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How a Chimp on a Bike Once Got Regis Philbin in Trouble | Late Night, Regis Philbin, Seth Meyers

A Chimp on a Bike Once Got Regis Philbin in Trouble (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/17/2014 08:35AM

The highs and lows of the NBC page program (like fetching nachos from Yankee Stadium) were frequent plot points on Tina Fey's beloved comedy 30 Rock, which featured Jack McBrayer as Kenneth, the perennially put-upon and relentlessly cheerful page.

According to Regis Philbin's appearance on Late Night Wednesday, 30 Rock might not have been that far off.

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UpdatePosted 07/16/2014 01:40PM

SNL's Kate McKinnon Apologizes to Cat Shelter Offended by Her Sketch

Originally posted 07/16/2014 01:00PM

If you followed Saturday Night Live last season, or were perhaps following our coverage of it, you may remember Kate McKinnon and Charlize Theron starring in a sketch about an adoption event at a cat shelter. (Sample line: "Damian is a feline sociopath. It's not that he's evil. He lacks empathy and goes into a dissociative state and commits atrocities.")

Well, apparently a cat shelter McKinnon visited the weekend prior to the sketch's airing was a little offended, and McKinnon's sorry about that.

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Late Night

Robert Pattinson Reveals His Embarrassing Rap Name to Seth Meyers

Originally posted 06/18/2014 08:35AM

RPatz sounds like a workable rap name, but it isn't the one Robert Pattinson would choose for himself.

The heartthrob formerly known as Edward Cullen went on Late Night Tuesday and revealed his early career aspirations. Pattinson told host Seth Meyers that acting wasn't his original plan; instead he wanted to be a rapper.

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See Jonah Hill Joke About Watching His Not-So-Mom-Friendly Movies with His Mom | Seth Meyers

See Jonah Hill Joke About Watching His Not-So-Mom-Friendly Movies with His Mom

Originally posted 06/06/2014 09:30AM

Now that Jonah Hill's disarmingly sincere apology tour for using a homophobic slur seems to be wrapping up, the actor can now return to his regularly scheduled programming: Telling funny stories about his penis on late-night talk shows.

Just two days after his emotional appearance on The Tonight Show, Hill went on Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday night to talk about a less emotionally fraught subject. As Hill explained, he has no problem watching his own films alongside his mother, no matter how raunchy they are.

But at a crucial moment during the premiere of Wolf of Wall Street, things got more uncomfortable than they ever had before.

Specifically, the moment where his character gets high on Quaaludes and whips his penis out.

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Jennifer Lawrence Once Threw Up in Front of Miley Cyrus at an Oscars Afterparty

Originally posted 05/22/2014 11:35AM

Jennifer Lawrence does love to party, but apparently at an afterparty at this year's Oscars, she got a little out of control, to the (possible) disapproval of Miley Cyrus.

Lawrence visited Late Night with Seth Meyers April 21 (the interview finally aired Wednesday), and was chatting with Meyers about the 2014 Academy Awards.

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UpdatePosted 05/18/2014 11:00AM

SNL Season Finale Recap: The Return of Andy Samberg … And Many Others

Originally posted 05/18/2014 10:00AM

Saturday Night Live generally keeps its departed cast members close, unless you've done something to really offend the show. So having Golden Globe winner and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg on to host the last episode of the show's season wasn't a stretch, though the parade of alumni the show brought out at different points felt appropriately momentous for a season-closer.

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Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers Lend Support to White House Sexual Assault PSA (VIDEO)

Originally posted 05/01/2014 08:20AM

Daniel Craig, Steve Carell and Benicio del Toro are using their star power for a worthy cause.

The three are featured in the White House's new public service announcement about sexual assault.

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See the Star-Studded Time 100 Gala Red Carpet

Carrie Underwood, Seth Meyers and More Bring Star Power to Time 100 Gala

Originally posted 04/30/2014 12:20PM

Where else can you find country queen Carrie Underwood and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson celebrating at the same fête?

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Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Show Off Their Hilarious Kate Upton Prank (VIDEO) | Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Seth Meyers

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Show Off Their Hilarious Kate Upton Prank (VIDEO)

Originally posted 04/25/2014 09:15AM

Meet Hollywood's new devious duo: Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz.

On Thursday night, the pair stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers and shared some off-screen shenanigans from their new movie, The Other Woman. According to Diaz and Mann, their supermodel costar, Kate Upton, was often too tired to go out after filming. So when the 21-year-old dozed off on a plane, the two actresses brought the party to her.

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Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo
Seth Meyers Named Host of 2014 Emmy Awards | Seth Meyers

Emmy Awards

Seth Meyers to Host the 66th Annual Emmy Awards

Originally posted 04/24/2014 11:25PM

It'll be Late Night in prime time as Seth Meyers gets set to host the 66th annual Emmy Awards on Aug. 25.

NBC named the newly minted talk-show host to lead the broadcast Thursday, the same day Meyers was revealed to be on Time's 100 Most Influential People list.

"Seth is such a talented performer and writer, and we know he will bring something unique to hosting the Primetime Emmy Awards," said Bruce Rosenblum, head of the Television Academy, in a statement.

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