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Tila Tequila

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Celebrating National Tequila Day? Choice Cocktails You Can Serve at Home

Summer Drinks

National Tequila Day: Celebrate With These Delectable Drinks 

Originally posted 07/24/2012 01:00PM

Tequila: Worth celebrating and often worth regretting when you've enjoyed too much of the tasty spirit. Hailing back to the 16th century, did you know it's North America's first indigenous distilled spirit? It also has a national holiday – July 24 every year.

Falling this year on the appropriate "Tequila Tuesday," one can enjoy the way they traditionally do in Mexico, which is to drink it straight. Or try one of the four tasty tequila-based recipes below, whether you're throwing a party or just watching Tila Tequila reruns.

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Tila Tequila Talks about Her Romance with Casey Johnson


UpdatePosted 01/12/2010 10:45AM

Tila Tequila Talks about Her Romance with Casey Johnson

Originally posted 01/12/2010 10:00AM

Tila Tequila is stepping back from Twitter and opening up about her memories of Casey Johnson, to whom the reality star, 28, was engaged in the weeks leading up to the heiress's shocking death at age 30.

"I'm trying to remember what's good," Tequila told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview Monday. "She was such a loving and beautiful person. I want people to remember her as that."

Though they had been dating only a month, Tequila, born Tila Nguyen, says she and Casey had known each other through mutual friends in Hollywood – and initially didn't think romance was an option.

"We just hated each other through gossip. When people talk about someone you have preconceived judgments," Tequila says. "But one day I texted and she was the cutest thing ever. She was nothing I had envisioned. I thought, I cannot believe this is the Casey Johnson people used to tell me about."

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Tila Tequila: Don't Blame Me for Casey's Johnson's Death | Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila: Don't Blame Me for Casey's Johnson's Death

Originally posted 01/07/2010 02:35PM

Tila Tequila is defending herself on the Internet, fighting off claims she ignored warning signs in the days leading up to Casey Johnson's death

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Casey Johnson Pal Takes a Shot at Tila Tequila

UpdatePosted 01/07/2010 12:35PM

Casey Johnson Pal Takes a Shot at Tila Tequila

Originally posted 01/07/2010 09:05AM

First grief, and now anger.

Casey Johnson's longtime girlfriend Courtenay Semel has broken her silence after the heiress's death to lash out at another woman close to Johnson – reality star Tila Tequila.

"The thing I find the most sickening is that the media is giving [her] the one thing she craves: attention. Tila, you knew her for a week," Semel tells PEOPLE.

Just weeks before Johnson was found dead in her Los Angeles home at age 30, Johnson made tabloid news when she said she was engaged to Tequila, the star of MTV's over-the-top matchmaking show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

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Private Funeral Set for Heiress Casey Johnson

Private Funeral Set for Heiress Casey Johnson

Originally posted 01/05/2010 08:05PM

Casey Johnson, the 30-year-old Johnson & Johnson heiress who was found dead, will be laid to rest later this week in a private funeral attended by immediate family.

“The Johnson family wishes to thank everyone who has expressed condolences and support during this trying time," says family spokesman Jesse Derris. "Your thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated.

The socialite's family has arranged for her body to be "flown back east to her final resting place," Derris says. No other details were announced.

“The family asks for a measure of privacy over the next several days as they mourn their loss," adds Derris.

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Casey Johnson's Friends Mourn on Twitter


Casey Johnson's Friends Mourn on Twitter

Originally posted 01/05/2010 03:15PM

Casey Johnson's closest friends are flooding Twitter with notes of grief following the Johnson & Johnson heiress's death on Monday at age 30.

"R.I.P my Angel," Johnson's fiancée, the reality star Tila Tequila, wrote Monday. "u will forever be in my heart! I love u so so much and we will Marry when I see U in Heaven my Wifey."

She later added: "I can't stop these haunting visions of her and I. We made such a lovely couple, only beginning to spend the rest of our lives together…"

The Hilton sisters, who were close friends of Johnson's, also mourned publicly.

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Johnson & Johnson Heiress Casey Johnson Dies

UpdatePosted 01/04/2010 09:35PM

Johnson & Johnson Heiress Casey Johnson Dies

Originally posted 01/04/2010 08:55PM

Casey Johnson, the heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune who recently made tabloid headlines with a purported engagement to reality star Tila Tequila, has died at age 30.

Her death was announced by Tequila on her Twitter page and confirmed by police.

"Everyone please pray 4 my Wifey Casey Johnson," Tequila wrote. "She has passed away. Thank u for all ur love and support but I will be offline to be w/ family."'

Los Angeles police and firefighters were called to a house at 11:51 a.m. Monday. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It appears to be a natural death," says police Officer Sara Faden. "There's no evidence of foul play. A toxicology report from the coroner's office will proceed next."

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BUZZ: Tila Tequila Says She's Pregnant as a Surrogate Mom | Tila Tequila


BUZZ: Tila Tequila Says She's Pregnant as a Surrogate Mom

Originally posted 12/21/2009 08:05AM

Is Tila Tequila giving her brother a shot at fatherhood?

In a Twitter post on Sunday, the reality-TV star wrote that she is serving as a surrogate mother for her brother and his wife. "That is my xmas present to them. Im pregnant!!!!" she wrote.

The nature of the surrogacy is unclear. Presumably she's carrying the couple's child (as a so-called "gestational surrogate"), though it could be her own biological child, removed from the couple entirely, that she would then relinquish to them.

However, Tequila, 28, doesn't have the best track record when it comes to pregnancies announced on Twitter. Over the summer, she reportedly started a rumor that she was pregnant with a late-night Twitter post that was quickly taken down.

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Shawne Merriman: Tila Tequila Appeared Drunk | Tila Tequila

Shawne Merriman: Tila Tequila Appeared Drunk

Originally posted 09/08/2009 03:30PM

San Diego Chargers quarterback Shawne Merriman is fighting back against reports he assaulted reality TV star Tila Tequila, saying the media – and Tequila – are getting it all wrong.

"There have been no charges filed against me," he tells FoxSports in his first public comments about the incident. "I will continue to cooperate fully with the [San Diego Sheriff's] Department, and I look forward to clearing my name regarding these false allegations. I want to put this behind me so I can continue to focus on a successful season for the San Diego Chargers."

Tila Nguyen – her real name – made a citizen's arrest of Merriman on Sunday, alleging that he choked and unlawfully restrained her at his home in the San Diego suburb of Poway.

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Tila Tequila Makes Citizen's Arrest of NFL Player | Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila Makes Citizen's Arrest of NFL Player

Originally posted 09/06/2009 09:45PM

Tila Tequila has accused San Diego Chargers' linebacker Shawne Merriman of choking her, according to officials from the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Early Sunday morning, deputies were called to Merriman's residence in Poway, Calif., a town bordering the city of San Diego, where the reality star, whose real name is Tila Nguyen, claimed she was choked and restrained, according to a press release.

"[Nguyen] made a citizen's arrest," Sheriff's Lt. Gary Steadman tells PEOPLE.

Merriman was charged with battery and false imprisonment, according to the release. Steadman says the results of an investigation will be given to the district attorney's office, which will decide whether to charge the football star.

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