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Happy Birthday, Camden! Why Vanessa Lachey Is Planning Twice the Parties

Happy Birthday, Camden! Why Vanessa Lachey Is Planning Twice the Parties

Originally posted 09/12/2013 12:45PM

The Dads star is working on celebrations for her son and her husband

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Ben Affleck Wasn't the Only Thing Exploding on the Internet This Week

Ben Affleck as Batman, Cinderoncé and More of the Most Important Random Things Online

Originally posted 08/23/2013 11:10AM

It was a really fun week online. There were a bunch of fun, musical videos posted (links below), and then we got the news that Ben Affleck was cast as Batman.

I know.

Look, we all like Ben. He's a good actor, and and even more talented director. But most of us still have PTSD from Daredevil. So read on for more on that story, and the rest of what happened online this week.

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Vanessa Lachey: I Look Forward to Expanding My Family

Vanessa Lachey: I Look Forward to Expanding My Family

Originally posted 08/02/2013 11:30AM

The Dads star says she and husband Nick "have talked about three" kids

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Vanessa Lachey: Why We Had Date Night on Father's Day

Vanessa Lachey: Why We Had Date Night on Father's Day

Originally posted 06/27/2013 07:25AM

"People sometimes get lost in their kids and they may have forgotten what got them there in the first place, which is their relationship," the actress says

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Toby Keith, Blake Shelton and More Send Messages of Support for Oklahoma

Toby Keith: 'Moore is Strong and We Will Preserve' & More Reactions to Oklahoma Tornado

Originally posted 05/21/2013 10:55AM

On Monday, a massive and devastating tornado ripped through the Oklahoma City suburbs, flattening neighborhoods and destroying buildings, including an elementary school. At least 24 lives were lost and the death toll is expected to rise.

As those affected by the tornado grieve and focus on rebuilding, social media sites were flooded with messages of support and ways for people to help.

Here's what you had to say about the tragedy in Oklahoma:

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Nick: Vanessa & I Are 'Pretty Chill' First-Time Parents | Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey: 'Family Is Everything to Me'

Originally posted 05/12/2013 07:45AM

As the sun rises up over the mountains of the L.A.-area home he shares with wife Vanessa, Nick Lachey walks upstairs, peeks into the nursery of his nearly 8-month-old son Camden John and begins singing.

"He's an angel; he's the happiest kid," says Lachey, scooping up his boy and feeding him a bottle before walking out to get the paper with his dog Wookie in tow. "It's our morning 'dude time' and the perfect way to start my day."

It's a new dawn indeed for the pop star-turned-family man. "Vanessa and I were at the point in our lives where we were 100 percent ready to become parents," says Lachey, 39. "Every single thing in your life changes, and we welcomed that."

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Readers Gasp Over Swallowed-by-Hippo Story

Hippo Tale Elicits Reader Gasps, Danielynn Birkhead Brings Smiles

Originally posted 05/11/2013 08:00AM

Model-in-the-making Danielynn Birkhead, the late Anna Nicole Smith's 6½-year-old daughter, prompted an outpouring of oohs and ahs this week when she dressed up like a favorite Disney heroine for the Kentucky Derby, while the gasps were strictly reserved for the amazing tale of the man who served as a hippo's dinner – and then survived to tell his tale.

Here are the five stories that sparked the strongest reactions from readers over this past week – the news that made you happy, sad, laugh out loud, awestruck, even angry.

In the meantime, don't forget to keep clicking on the emoticons at the bottom of every story – your way of telling us exactly what you think.

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Wow, Hear What Nick Lachey Says About Jessica SImpson's Dad | Nick Lachey

TV News

Nick Lachey Hasn't Talked to Ex-Wife Jessica Simpson in Six Years

Originally posted 05/08/2013 11:45AM

It seems like decades ago that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were the first couple of reality TV – but on Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen couldn't seem to forget!

When Lachey, 39, and the rest of 98 Degrees visited Cohen's talk show, the singer's ex-wife and her family were hot topics.

During "Plead the Fifth," a question-and-answer game Cohen plays with celebrity guests, who can stay silent rather than answer an uncomfortable question, the subject of Simpson's father, Joe, came up.

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Nick Lachey: Watching My Son Being Born Was 'Surreal' | Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo

Nick Lachey: Watching My Son Being Born Was 'Surreal'

Originally posted 05/02/2013 01:30PM

But it was also "one of the coolest things to ever see in your life," the singer and TV host says

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Nick Lachey: Why Vanessa and I Will Raise Camden In Cincinnati | Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo

Nick Lachey: Why Vanessa and I Will Raise Camden In Cincinnati

Originally posted 04/19/2013 04:30PM

"I've never embraced the idea of raising my kid in L.A.," the singer admits

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