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Daily Insider for March 29, 2004

Originally posted 03/26/2004 1:24PM

March 29, 2004 TRAFFIC STOPPER You would think the sight of Sean Penn would be enough to stop traffic. But when director Sydney Pollack brought him and costar Catherine Keener in to shoot a scene for his next film, The Interpreter, at Manhattan strip club Scores, the Oscar winner went practically unnoticed. It wasn't until the glamorous Scores girls – 25 of them, dressed in gowns – came outside to get lunch off the catering tables that the city seemed to grind to a halt. Cars were stopping on the Queensboro Bridge overpass, and 60th Street got so clogged with neck-craning motorists that the crew had to quickly shuffle the girls back inside. "When the strippers took their lunch break they literally stopped traffic," an eyewitness tells Daily Insider. "So they had to ask the strippers to go back inside and the aides and interns brought food in to them." How did Penn react? "Sean was very polite to all the girls," the source says.

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Daily Insider for March 23, 2004

Originally posted 03/23/2004 12:54PM

March 23, 2004ASPIRING FOR A FIRING? Just how popular is The Apprentice? The show hasn't ended yet (the finale is April 15), but already the frenzy is on for Apprentice 2 hopefuls. "We're up to 750,000 applications," star and co-producer Donald Trump tells us. "In Los Angeles, they had four football fields loaded with people coming to apply. ... I think we'll break a million."

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