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Roger Sterling

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Mad Men Star John Slattery Is So Not Comfortable Being a Sex Symbol

Mad Men

Mad Men Star John Slattery Is So Not Comfortable Being a Sex Symbol

Originally posted 04/03/2015 09:45PM

John Slattery might have earned himself silver-fox sex symbol status after playing Roger Sterling on Mad Men for nine years, but that doesn't mean he's comfortable with the title.

"It's nuts," the actor, 52, tells PEOPLE. "I don't think that anybody who is thought of in any way, shape or form as that is comfortable with it."

While Slattery admits he was surprised by all the attention from female fans, there are certain qualities about his character that come straight from the actor's own life.

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SPOILER: What Did You Think of Mad Men's Premiere?

Mad Men: Did Don Draper Make the Right Choice?

Originally posted 03/25/2012 11:10PM

When Mad Men's season 4 wrapped up nearly a year and a half ago, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) was on the precipice of a major life change. He had proposed to his young secretary, Megan (Jessica Paré) after taking her on a trip to Disneyland with his children.

As in seasons past, Sunday night's premiere episode has been shrouded in secrecy – with nary a plot point revealed. (Not even the year in which the season is set!)

So, if you haven't seen the season 5 premiere yet, stop reading! There are spoilers ahead …

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