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Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin Posts Photos of Son Stepping on Family Dog, Internet Reacts | Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Posts Photos of Son Trig Using Family Dog as a Step Stool

Originally posted 01/02/2015 02:10PM

Did Sarah Palin's dog double as a step stool for her youngest child?

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Did Sarah Palin and Her Family Get into a Bloody Brawl at a Party?

Sarah Palin and Family Reportedly Involved in Brawl at Party

Originally posted 09/13/2014 05:40PM

Sarah Palin's eldest daughter, Bristol Palin, proved her right hook is a lot stronger than her foxtrot, when she – and the rest of the Palin clan – allegedly got into a backwoods brawl at a snowmobile party in Anchorage, Alaska, on Sept. 6.

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The Sarah Palin Channel Launches Online

Originally posted 07/28/2014 10:35AM

Sarah Palin has started her own subscription-based online network.

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David Letterman Announces Retirement

Originally posted 04/03/2014 05:30PM

[YOUTUBE "H9eYkpgeeI8"]

And the No. 1 reason late-night will feel a lot more lonely ...

David Letterman, 66, announced Thursday that he is retiring after more than three decades of making people laugh after their bedtimes.

The funnyman, who began in 1982 on Late Night with David Letterman on NBC before moving to the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS, told the audience at Thursday's taping that he will leave next year.

He said he broke the news earlier to CBS CEO Leslie Moonves. "I said, 'Leslie, it's been great, you've been great, and the network has been great, but I'm retiring.'"

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Credit: Courtesy Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin Was Right: Fish Selfies Are Awesome (Photos) | Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Was Right: Fish Selfies Are Awesome (Photos)

Originally posted 01/15/2014 01:00PM

While promoting her new show, Amazing America, Sarah Palin recently confronted a hot-button issue: selfies.

At last week's Television Critics Association press tour, and in a subsequent Facebook post, Palin shared her thoughts on the divisive matter. "I think this world would be better off having more young women holding a fish in a picture than holding their camera in front of a bathroom mirror, talking a selfie," she observed.

Because celebrities posing with fish is certainly a trend we can get behind, we went ahead and Photoshopped aquatic life into existing selfies taken by Miley Cyrus, Snooki and other stars.

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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin & More Speak Out

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin & More Speak Out

Originally posted 12/19/2013 04:00PM

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has made a statement of support for Phil Robertson, who was suspended from A&E Network's Duck Dynasty for making anti-gay comments.

Jindal claimed that Robertson, 67, was simply exercising his freedom of speech in the interview for GQ in which Robertson likened homosexuality to bestiality.

"I don't agree with quite a bit of stuff I read in magazine interviews or see on TV. In fact, come to think of it, I find a good bit of it offensive," Jindal said in a written statement. "But I also acknowledge that this is a free country and everyone is entitled to express their views. In fact, I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment.

"It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended," Jindal added.

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Sarah Palin to Host Outdoors TV Show

Sarah Palin to Host Outdoors TV Show

Originally posted 12/09/2013 03:00PM

Sarah Palin will host a weekly outdoors-oriented program that will celebrate the "red, wild and blue" lifestyle, the Sportsman Channel said Monday.

The program, Amazing America, will debut next April. The Sportsman Channel is in some 32 million homes, fewer than one-third of American households with television, with programming geared to people interested in hunting, fishing and shooting. Palin's show will include a series of stories about personalities and activities in that vein.

"It's very important to have somebody of her stature as a personality on Sportsman because it validates the whole category for everybody," said Gavin Harvey, network CEO.

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Credit: Courtesy The Palin Family
Track Palin & Wife of 18 Months Are Divorcing: Report

Track Palin Files for Divorce: Report

Originally posted 12/12/2012 03:25PM

Track Palin, the eldest son of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, is reportedly ending his marriage to Britta Hanson after a year and a half.

The couple, who were former high-school sweethearts, are jointly petitioning for divorce, reports TMZ.

Shortly after they got married, Track, now 23, and Britta, 22, announced the arrival of their first child, a girl named Kyla Grace Palin.

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Credit: FameFlynet
Sarah Palin: I'm Writing a Fitness Book | Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Says She's Writing a Fitness Book

Originally posted 10/09/2012 04:00PM

New photos of Sarah Palin looking very thin have caused a stir online, and now the former Alaska governor and 2008 VP nominee tells PEOPLE she's just fine and is, in fact, working with her family on a new fitness book.

In an email to PEOPLE on Tuesday, Palin – who's known to treat houseguests to a smorgasbord of homemade treats such as moose chili, chocolate cream pies, pecan pies and lemon meringue pies – wrote, "Our family is writing a book on fitness and self-discipline focusing on where we get our energy and balance as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods!"

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Credit: Andrea Renault/Polaris; Phillip V. Caruso/HBO
Bristol Palin: My Mom Is 'Way Hotter' than Julianne Moore | Julianne Moore, Sarah Palin

Dancing With the Stars

Bristol Palin: My Mom Is 'Way Hotter' than Julianne Moore

Originally posted 10/05/2012 01:30PM

She may have won an Emmy, but Julianne Moore's portrayal of Sarah Palin gets a big thumbs down from one critic.

"I don't think she's a good interpreter of my mom. I think my mom is way hotter than that," Sarah's daughter Bristol Palin, 21, tells E! News about Moore, who channeled the former Alaska governor in HBO's Game Change. "I think she doesn't have that accent. It's kind of silly, but my mom's awesome."

Bristol, who stars on Lifetime's reality show Life's a Tripp (so named for her 3-year-old son Tripp), is back in the ballroom for the all-star Dancing with the Stars season, partnering with pro Mark Ballas. Palin, who came in third in her first time on the show.

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