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O.J. Simpson

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What's David Schwimmer's Kardashian Connection? | David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer to Play Robert Kardashian in New FX Miniseries About O.J. Simpson

Originally posted 12/19/2014 07:10PM

David Schwimmer is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Kardashian clan – or at least he will be on TV.

The actor, 48, will be portraying the late Robert Kardashian on FX's upcoming miniseries about the O.J. Simpson trial, American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, based on Jeffrey Toobin's best-selling book The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

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Summer of 1994: 20 Things America Was Obsessing Over 20 Years Ago | OJ Simpson Trial, Forrest Gump

Summer of 1994: 20 Things America Was Obsessing Over 20 Years Ago

Originally posted 06/20/2014 03:00PM

Close your eyes and imagine a simpler time: 20 years ago, when there were only 60 channels on cable TV and no such thing as an iPhone, or an iPad, or an iAnything. It's the summer of 1994, emojis are an unknown entity, and Butterfinger BBs are plentiful. Sheryl Crow is spinning on your walkman, and life is good.

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The 4 Most Popular O.J. Simpson Conspiracy Theories

If the Theory Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit: The 4 Most Popular O.J. Conspiracy Theories

Originally posted 06/14/2014 09:15PM

Two decades after one of the most polarizing trials in American history, our nation has generally settled on a consensus about the O.J. Simpson trial: 1) He probably did it, and, 2) The LAPD blew the case by mishandling forensic evidence.

But as with other news events where objective truth has become buried under years of gossip and rumor, the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman have attracted a fair share of experts who are convinced they've figured out what really happened June 12, 1994. Perhaps that's a consequence of a cultural flashpoint where nobody on either side of the debate got any semblance of closure.

No matter if they're serious journalists or Internet crackpots, all Simpson conspiracy theorists are convinced they can do what a year of courtroom drama could not: Crack the case, once and for all.

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20 Years Later: Look Back at the 10 Most Bizarre Moments of O.J. Simpson's Trial

UpdatePosted 06/12/2014 07:15PM

'The Trial of the Century' 20 Years Later: 10 Bizarre Moments from O.J. Simpson's Courtroom Drama

Originally posted 06/11/2014 10:45AM

O.J. Simpson's televised criminal trial for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman stretched for nearly 16 months, with many memorable dramas along the way, some of them simply beyond bizarre. With the courtroom saga approaching its 20th anniversary, here are 10 of the trial's most unforgettable moments.

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20 Years Later: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman Remembered

20 Years Later: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman Remembered

Originally posted 06/12/2014 02:50PM

Before it was about the mother of slow-speed car chases, an N-word-spouting detective, The Tonight Show's Dancing Itos or a glove that, on the day, did not fit, the O.J. Simpson case was about the June 12, 1994, slayings of two innocent people: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

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Nicole Brown Simpson's Murder 20 Years Later: Sister Reveals Family's Pain

Nicole Brown Simpson's Murder 20 Years Later: Sister Reveals Family's Pain

Originally posted 03/12/2014 02:45PM

Tanya Brown remembers that day in June 1994 as if it were yesterday: waking up to her sister Denise's anguished screams, rushing to her and struggling to comprehend when Denise cried, "She's dead! He killed her! Coco's dead!"

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See What 4½ Years in Prison Has Done to O.J. Simpson

PHOTO: O.J. Simpson Shows the Effects of 4½ Years of Prison

Originally posted 05/13/2013 02:00PM

It's not the O.J. Simpson of the football field, TV commercials, "The Trial of the Century," or even his last court date.

Instead, the 65-year-old man who was led shackled into a Las Vegas courtroom appeared older, grayer and heavier after spending 4 ½ years behind bars.

In his first public appearance since 2008, Simpson was in court to ask for a new trial in the case that ended with a nine- to 33-year prison term.

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Casey Anthony vs. O.J. Simpson: Which Not Guilty Verdict Was More Shocking?

Casey Anthony vs. O.J. Simpson: Which Not Guilty Verdict Was More Shocking?

Originally posted 07/05/2011 03:15PM

For the past three years, the public has not been on Casey Anthony's side.

During the 35-day trial, concluding with 10-plus hours of deliberations, rampant speculation mounted that the Florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee would indeed be convicted of first-degree murder – and perhaps even to face the death penalty.

But on Tuesday afternoon, the jury delivered a not guilty verdict as millions watched on TV and online.

The surprising decision was reminiscent of another acquittal in a high-profile murder case: that of O.J. Simpson.

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O.J. Simpson Separated From Other Inmates

O.J. Simpson Separated From Other Inmates

Originally posted 12/10/2008 05:45PM

O.J. Simpson has been largely separated from other inmates for his own protection as he sits in a 6-by-9 cell while awaiting transfer to a Nevada prison.

"You don't know who might take a pot shot at Mr. Simpson," said Suzanne Pardee, a spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Corrections, who stressed the separation is routine procedure for all new inmates.

Simpson, 61, sentenced Friday to at least nine years for armed robbery and kidnapping, is currently at the medium-security High Desert State Prison, 40 minutes north of Las Vegas.

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