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Rob Lowe

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Rob Lowe Claims There's an 'Unbelievable Bias' Against Good-Looking People

Rob Lowe: There's an 'Unbelievable Bias' Against Good-Looking People

Originally posted 04/05/2014 01:05PM

Rob Lowe doesn't want you to focus on his good looks.

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Retta: It's Time to 'Hook a Sister Up' on Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation's Retta Wants More Love for Her Character

Originally posted 02/27/2014 07:15PM

After bidding a bittersweet goodbye to Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation returns Thursday with plenty of Pawnee action. Though Ann and Chris are gone, there's now room for other characters to take the spotlight – and we're hoping Retta's Donna Meagle gets more time to shine.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Retta revealed she's pushing for love. Donna has enjoyed a wild dating life, but Retta thinks it's time for a real relationship.

"I want there to be a romantic interest in her future, and I keep bringing it up to our executive producer," Retta says. "I've kind of put it in his brain, and I believe that he shall hook a sister up, as they say."

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About Last Night vs. Endless Love: Which Romantic Remake Is Worth Seeing?

See This/Skip That: From About Last Night to Endless Love

Originally posted 02/14/2014 04:15PM

It's the ultimate weekend for date movies, but which films are you going to love – and which ones will you want to break up with before the night is over?

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Before the Remake: A Look Back at Demi Moore and Rob Lowe in About Last Night | About Last Night, Demi Moore, Elizabeth Perkins, Jim Belushi, Rob Lowe

Before the Remake: A Look Back at Demi Moore and Rob Lowe in About Last Night

Originally posted 02/13/2014 12:10PM

Before Rob Lowe was on (and off) Parks & Recreation or Demi Moore was married to (and then divorced from) Ashton Kutcher, they starred in About Last Night, a perfectly '80s sort-of romantic drama.

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Rob Lowe Doesn't Age, We Have the Proof! | Rob Lowe

Photo Evidence That Rob Lowe Is an Ageless Wonder

Originally posted 12/11/2013 01:30PM

Yes, Rob Lowe leads a celebrity's life, but things can be trying for the Parks and Recreation star.

Imagine how difficult it is for him to sort through his collection of headshots and personal photos when his stunning smile framed amongst a sculpted face looks the same age in every picture.

Who could possibly tell which shots belong in the 1989 folder and which are from last week's lunch date? This is a burden that the 49-year-old Lowe and his beaming blue eyes accept as fate.

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Relive Our Chat with Killing Kennedy's Ginnifer Goodwin on Twitter!

UpdatePosted 11/10/2013 06:45PM

Relive Our Chat with Killing Kennedy's Ginnifer Goodwin on Twitter!

Originally posted 11/08/2013 10:55AM

Ginnifer Goodwin knows a thing or two about bringing fairy tales to life on Once Upon a Time. And now, she's ready to conjure up Camelot.

The actress channels Jackie Kennedy opposite Rob Lowe as the 35th U.S. president in the upcoming TV movie Killing Kennedy, airing Sunday (8 p.m. ET) on the National Geographic Channel.

Relive PEOPLE's Twitter Q&A with Goodwin, leading up for the premiere of the film based on Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard's book, Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot. Follow us at @peoplemag and send us your questions for Goodwin, using the hashtag #AskGinny.

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Rob Lowe: Why I Don't Mind Turning 50

Rob Lowe: Why I Don't Mind Turning 50

Originally posted 11/10/2013 03:25PM

Just months before his 50th birthday, Killing Kennedy star Rob Lowe is experiencing a career renaissance – but he is most excited about his life as a family man.

"My work life is so chaotic and we live in Santa Barbara so it is a very long drive but I'm home every night and I wake up in a beautiful area with my family," Lowe tells PEOPLE. "Sometimes on days off I don't even leave the property."

And although the past few months has been a busy time for the Parks and Recreation star, he is taking extra care to savor his last few months with his youngest son, John Owen, 18, before he goes off to college, following in the footsteps of his brother Matthew, 20, who is in his second year at Duke University.

"They are both so academically advanced," says the proud papa. "They have also been a handful at times but I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, if they had not been I would have worried where my DNA was!"

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Rob Lowe 'Inhabits' President Kennedy for New TV Movie | Rob Lowe

UpdatePosted 10/22/2013 10:35AM

Rob Lowe 'Inhabits' President Kennedy for New TV Movie

Originally posted 10/22/2013 08:00AM

Rob Lowe took a thoughtful approach to playing one of our nation's most beloved public figures, John F. Kennedy.

"I think for known figures, the key is inhabitation, not imitation," Lowe says of his transformation into the 35th President for National Geographic Channel's Killing Kennedy, based on Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard's book.

It airs Nov. 10 – 12 days before the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Lowe had studied the Kennedys for some time, well before he was asked to play the role.

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Which Two Stars Are Leaving Parks and Recreation?

TV News

UpdatePosted 08/01/2013 07:00AM

Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones to Leave Parks and Recreation

Originally posted 07/31/2013 08:15PM

It's true – Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins are peacing out of Pawnee.

Mike Schur, Parks and Recreation's executive producer, confirms that Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are set to exit the series.

"The news about Rob and Rashida is true – they will be leaving the show after the 13th episode of the upcoming season six. We've been working on their storyline (on and off) for four seasons now, and heading into this year, with the two of them contemplating parenthood, it felt like a natural time to move them into the next phase," Schur said in a statement.

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Rob Lowe Takes His Love for Animals to the Small Screen

Rob Lowe Takes His Love for Animals to the Small Screen

Originally posted 07/15/2013 03:10PM

He already loves Parks and Recreation, and now Rob Lowe is adding "wildlife rescue" to his growing list of interests.

As part of Procter & Gamble's Dawn Saves Wildlife campaign, the Golden Globe nominee will be narrating a documentary web series called The Big Picture, highlighting the rescue efforts of the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue, which saves wildlife from oil spills using Dawn dish soap.

You might be wondering: What does the actor have to do with animals? Actually, leading a charitable life has been on Lowe's agenda since he was 15.

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