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A Short History of Pop Songs in Presidential Campaigns

Hillary Clinton-Katy Perry in 2016? A Short History of Pop Songs in Presidential Campaigns

Originally posted 07/06/2014 09:30AM

"Hey, Hillz! Nice meeting you. Lemme write you a song when you run for president!"

That's basically how Katy Perry followed up her meeting with Hillary Clinton at a book signing last Friday. And Clinton seemed down with it, oddly enough.

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UpdatePosted 04/10/2014 06:30PM

Stevie Nicks and Jimmy Fallon (as Tom Petty) Expertly Recreate 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around'

Originally posted 04/10/2014 11:00AM

Jimmy Fallon turned in yet another spot-on imitation on Wednesday's Tonight Show, though his performance was bolstered by the presence of one very real deal: Stevie Nicks.

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A Petty Romance and a Heartbreak

Originally posted 06/28/2001 10:50AM

The frontman for the Heartbreakers found himself repeating his Vegas wedding vows in Malibu, while the group's bassist found himself busted in New Mexico.

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Tom Petty Ties the Knot in Vegas

Originally posted 08/22/1997 12:00AM

Tom Petty proved to be no heartbreaker earlier this month, when he married his longtime girlfriend, Dana York, at a steak-fed bash in Las Vegas. The guest list, though, was confined to close family and pals.

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