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Terry Crews

The Most Important Thing You'll See Today Is Terry Crews Performing 'A Thousand Miles' on Lip Sync Battle (VIDEO)

Originally posted 04/24/2015 11:20AM

National treasure Terry Crews competed on Lip Sync Battle Thursday, squaring off against Mike Tyson for the title of … most synchronized lips?

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Lip Sync Battle: Terry Crews Throws Shade at All the 'Sucker MCs' (VIDEO)

Originally posted 04/22/2015 12:05PM

Mike Tyson better watch his back.

In a new clip from the next Lip Sync Battle, which will pit Terry Crews against the champion boxer, Crews gets the whole crowd jumping with his rendition of Run-DMC's "Sucker MCs."

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Watch Mike Tyson 'Push It' Real Good on Upcoming Lip Sync Battle

Originally posted 04/20/2015 06:45PM

[YOUTUBE "X_vrfTzmDnk" "auto"] Mike Tyson is going for the knockout against Terry Crews on the next Lip Sync Battle.

The former heavyweight champion (and recent Madonna collaborator) comes out in a fist-pumping fury to the 1988 Salt-n-Pepa jam "Push It" – but, judging from the clip, he might need a refresher on the lyrics.

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Terry Crews Lip-Syncs Golden Girls Theme to Betty White at TV Land Awards

Originally posted 04/16/2015 02:35AM

[YOUTUBE "g7-4UVmke5E"] There are a few truths in life. 1. That there's no such thing as too much Betty White. 2. That most people know the lyrics to the Golden Girls theme song. 3. That watching Terry Crews lip sync that song to Betty White is must-see TV.

Crews, who hosts the TV Land Awards on Saturday, gives a spirited performance as he mouths the lyrics to a medley of TV theme songs in the clip above. The number – taped earlier this month – includes nods to The Addams Family, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends and, of course, The Golden Girls.

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World's Funniest Fails Sneak Peek: People Who Turned Failing at Life into Winning TV (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/13/2015 02:05PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4109499796001" "" "" "auto"] As World's Funniest Fails approaches its midseason finale on Fox Friday night, host Terry Crews has a treat for lovers of all things cringe-worthy, humiliating and painful to watch.

PEOPLE can exclusively preview one of the evening's most uproariously uncomfortable montages, which features "Fail artists who are so committed, so fearless and have such poor balance and depth perception that they've nearly given their all," according to Crews.

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Credit: Michael Becker/FOX
VIDEO: Terry Crews Shares 5 Major Mishaps from World's Funniest Fails

Terry Crews Shares 5 Major Mishaps from World's Funniest Fails (VIDEO)

Originally posted 01/16/2015 03:55PM

Terry Crews might play a tough guy in The Expendables and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but deep down he just likes to giggle at cat videos.

Crews, 46, has added another line to his packed résumé: host of FOX's new viral-video show World's Funniest Fails, premiering Friday night.

Crews has been obsessing over Internet videos since his daughter Tera, 16, showed him "Scarlet Takes a Tumble" on YouTube. "What happens is, you get in a rabbit hole," he tells PEOPLE. "All of a sudden, two hours later, you're watching all these videos."

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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Terry Crews 'Nip Sync' Battle on Tonight Show | Jimmy Fallon, Terry Crews

Jimmy Fallon and Terry Crews 'Nip Sync' Battle on Tonight Show (VIDEO)

Originally posted 05/20/2014 09:00AM

Jimmy Fallon is well-known for hosting "lip-sync battles" with guests on The Tonight Show, but with the famously buff Terry Crews in residence, a battle of a different kind was in order.

A "nip-sync" battle.

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Credit: Matt York/AP
David Beckham, Anthony Kiedis & More Shirtless Men of the Super Bowl | Red Hot Chili Peppers, Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLVIII, Bruno Mars

David Beckham, Anthony Kiedis & More Shirtless Men of the Super Bowl

Originally posted 02/03/2014 09:30AM

If there was one thread running through the Super Bowl last night – other than Joe Namath's coat – it was the astounding plethora of shirtless men, in commercials and otherwise. Not that we're complaining.

Here are our favorites.

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