "They're fun people."

Who is Vito Schnabel? Here are five things to know about Demi's new love interest:

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Demi Moore's New Boyfriend Is Half Her Age!

UpdatePosted 11/28/2012 02:10PM

Demi Moore Is Dating Vito Schnabel: Report

Originally posted 11/28/2012 10:00AM

Demi Moore is dipping her toe back in the dating world – with a much younger man.

The New York Post's Page Six column reports that Moore, 50, is quietly dating art world scion Vito Schnabel, 26.

"It's really happening," a nightlife source tells PEOPLE. "There was a time when Vito was kind of cool with [her ex Ashton Kutcher] – so it seems a little weird." The source adds that the pair are expected to be together during Art Basel in Miami Beach in early December.

Schnabel, an art dealer, is the son of painter and director Julian Schnabel. He and Moore were reportedly "dancing and grinding all over each other" at a party in Jodhpur, India, thrown by supermodel Naomi Campbell for the 50th birthday of her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin, according to the paper's account.

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Which Supermodel Partied with Cameron Diaz at Studio 54?

Which Supermodel Partied with Cameron Diaz at Studio 54?

Originally posted 10/20/2011 06:00AM

File under: new friends? Cameron Diaz and supermodel Naomi Campbell relived the good old days at Studio 54 in New York during a SiriusXM soiree. The ladies chatted and danced the night away together at the '70s-themed bash, which marked the launch of Studio 54 Radio. And it was a star-studded affair: Bethenny Frankel twirled by on the dance floor along with Bravo's Andy Cohen. Also there: Ryan Phillippe and Keith Richards. – Carlos Greer

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Naomi Campbell Goes Yachting While Blood Diamond Story Is Disputed | Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Goes Yachting While Blood Diamond Story Is Disputed

Originally posted 08/10/2010 02:00PM

What war-crimes tribunal? Naomi Campbell has jet-setting to do.

Thanks to the appearance of Campbell as a witness, the UN tribunal of former Liberian president Charles Taylor has gained notoriety, and it was the scene of another conflict Tuesday when Taylor's lawyer accused the supermodel's former agent of presenting a "complete pack of lies" in her testimony.

Defending what she'd said, ex-agent for Campbell Carole White repeated allegations that the model received diamonds from Taylor after a dinner in South Africa in 1997.

While Campbell's testimony was being disputed and defended, a newspaper in Sardinia off the coast of Italy, L'Unione Sarda, reported that on Sunday night the supermodel was at play at a party with super-couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli, Janet Jackson, Quincy Jones, Kevin Spacey – and diamond merchant Fawaz Gruosi.

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Mia Farrow Calls Naomi Campbell's Blood Diamonds Story a Lie | Mia Farrow, Naomi Campbell

Mia Farrow Calls Naomi Campbell's Blood Diamonds Story a Lie

Originally posted 08/09/2010 08:40AM

Mia Farrow took to the stand Monday in the war-crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor and disputed Naomi Campbell's sworn testimony from last week about whether so-called "blood diamonds" Campbell received as a gift more than a decade ago had come from Taylor.

Campbell, 40, admitted last week that she received uncut stones from two men in South Africa in 1997 but said she didn't know they were diamonds or that they were linked to Taylor.

Farrow, 65, said Monday that Campbell in fact boasted that the gift was from Taylor at a breakfast the next day as both women prepared for a charity event with Nelson Mandela, Britain's Telegraph reports.

"Naomi Campbell joined us and before she even sat down she recounted the events of the [previous] evening," the actress testified. "She said that in the night she had been awakened. Some men were knocking at her door. They were sent by Charles Taylor and they had given her a huge diamond. Naomi Campbell said they came from Charles Taylor."

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Naomi Campbell Testifies in 'Blood Diamonds' Case

Originally posted 08/05/2010 08:00AM

Far from a runway, Naomi Campbell took to the witness stand at a UN war-crimes tribunal in the Netherlands Thursday and admitted that she was given "dirty rocks" by the former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor – who, prosecutors say, swapped guns to rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone for uncut diamonds during that country's 1992-2002 civil war.

Taylor, 62, stands accuses of allegedly arming, training and commanding the rebels to kill and maim thousands of civilians across the border. He has pleaded not guilty to 11 war crimes charges, including murder, rape, sexual enslavement and recruiting child soldiers.

Campbell, 40, told the tribunal she handed the gems to a colleague and told him to "do something good with them," such as donate them to charity, but the colleague "still has them, so they didn't benefit," the British supermodel added.

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Naomi Campbell: I Won't Be Held Hostage to My Past | Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell: I Won't Be Held Hostage to My Past

Originally posted 03/04/2010 06:35PM

Naomi Campbell is coming out swinging after being accused of hitting her driver earlier this week.

The supermodel denies any wrongdoing associated with an incident in which her driver, Miodrag Mejdina, pulled over and told a traffic agent that Campbell had assaulted him.

"I was accused of unacceptable behavior towards a driver in New York," the supermodel says in a statement. "I have worked very hard on correcting my previous wrongdoings and I will not be held hostage to my past."

In fact, Campbell who was previously arrested for hitting her housekeeper in 2006 and assaulting two police officers at Heathrow airport in 2007, says the driver has apologized to her.

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Naomi Campbell Wanted for Questioning After Allegedly Hitting Driver | Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Wanted for Questioning After Allegedly Hitting Driver

Originally posted 03/02/2010 06:40PM

Naomi Campbell may be in hot water with police yet again after an alleged confrontation with her driver in New York City on Tuesday, the Associated Press reports.

Campbell, 39, is wanted for questioning by the NYPD after allegedly slapping and punching her driver on the east side around 3 p.m., according to reports.

The supermodel reportedly assaulted the driver before getting out of the car and leaving the scene. The driver had pulled over to speak to a traffic agent.

A spokesperson for the British model says, "There shouldn't be a rush to judgment. Naomi will cooperate voluntarily, and there is more to the story than meets the eye."

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Naomi Campbell Cleans Up Maid Case | Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Cleans Up Maid Case

Originally posted 01/15/2009 09:30AM

Naomi Campbell has settled a legal dispute with a former housekeeper who claimed the supermodel struck her and called her names for not being able to locate a pair of jeans.

While terms of the settlement have been sealed, an attorney for Campbell said that both she and former employee Gaby Gibson were satisfied. Gibson was under the supermodel's employ from November 2005 through January 2006, the Associated Press reports.

An attorney for Gibson did not return calls for comment. In the course of the case, Campbell denied Gibson's claims and was never charged with any crime.

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