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Real Heroes

Credit: Julianne Eargle
How Helping a Son with Autism Transformed One Woman's Life

How Helping a Son with Autism Transformed One Woman's Life

Originally posted 02/06/2015 06:50PM

When Susan Butler found out her son, Collin Butler, was diagnosed with autism, she was heartbroken.

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Credit: Courtesy Scheinman family
Heroes Among Us: Twin Sisters Inspire Hope for Those with Epilepsy

Heroes Among Us

Twin Sisters Hailey and Olivia Scheinman Inspire Hope for Those with Epilepsy

Originally posted 01/29/2015 05:10PM

Hailey and Olivia Scheinman of Clearwater, Florida, have always shared a special bond as twins. But their lives, from their very first breaths when they were born 10 years ago, could not be more different.

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Credit: Random Acts of Flowers
Heroes Among Us: Tennessee Man Helps Deliver Recycled Flowers to 60,000 Hospital Patients

Heroes Among Us

Larsen Jay's Nonprofit Has Delivered Recycled Flowers to 60,000 Hospital Patients

Originally posted 01/15/2015 12:50PM

No one ever sent Larsen Jay flowers before he fell off a ladder and ended up in the hospital. Some 22 days later, when he finished his hospital stay, he had more than 50 bouquets – and an idea that would launch more than 60,000 smiles.

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Credit: Songs for Kids
Heroes Among Us: Watch Guitarist Josh Rifkind Bring Joy to Kids at Children's Hospitals

Guitarist Josh Rifkind Cheers Up Thousands of Sick Kids with His Hospital Concerts

Originally posted 01/01/2015 06:50PM

Like many musicians, Josh Rifkind spent much of last year on tour.

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Credit: Ron Floyd Photography
Heroes Among Us: Jim Hukill, a Quadriplegic, Helps Others Give Back

Heroes Among Us

Jim Hukill, a Quadriplegic, Helps Others with Disabilities Give Back

Originally posted 12/25/2014 06:00PM

As a young adult, traveling the country as a motivational speaker and musician, Jim Hukill drew satisfaction from knowing he was giving back. That was important to Hukill, whose muscular dystrophy had left him a quadriplegic, and who felt grateful for public services and community support he had received all his life.

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Credit: Kevin Winter/PMA2014/Getty
PEOPLE Magazine Awards: Nora Sandigo Wins Hero of the Year

People Magazine Awards

PEOPLE Magazine Awards: Nora Sandigo Wins Hero of the Year

Originally posted 12/18/2014 10:45PM

Nora Sandigo, whose work has a real impact on the lives of families across the nation, was named Hero of the Year at the PEOPLE Magazine Awards on Thursday.

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Credit: Courtesy Aracely Basurto Calderone
Heroes Among Us: A Mom Teaches Kids with Diabetes How to Stay Healthy

Heroes Among Us

Heroes Among Us: Aracely Basurto Teaches Kids with Diabetes How to Stay Healthy

Originally posted 12/18/2014 11:55AM

Aracely Basurto was a working mother of three in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in 1993 when she noticed something seemed wrong with her daughter Andrea, then nearly two years old. Out of nowhere, the toddler was losing weight, urinating frequently and drinking ravenously from water bottles she pulled from the fridge.

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Credit: Michael Murphree
Heroes Among Us: How Gabe Sonnier Went from Being a Janitor to School Principal

Heroes Among Us

How a Louisiana Man Went from Being a School Janitor to School Principal

Originally posted 12/11/2014 03:10PM

When Laci Polotzola walked the halls as a student at Port Barre Elementary in Port Barre, Louisiana, she'd often wave at the jovial janitor, Joseph "Gabe" Sonnier.

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Credit: Melissa Groves
Meet the Nebraska Family Who Adopted Eight Brothers

Heroes Among Us

Nebraska Family Adopts Eight Brothers

Originally posted 11/27/2014 03:30PM

It all began with a phone call that would forever change the lives of one Nebraska couple – and eight brothers who needed a loving home.

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Credit: Melanie Grizzwl
Heroes Among Us: A Former Student Becomes Her Teacher's Caregiver

Heroes Among Us

After 30 Years, Carolyn Denson James Becomes Her Music Teacher's Caregiver

Originally posted 11/20/2014 04:50PM

In 1969, teacher Marty Hayes wrote in the yearbook of one of her favorite students, "If I ever have a daughter, I hope she is a replica of my Carolyn Denson."

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