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Lil Wayne on Recent Health Scare: 'I Could've Died' | Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne on Recent Health Scare: 'I Could've Died'

Originally posted 03/29/2013 11:40AM

Despite vehement denials from his friends as to the severity of Lil Wayne's condition after the Grammy winner suffered a seizure two weeks ago, the rapper confirms his condition was very serious.

"I'm an epileptic, so I'm prone to seizures," Wayne, 30, told Los Angeles radio station Power 106 on Thursday. "This isn't my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh seizure. I've had a bunch of seizures. Y'all just never hear about it."

Wayne neither confirmed nor denied reports that he was in a medically induced coma, but did describe the experience as near-fatal.

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Idol's Guys Explain 'Sugar Pie Honey Bunch' Disaster

American Idol

UpdatePosted 03/28/2013 07:00PM

American Idol's Guys Explain Their Motown Disaster

Originally posted 03/28/2013 03:45PM

It was a moment every American Idol contestant dreads – live, in front of millions, a song goes off the rails.

The nightmare came true for Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez and Lazaro Arbos during Motown Night on Wednesday, as the three finalists botched a group performance of "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)," the 1965 hit by the Four Tops.

It started off okay, but Arbos then forgot the lyrics, and as a group they missed their cues and strayed off key. The performance had judge Nicki Minaj fuming.

"Don't ever do that again," she said. "All three of you, go. Go! Go! Get off the stage!"

After the show, the three singers struggled to explain what went wrong.

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Idol Favorite Angie Miller Messes Up Motown Night

American Idol

American Idol's Top Eight Take On Motown Classics

Originally posted 03/27/2013 10:45PM

"We're down to the last eight contestants on American Idol – and all of them are very talented," said the legendary Smokey Robinson, who was on hand as a mentor for Motown week.

Candice Glover – who later admitted that she was sweating the pressure of having to sing first – didn't let the nerves show during her bluesy take on "Through the Grapevine." The judges' verdict: "You've got one of the best voices in the competition," Randy Jackson said, summing up the whole panel's response.

Later, Lazaro Arbos took the stage to sing Stevie Wonder's "For Once in My Life." The audience loved it and although the judges weren't 100 percent positive, Keith Urban shared his take, calling "exponentially better than last week."

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Idol's Keith Urban: I Don't Ever Want to Humiliate the Contestants | Keith Urban

American Idol

Keith Urban: I Don't Ever Want to Humiliate American Idol Contestants

Originally posted 03/25/2013 08:00PM

Keith Urban agrees with acid-tongued American Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine, who said the show's judges need to be tougher.

But the country superstar says being an artist critiquing artists is harder than it looks.

"He is right," says Urban, who sits on the panel alongside Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson. "It is not easy for us a lot of the time because we are just coming from a different place. We're artists talking to a young artist on camera in front of millions of people, trying to give constructive criticism in a way that doesn't humiliate them. I don't ever want to humiliate somebody."

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Ryan-Julianne Split Made You Sad, But Selena Gomez Got You to Laugh | Julianne Hough, Ryan Seacrest

Ryan-Julianne Split Made You Sad, But Selena Gomez Got You to Laugh

Originally posted 03/23/2013 11:45AM

PEOPLE.com readers expressed distinct sadness over the breakup of Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough, while Selena Gomez sparked a healthy dose of schadenfreude by admitting she made former boyfriend Justin Bieber cry.

Here, then, are the stories that sparked the strongest reader reactions this week – what made you happy, sad, laugh out loud, awestruck, even angry. Also, please don't forget to keep clicking on the emoticons at the bottom of every story to tell us what you think.

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Did Lazaro Arbos Survive Idol's Elimination?

American Idol

American Idol: Did Lazaro Arbos Make the Top Eight?

Originally posted 03/21/2013 09:45PM

All season long, the American Idol judges have been saying a girl will win this season. If Thursday night's group numbers were any indication, they are probably right.

The five remaining females did a show-stopping performance of "Here, There and Everywhere" that showcased each of their voices. The four remaining men sang "Got to Get You Into My Life." It was a capable rendition, but strangely reminiscent of the musical numbers from The Love Boat.

Based on Wednesday's performances of Beatles songs, Lazaro Arbos was perhaps in the greatest danger of leaving. The judges and mentor Jimmy Iovine brutally criticized his rendition of "In My Life." But Arbos agreed with their assessment.

"They were right for the most part," he told Ryan Seacrest Thursday. "I have to do songs that I love and that I want to sing." But would he survive America's vote?

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Idol: Tears and Triumph as Top 9 Take On the Beatles

American Idol

American Idol's Top 9 Take On Beatles Songs

Originally posted 03/20/2013 10:45PM

Nine singers are still in the hunt on American Idol – and this week they were faced with the daunting challenge of putting their own spin on a song from the Beatles catalogue.

"If you sing these songs well they will deliver for you," music producer and Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine told the contestants. "If you don't sing them well, the whole world is going to know."

Country crooner Kree Harrison kicked things off with a booming version of "With a Little Help From My Friends," which had the judges trying to outdo each other with praise. "You're all the cool things about country," Keith Urban said. Mariah Carey dubbed Kree's performance "fan-freaking-tastic." And the always fashion-conscious Nicki Minaj had nothing but praise for Kree's suddenly pumped-up style and her unflappable confidence.

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Holly Madison's Baby Name Made Readers LOL

Holly Madison Draws Baby Name Laughs, Demi Moore Sparks Anger over Divorce Terms

Originally posted 03/17/2013 10:00AM

What's on the minds of PEOPLE readers this week? We love seeing your responses to all of our stories, and as always, you weighed in with plenty of angry, sad and LOL feedback.

From the heartfelt adoption news of Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein's, to the surprising make-under of flamboyant Nicki Minaj, to the new look debuted by the oft-troubled Amanda Bynes, see how readers responded – and remember to keep clicking on the emoticons at the bottom of every story to tell us what you think!

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And the First Finalist Voted Off Idol Is ...

American Idol

American Idol Sends Home First Finalist of the Season

Originally posted 03/14/2013 10:00PM

First things first: Nicki Minaj arrived on time for the live taping of Thursday night's American Idol. But as the evening ended, she probably wished she were still stuck on the 405 freeway, because things really didn't go her way. (Spoilers ahead!)

For the first time ever, host Ryan Seacrest told viewers how most of the contestants ranked in the voting – and even gave results on how many of them did in their home states. It was a nice touch: viewers got a clearer picture of who is likely to go the distance, and who needs an influx of votes to stick around. (Idol history time: The week before she was voted off, Jennifer Hudson actually received the most votes. It just goes to show how fortunes can change when decisions are left to the voting public.)

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Oops! Nicki Minaj Is Late for American Idol | Nicki Minaj

American Idol

Nicki Minaj Arrives Late for Live American Idol Show

Originally posted 03/13/2013 08:40PM

Better late than never!

When American Idol's live performance episode started at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, Nicki Minaj was nowhere to be seen.

"We are coming to you live and on time," host Ryan Seacrest said, before asking the crowd which top 10 finalist could win this season. After the cheering subsided, Seacrest added, "Keep that energy going for three of your four judges who are here tonight."

Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey were all in their seats. But Minaj, it seems, was stuck in traffic.

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