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Regis Philbin

Kim Russo Talks Ghosts, What's Haunting Regis Philbin

Originally posted 10/26/2012 04:00PM

At a café in midtown Manhattan, a late-lunch assortment of New Yorkers dot the tables in what could be considered a fairly small crowd for 2:30 in the afternoon.

But Kim Russo would probably say it's jam-packed. The Long Island, N.Y., resident sees beyond the latte-drinkers and customers ordering up salads. She sees people, she says, who others may or may not see – because these people inhabit the spirit world.

Russo is a medium (not to be confused with the Long Island Medium), meaning she has the ability to tap into this controversial realm, where she says she can communicate with spirits and ghosts.

"I don't dial the dead," Russo – whose show The Haunting Of premieres on the Biography Channel Saturday (10 p.m. EST) – tells PEOPLE. "It's whoever shows up."

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Should Seth Meyers Co-Host Live! with Kelly Ripa?

TV News

Seth Meyers: Should He Join Kelly Ripa on Live!?

Originally posted 07/06/2012 10:30AM

Live! with Kelly ... and Seth?

Months after Regis Philbin left his morning post of 28 years in November – shortening Live! with Regis and Kelly to the more succinct Live! with Kelly – the search for his successor is down to three familiar faces, including Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers.

According to one report, Meyers is the frontrunner. Also said to be vying for Philbin's seat next to Ripa are New York Giants veteran Michael Strahan and singer Josh Groban.

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Live with Regis & Kelly

Regis Philbin: 'I'm Going Out a Pretty Proud and Happy Guy'

Originally posted 11/19/2011 09:30AM

"Some people ask, 'Why has the show stayed on so long?' " Regis Philbin said on his final broadcast of Live! with Regis and Kelly Friday. "People tell me why they watch it ... because it makes them feel better. And it can't get any better than that. It makes them happy. "

After 28 years on Live!, Regis Philbin signed off for the final time Friday in front of a studio audience filled with family, friends and celebrities, as well as a nationwide TV viewership.

"Every morning, I'll think about this," he told co-host Kelly Ripa as they walked down the hallway to the studio for their final show together. "Thank you for everything," said a teary Ripa as they embraced before the show. "I love you."

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The Top 5 Reasons We'll Miss Regis

Regis Philbin Leaves Live!: Why We'll Miss Him

Originally posted 11/18/2011 07:00AM

After five decades on television, Regis Philbin has become the entertainment equivalent of comfort food.

Welcome in living rooms across the country in a way that viewers' own extended families could only hope to be, Philbin, 80, is leaving his post at Live! with Regis and Kelly Friday. But his tenure and pop culture influence go far beyond the standard "top moments" recognition.

Instead, PEOPLE.com compiled a Top 5 countdown of reasons we'll miss seeing "Reege" on TV each weekday morning.

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POLL: Should Ryan Seacrest Replace Regis Philbin?

Regis Philbin's Replacement: Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen or Mark Consuelos?

Originally posted 06/20/2011 04:00PM

Regis Philbin has greeted viewers nearly every weekday morning for the past 28 years, but with his final show only months away, the question still remains: Who will rise to the occasion and take over for TV's veteran talker?

American Idol and radio show host Ryan Seacrest, 36, Bravo personality and exec Andy Cohen, 43, and actor (oh, and Kelly Ripa's husband) Mark Consuelos, 40, are said to be Disney-ABC's top three picks to fill Philbin's shoes when he leaves Live! with Regis and Kelly in November, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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Regis Philbin Caps Career with Another Daytime Emmy

Regis Philbin Caps Career with Another Daytime Emmy

Originally posted 06/20/2011 07:00AM

Regis Philbin, who is leaving Live! with Regis & Kelly in November, picked up a Daytime Emmy Award for best talk-show host Sunday, an honor he shared with co-host Kelly Ripa and Dr. Mehmet Oz of The Dr. Oz Show.

It was the fifth Daytime Emmy for Philbin, 79, following two wins in 2001 (best game-show host and talk-show host), one in 2006, and a lifetime achievement award in 2008.

Philbin has never won for best talk show, and he and Ripa came up short again this year, as The Ellen Degeneres Show won that award for the sixth time.

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Josh Duhamel Suggests Jerry O'Connell Get Regis Philbin's Job | Josh Duhamel

TV News

Josh Duhamel Suggests Jerry O'Connell Get Regis Philbin's Job

Originally posted 02/08/2011 03:10PM

Alas, Josh Duhamel will not be greeting viewers every weekday morning with Kelly Ripa.

Rumors had circled that the Transformers star was on the short-list of guys being considered to replace Regis Philbin when he retires from Live! with Regis and Kelly later this year.

But it's not to be, says Duhamel

"I wouldn't be very good at it," Duhamel told sports radio talk show host Dan Patrick on Monday, adding that the job requires "special skills" he doesn't have. "I can't tell you where that rumor came from."

But Duhamel does have an idea of who should get the job.

"My buddy Jerry O’Connell would be great and that’s who I'm voting for," he said, adding, "but I don't know if he's up for it."
Lorenzo Benet

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The Men Who May Take Regis Philbin's Seat on Live! | Chris Harrison, Mario Lopez

TV News

The Men Who May Take Regis Philbin's Seat on Live!

Originally posted 01/26/2011 10:40AM

How do you replace the irreplaceable? You don't!

But producers at Live! with Regis and Kelly will have a seat to fill next to Kelly Ripa when Regis Philbin leaves the show after 28 years on the job.

So without replacing a TV icon, they can merely attempt to bring in someone who will hopefully pave their own way in morning television and who will hopefully have fresh chemistry with Ripa. According to EW, there are 10 names that are being considered as possible contenders:

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Credit: AP
Regis Philbin Is Leaving Live!

TV News

UpdatePosted 01/18/2011 10:15AM

Regis Philbin Is Leaving Live!

Originally posted 01/18/2011 09:40AM

So long, Regis.

After 28 years and three different co-hosts, Regis Philbin says this will be his last season on his morning talk show – the program currently known as Live! with Regis and Kelly.

"It's been a long time, it's been 28 years since I've been here. And it was the biggest thrill of my life," Philbin, who will turn 80 in August, said on the program Tuesday morning.

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Don't Expect to Wake Up to Anderson Cooper

Don't Expect to Wake Up to Anderson Cooper

Originally posted 09/23/2009 11:15AM

If you have hopes of sharing morning coffee with Anderson Cooper by next year, think again. The CNN anchor, 43, told PEOPLE that there's not truth to rumors he'll be replacing Regis Philbin, 78, on the latter's ABC a.m. show next year.

"Regis is the king," Cooper says. "He's not going anywhere!"

Cooper, who's occasionally subbed for Philbin alongside Kelly Ripa, said at the New Yorkers for Children Benefit at Cipriani 42nd Street on Tuesday night that even his journalistic skills couldn't sleuth out where the rumors started.

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