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The Office Finale a Big, Lovable Mess, Says PEOPLE's Critic

The Office

The Office Finale Was a Big, Frustrating, Lovable Mess, Says PEOPLE's Critic

Originally posted 05/17/2013 08:45AM

The series finale of The Office took up an hour and 15 minutes of NBC's prime-time schedule Thursday night. The last quarter-hour had a special sentimental magic, as we got parting moments with each of the characters at the Dunder Mifflin paper company of Scranton, Pa.

The rest you could have fed into a shredder.

After a season that carefully worked out significant narrative strands – the ultimately inevitable ascension to manager of the insufferable Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), the unexpectedly tender travails in the marriage of Jim and Pam (John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer) – this episode was poorly conceived and clumsily structured.

It really wasn't worthy of all the years of affectionate humor that had gone before it.

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A Couple Surprising Things About Kevin From the Office (in Real Life)

Why The Office's Brian Baumgartner Will Miss His 'Second Family'

Originally posted 03/08/2013 03:00PM

After clocking in at at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company for nearly 10 years, Brian Baumgartner knows a thing or two about mixing work and play.

But even as The Office prepares to wrap its ninth and final season, the Kevin Malone actor is still not sick of his colleagues, who make the series' finale a bittersweet goodbye.

"Mine and, really, everyone's life has changed so much over this decade," Baumgartner, 40, told PEOPLE after serving as the grand marshal at Sunday's Subway Fresh Fit 500 race. "We've all grown up together. Our lives have all changed together. We've seen weddings and divorces and kids, success and failure."

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Nicole Kidman, Mark Ruffalo Among Indie Spirit Presenters | Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, Mark Ruffalo Among Indie Spirit Presenters

Originally posted 02/14/2011 03:15PM

Nominated actors Nicole Kidman and Mark Ruffalo are among presenters at the Feb. 26 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

Other presenters include the show's 2008 host Rainn Wilson and fellow actor Diego Luna.

The ceremony, hosted by Joel McHale, will air on IFC at 10 p.m. ET.

Rainn Wilson Tries to Stay Fresh Under Vaseline Coating

Rainn Wilson Tries to Stay Fresh Under Vaseline Coating

Originally posted 08/10/2008 06:00AM

"I wanted it to be comedically fresh, but at the same time to feel like a real journey. Even though I was sweaty the whole time and covered in Vaseline."

• Rainn Wilson tells Sunday's Page Six Magazine about playing "lovable loser" Robert Fishman, in The Rocker

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Rainn Wilson Joins Transformers 2 Cast

Originally posted 05/28/2008 08:25AM

From pencil pusher to robot slayer?

The Office's Rainn Wilson has signed on to star in Transformers 2, the NBC funnyman told MTV News.

The sequel – which begins filming this summer – is slated for a 2009 release. Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel will all reprise their roles.

Wilson will have a small part as a college professor. He jokingly added, "A professor that turns into a robot that turns into a car."

Now that's more than meets the eye!

Credit: courtesy Indie Spirit Awards
Rainn Wilson Plans Exposé at Indie Spirit Awards

Independent Spirit Awards 2008

Rainn Wilson Plans Exposé at Indie Spirit Awards

Originally posted 02/23/2008 11:00AM

As host of Film Independent's Spirit Awards, Rainn Wilson is forgoing traditional formal attire for a more revealing look.

"You see a lot of my unfortunate body," Wilson told PEOPLE about stripping down in pre-taped segments that will air with the show on Saturday on cable's IFC and AMC. "You see a lot of my body of work – let me put it that way." Specifically, Wilson says he plays to show off his "buttocks" for comic effect.

Looser than most award shows, the Spirit Awards will feature a fleet of taped skits featuring Wilson in "a lot of crazy getups," as he pokes fun of nominated films and actors. "The conceit is that I've auditioned for all the [movies] up for best picture, and that we've tracked down my audition tapes," he says. (Several clips have already surfaced online, including one hilarious segment in which Wilson attempts to audition for Michael Cera's role in Juno in skimpy jogging shorts.)

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VIDEO: Rainn Wilson's Indie Spirit Outtakes Hit the Web

Originally posted 02/20/2008 10:00AM

The Office's Rainn Wilson is prepping for his role as emcee at the Independent Spirit Awards on Feb. 23. Could he be adding entertainment journalist to his resume?

The actor appears on the Web in a series of new video segments (titled "Rainn on Film") featuring Wilson sitting down for tongue-in-cheek interviews with directors like Juno's Jason Reitman and I'm Not There's Todd Haynes. (View all the clips here.)

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Rainn Wilson to Host Independent Spirit Awards | Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson to Host Independent Spirit Awards

Originally posted 12/21/2007 12:55PM

Another awards show will go on, despite the writers' strike. The Office star Rainn Wilson will host Film Independent's annual Independent Spirit Awards honoring indie films.

The writers' union granted a waiver to the show, which will air live on the Independent Film Channel Feb. 23. Wilson, a Writers Guild of America member, will contribute to the writing on the program.

"The Spirit Awards and Film Independent have a long-standing, positive relationship with the Writers Guild," Film Independent executive director Dawn Hudson said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "We've worked over many, many years to have parity for writers as they're represented on our show."

The WGA rejected requests for similar waivers from organizers of the Golden Globes and Academy Awards, both of which may be impacted if the strike is not resolved. The Jan. 8 People's Choice Awards was forced to change formats due to the strike.
Gerri Miller

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Rainn Wilson: Emmy Nod Is Best Thing Since Sting | Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson: Emmy Nod Is Best Thing Since Sting

Originally posted 07/19/2007 04:45PM

Rainn Wilson's Emmy nomination has him waxing nostalgic – among other things.

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Rainn Wilson | Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson

Originally posted 07/21/2006 06:00AM

Rainn Wilson always seems to play the "weird guy" – and he's okay with that. After all, he got his break as an eccentric mortician-in-training on HBO's Six Feet Under, and as Dwight K. Schrute on NBC's Emmy-nominated The Office, he plays a power-starved paper salesman who grows beets on the family farm and has an unhealthy obsession with Battlestar Galactica. This summer, he tones down his inner nerd to play the comic sidekick opposite Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. PEOPLE.com recently caught up with the 40-year-old funnyman to get the scoop on fatherhood, working with prima donnas and his weird-guy appeal.

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