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Robert Patrick

Scorpion Star Robert Patrick Is Committed to His Country

Why I Care

Scorpion Star Robert Patrick Is Committed to His Country

Originally posted 05/07/2015 05:20PM

Robert Patrick has always been a patriot.

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Tips on How to Attract Nelly | Nelly

Tips on How to Attract Nelly

Originally posted 09/22/2004 06:00AM

As Nelly gets ready to perform on the 30th season premiere of Saturday Night Live next week, we felt it was a good time to ask: What makes a girl appealing to you? "I think it's a lot in the way they carry themselves," says the hip-hop star, 29. "A girl has to be different. There are so many beautiful girls around the world, and what separates them from being normal is the way they carry themselves. Whichever one can bring it out in their own way without looking or feeling out of place, you know, they don't look uncomfortable or like they're trying too hard." Don't feel compelled to dress up for him either. "Just anyone who can still look beautiful in a ball cap and sweatpants, T-shirt," he adds. "That's how you know they're beautiful. Anyone can dress up and look good, but can you just look beautiful on a regular day? That's the thing."

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