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Nicolas Cage

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Idris Elba: Nicolas Cage Once Spent the Night in Dracula's Castle

Idris Elba: Nicolas Cage Once Spent the Night in Dracula's Castle

Originally posted 09/22/2014 02:00PM

Idris Elba's Reddit AMA provided a few key facts about Elba's career. He would totally play James Bond, and he loves Mary Poppins, but perhaps most importantly, it added a crucial detail to the ever-expanding web that is The Nicolas Cage Mythos. Elba talked about an odd incident that occurred while the two were shooting Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance together in Romania in 2010.

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Melissa McCarthy, Jenny McCarthy and Other Celeb Cousins You Never Knew Were Related

Originally posted 07/24/2014 03:15PM

The worst part of being a celebrity, undoubtedly, must be family reunions. All those cousins coming out of the woodwork, asking you to pass along their script or snag an autograph or even help Aunt Agatha buy that new hot tub that she desperately needs.

Then there are those happy few stars who don't have to face this problem. Because their cousins are famous, too.

In honor of Cousins Day – July 24, to be exact – here are several celebrity cousins who don't have to worry about being the only famous person at their family reunion.

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Nicolas Cage Wears a Shirt with His Picture on It

Originally posted 06/09/2014 09:15AM

One of the most frequently asked Nicolas Cage questions (FANCQ's) remains, is he in on the joke? Does he know about the memes? The videos? His strange second life as an Internet celebrity?

This shirt is Exhibit A in the argument that, yes, Cage knows exactly what's going on.

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Is Kevin Costner or Nicolas Cage Worth the Ticket? What to See and Skip at the Movies

See This/Skip That: From Nicolas Cage's Comeback Role in Joe to a Colorful Rio 2

Originally posted 04/11/2014 05:45PM

Kevin Costner makes a solid football movie with Draft Day, but it's Nicolas Cage who steals the show with his comeback role in Joe.

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Nicolas Cage Celebrates His New Movie with Tacos and Lobster Rolls

Nicolas Cage Celebrates His New Movie with Tacos and Lobster Rolls

Originally posted 04/11/2014 04:45PM

And the actor still had room for dessert!

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Pharrell Williams Assures Everyone He Is Not a Blood-Drinking Vampire | Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams Assures Everyone He Is Not a Blood-Drinking Vampire

Originally posted 02/19/2014 03:50PM

He's up all night to get lucky, not because he's an ageless vampire whose skin would burst into flames if it ever came into contact with sunlight.

Ever since Pharrell Williams turned 40 in April, the Internet has been entranced by his seemingly ageless nature: Pictures of the prolific producer show his face barely having changed since his Neptunes heyday.

Like so many times before, the Web decided the mystery of Williams's fresh looks had a simple explanation: He was a vampire, and thus doomed to walk the earth in the body of a man in his late 20s until some brave hero drove a stake through his heart.

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How Birthday Boy Nicolas Cage Rules the Internet | The Wicker Man (Movie - 2006), Nicolas Cage

UpdatePosted 01/07/2014 05:10PM

Nicolas Cage Rules the Internet: Let Us Count the Ways

Originally posted 10/10/2014 05:05PM

Tuesday marks Nicolas Cage's 50th birthday. Instead of a cake or a surprise party, we're marking the occasion by recounting the many ways he's given us, his fans, reason to celebrate over the past five decades.

To be honest, star turns in Hollywood (such as 1995's Oscar winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas) are not even at the top of our list. Instead, we're talking about another medium where Cage's particular brand of fame has found recognition: the World Wide Web. On this special day, let us revisit why Cage deserves to be crowned King of the Internet:

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Happy Birthday Nic Cage! See His Changing Looks

Happy Birthday Nic Cage! See His Changing Looks

Originally posted 01/07/2014 04:00AM

From '80s star to Declaration of Independence-stealer, watch the birthday boy's transformation


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Pharrell's 24-hour Music Video, Live Tweeting a Brooklyn Breakup & More of the Best Online

Pharrell Williams Releases the First 24-hour Music Video & More of the Most Important Random Things Online

Originally posted 11/22/2013 02:30PM

At midnight Thursday, Pharrell Willliams debuted the music video for his new single, "Happy."

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Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider Inspiration: His Cobra | Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider Inspiration: His Cobra

Originally posted 03/28/2012 03:55PM

To play Ghost Rider, the vigilante antihero whose head is a flaming skull, Nicolas Cage looked to source material that was close to home.

"When you're playing something that's completely outside of your reference point, who you want to project as kind of like a bad dream, something enigmatic, something you don't understand, you have to look at other sources to inspire the body language," Cage told Kelly Ripa and Josh Groban on Live! With Kelly last month.

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