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Tom Buchanan

Credit: Courtesy Lex Van den Berghe
Survivor Finalist Tom Buchanan Returns to TV with Family Beef

UpdatePosted 08/07/2013 02:40PM

Survivor Finalist Tom Buchanan Returns with a Show of His Own

Originally posted 08/07/2013 11:50AM

On paper, the brand new Family Beef may sound a lot like a Duck Dynasty clone: Take several generations of a Southern family who own a successful business, then watch them interact.

And should their Southern drawls become too hard to understand, simply add subtitles.

One thing that certainly is already familiar about Family Beef is its star, Tom Buchanan, who reached the final four on Survivor: Africa and the top five of Survivor: All-Stars.

"After doing Survivor, I traveled the world on USO tours," Buchanan, 58, tells PEOPLE. "Survivor opened my life up, but I never thought I would do another show."

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Bronze 'Survivor' Winners Get Silver

Originally posted 02/21/2002 01:00AM

CBS executives spot a goof in the finale of "Survivor: Africa" and decide to enhance the award money of Lex van den Berghe and Tom Buchanan.

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