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Terri Irwin

Terri Irwin Reveals She Hasn't Been on a 'Single Date' Since Husband Steve Irwin's Death 10 Years Ago

Originally posted 08/04/2016 08:00PM

Following her late husband's death 10 years ago, Terri Irwin revealed that she hasn't been on a "single date" since the beloved Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin died in 2006.

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Bindi Irwin Is 'Endlessly Grateful' in Touching Tribute to Late Dad Steve on Her 18th Birthday

Originally posted 07/25/2016 10:30AM

Bindi Irwin knows that turning 18 is just one step in life's beautiful, complicated, unexpected journey.

To mark her birthday on Sunday, the Dancing with the Stars champ shared two touching Instagram posts to share her gratitude and excitement for the road ahead.

The first photo showed herself as an infant, with her late father Steve cradling her in his arms and her mother Terri smiling beside them.

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Bindi Irwin Posts Touching Tribute to Her Late Father Steve on Instagram: 'I Hope I'm Making You Proud'

Originally posted 06/20/2016 11:40AM

" Nearly 10 years have passed since the untimely death of The Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin, but his daughter Bindi's bond with her father is as strong as ever.

The former Dancing With the Stars champion took to Instagram on Sunday, to wish her late dad a Happy Father's Day. The post featured a throwback photo of a young Bindi alongside Steve, waxing a surfboard with the caption: "I love you. I hope I'm making you proud."

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Bindi Irwin's Boyfriend Chandler Powell Was Such a Huge Crocodile Hunter Fan as a Kid He Used to Dress Up as Steve Irwin!

Originally posted 05/19/2016 04:20PM

They do say that girls marry men like their dads!

When it comes to Bindi Irwin's relationship with Chandler Powell, the reality star's family admits that there are a few similarities between him and the late Steve Irwin.

"I'm really lucky. I have the best boyfriend," she began to tell E! News. "Chandler is still with me, and we've been together quite a few years now, and I'm lucky."

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Bindi Irwin Surprises Fan at Children's Hospital for Halloween, Tells Her 'You Are so Beautiful'

Originally posted 11/02/2015 05:25PM

Bindi Irwin Visits Fan at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Our kids received a special Bat-o-Gram delivery from Bindi Irwin of Dancing with the Stars this morning. Thanks to everyone for sending them in. Our kids are loving them, especially Alex, who's Bindi's biggest fan!

Posted by Children's Hospital Los Angeles on Friday, October 30, 2015
Bindi Irwin made one of her biggest fans dreams come true over Halloween weekend.

On Friday, Irwin visited her fan Alex, who is a patient at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Alex was dressed up in an animal mask to greet Irwin, 17, and Irwin's mother Terri Irwin, who was along for the visit.

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UpdatePosted 10/31/2015 08:45AM

Why Bindi Irwin Wants to Keep Living at Home After High School

Originally posted 10/30/2015 09:10AM

Bindi Irwin may have recently graduated high school, but that doesn't mean the 17-year-old has plans to leave the nest any time soon.

"Australia will always be home," the daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin says in this week's issue of PEOPLE.

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All About Bindi Irwin's Dates with Boyfriend Chandler Powell – and Her Mom and Brother!

Originally posted 10/29/2015 08:00AM

Dinner date for four?

Bindi Irwin says she only gets to see her boyfriend Chandler Powell in person every "two to three months" – and even those rare visits are shared with her mom Terri and 11-year-old brother Robert.

"I always feel bad because Chandler and Robert really like each other," Terri says in the current issue of PEOPLE of her daughter's "lovely, kind of old-fashioned" boyfriend and her son. "We'll be on a picnic, and the boys will go off exploring together, and Bindi's stuck with me, going, 'Well, I wonder when they're going to be back?' "

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Bindi Irwin Shares Her Most 'Rebellious' Act (Hint: It Involves Chinese Food, a Book and Hot Tea)

Originally posted 10/28/2015 02:30PM

Terri Irwin has been warned that her 17-year-old daughter Bindi will start her rebellious stage "any day now" for the last six years.

"We are still waiting for that rebellion to hit," says Bindi, who is featured in the latest issue of PEOPLE. "I keep waiting for it, like, one day I'll just wake up and feel like going crazy, but so far it hasn't happened. It just doesn't appeal to me."

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Credit: Ida Mae Astute/Getty
The Adorable Way Bindi Irwin's Little Brother Is Helping Her Prep for Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars

The Adorable Way Bindi Irwin's Little Brother Is Helping Her Prep for Dancing With the Stars

Originally posted 08/27/2015 05:10PM

Bindi Irwin's family isn't known for their dancing skills, but that isn't stopping her younger brother, Robert, from offering help as she prepares to compete on season 21 of Dancing with the Stars.

"My brother Robert – he's 11 now – he sat me down the other day and very seriously told me, 'Bindi, I'm going to give you some tips for when it comes to dancing. I have some great ideas for you,' " the daughter of the late Steve Irwin says in the latest issue of PEOPLE. "I said, 'Okay. Thank you.' "

What came next was a lesson in moves like "the sprinkler."

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Credit: John Stanton/WireImage; Lisa Maree Williams/Getty
Bindi Irwin: Her Journey from Childhood Tragedy to Teen Role Model

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Bindi Irwin: Her Journey from Childhood Tragedy to Teen Role Model

Originally posted 08/24/2015 04:45PM

Bindi Irwin has found herself in many different spotlights since her father's unexpected death in 2007. In her 17 years, she's starred in award-winning children's shows and become an outspoken teenage leader. Now Irwin is gearing up for a new adventure on Dancing with the Stars.

"I am absolutely thrilled. I can't tell you how excited I am," she told PEOPLE about joining the show's season 21 roster. "I think that it is going to be a truly unbelievable new experience. I can't wait to see what is to come."

As we get ready to see what killer moves the wildlife conservationist will bring to the competition, we take a look back at her journey from a crocodile-befriending cutie to a confident, wise young woman.

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