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Téa Leoni Is Dating Madam Secretary Costar Tim Daly | Tea Leoni, Tim Daly

Téa Leoni Is Dating Madam Secretary Costar (and On-Screen Husband) Tim Daly

Originally posted 12/03/2014 06:15PM

It's official. Newly divorced Téa Leoni, 48, is back off the market.

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Fall TV Review: Madam Secretary Is a Top-Notch New Show

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Why Madam Secretary Is Worth Watching

Originally posted 09/21/2014 02:00PM

For the new fall season, CBS has gone and found a plausible sister show to pair with Julianna Margulies's The Good Wife.

Here, too, we have a sophisticated, 40-something actress (Téa Leoni) in a situation (the White House) that teems with smart, powerful adults who would humiliate you and reduce you to tears if you ever met them in real life.

The premiere episode of Madam Secretary, for the time being, suggests that the show is very much the little sister in this scenario – but then again, The Good Wife is the rare show that was letter-perfect even in its pilot.

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Grey's Anatomy to Welcome Tim Daly | Tim Daly

Tim Daly

Grey's Anatomy to Welcome Tim Daly

Originally posted 03/07/2007 08:45AM

First there was McDreamy, then McSteamy. And the women of Grey's Anatomy will have to come up with a brand-new nickname now that ex-Wings hunk Tim Daly is on his way to Seattle Grace.

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9 Questions with The Nine's Tim Daly | Tim Daly

9 Questions with The Nine's Tim Daly

Originally posted 11/10/2006 04:55PM

Gambling-addicted police officer Nick Cavanaugh is a multifaceted character – a hero with a dark past and some serious issues. Tim Daly, who plays him on ABC's hostage thriller The Nine (Wednesdays, 10 p.m. ET), is no less complex. The New York City native is bouncing back with a hit after two failed series (2001's The Fugitive and last year's blinked-and-you-missed-it Eyes). And at 50, and after 24 years of marriage, he's still just as charming as when he first made it big in the '90s sitcom Wings. PEOPLE recently caught up with Daly for the scoop on The Nine, the secret to a long Hollywood match ("Don't get divorced!") and more.

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