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Tony Goldwyn

Tony Goldwyn Teases Scandal's Winter Premiere: 'Fitz Is Alone Really for the First Time in His Life'

Originally posted 02/05/2016 10:35PM

Scandal is almost back – and it's taking a big leap forward.

"We start six months after the last episode ended, so you sort of flash-forward," Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant, told PEOPLE and a group of reporters at the U.S. Premiere of Debbie Allen's Freeze Frame Gala Performance in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

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How Tony Goldwyn's Parents' Marriage Made Him a Feminist

Originally posted 01/26/2016 10:00AM

Scandal star Tony Goldwyn is opening up about how watching his parents' marriage inspired him to become a feminist.

In a revealing essay written for More magazine, Goldwyn recounts how his mother Jennifer Howard put aside her acting career for his father (and later his stepfather).

"The theater was in Mom's blood. She did some prestigious shows … but she eventually gave up acting," Goldwyn writes. "Perhaps she didn't have what it takes. But my suspicion is that she lacked the support she needed from my dad (the film producer Samuel Goldwyn Jr.) and felt that her primary duty was to be a wife and mother.

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Rashida Jones and 10 Other Second-Generation Celeb Success Stories

Rashida Jones and 10 Other Second-Generation Celeb Success Stories

Originally posted 01/23/2016 09:00PM

This week, the comedy series Angie Tribeca premiered on TBS. And while the show is the brainchild of a comedy power couple, Steve Carell and Nancy Walls Carell, star Rashida Jones is herself the daughter of two famous people: music producer Quincy Jones and Mod Squad actress Peggy Lipton. (They shot a scene together!)

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2016 Presidential Elections

Watch Hillary Clinton Play Patty-Cake with Ellen DeGeneres and Scandal's President Fitz

Originally posted 01/08/2016 02:00PM

Hillary Clinton's competitiveness came in handy during an upcoming appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the Democratic frontrunner played the game "Heads Up" with DeGeneres and Scandal star Tony Goldwyn.

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The Final Episode of Scandal High Brings All the Drama: Who Wins Student Council President?

Originally posted 11/20/2015 10:45AM

Like many, we've been waiting with baited breath to see which of Scandal High's selfie-savvy teens would take home victory in the student council elections.

In the final installment of Shonda Rhimes "very first" tv show – AKA Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious spoof – frontrunner Hunter Ulysses Whitman (Tony Goldwyn) faces a last minute rival.

While the Scandal parody's other candidates have all mysteriously been expelled, Goldwyn's Hunter remains untouched. Even with goodie-two-shoes Izzy (Portia de Rossi) now in competition, the jock still nabs victory with 359 votes to her zero.

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Hunter (a.k.a. Fitz) Faces an Election Shake-Up on Scandal High

Originally posted 11/12/2015 03:00PM

The road to the White House – er, the student council presidency is a long and twisty one.

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Scandal: Watch Olivia Lie to Fitz About Papa Pope's Escape from Prison

Originally posted 11/04/2015 09:00AM

Olivia Pope deserves an Oscar for this performance. (And while we're at it, where is Kerry Washington's Emmy?!)

In a sneak peek of Thursday's Scandal episode exclusive to PEOPLE, the gladiator-in-chief tearfully feigns disbelief when she catches President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), press secretary Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield) and chief of staff Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) discussing her dastardly dad Eli Pope's (Joe Morton) escape.

"Escape" is putting it politely – Command sauntered out of federal prison with the requisite paperwork after Olivia got Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) to forge Fitz's signature, freeing him so he could blackmail Congress and save the political fixer from having to testify or – even worse – marry the love of her life.

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Watch Tony Goldwyn Play a Teenage Stud in Scandal High Parody

Originally posted 10/29/2015 03:50PM

The only setting more dramatic than Shonda Rhimes' sexily corrupt version of Washington, D.C., is high school – so Jimmy Kimmel cast the stars of Scandal in a spoof show that's giving us serious Saved by the Bell vibes.

In a sneak peek at the bit exclusive to PEOPLE, a schoolgirl Kerry Washington muses, "It's election season at Scandal High, and the competition is as hot as the candidates."

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Scandal's Tony Goldwyn Says Men Working for Shonda Rhimes 'Have to Take Their Clothes Off'

Originally posted 10/05/2015 05:55PM

If you're a man working for Shonda Rhimes, you might have to show a little more skin than your female counterparts.

Scandal's Tony Goldwyn recently said he and co-star Scott Foley are required to do more shirtless scenes than they necessarily would chose on their own.

"Shonda's rule is, 'Women can wear whatever they want. The guys have to take their clothes off whenever I tell them to,' " Goldwyn told Fox 5 New York. "So Scott and I every week, we'd be reading these scripts out loud, we do it all together, and one of us would turn the page and our shirt would be off so we’re like 'You're on deck,' 'You're up.' "

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Scandal Sneak Peek: Who Leaked the Footage Showing Fitz and Olivia's Affair?

Originally posted 10/01/2015 09:00AM

Can Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) fix her own Scandal?

Last week, she and President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) seemed to finally be making strides toward a healthy relationship – until footage of Olivia and the still-married leader of the free world's sexy PDA made its way to national TV.

In an exclusive sneak peek of Thursday's episode, Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) tells Fitz that the White House has ruled out an external security breach, meaning someone on the inside betrayed him. But Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield) warns the leak is "not the issue."

"I've got a room full of press getting rowdier by the minute. There's blood in the water," she says. "We're gonna need a game plan, we're gonna need a statement, we're gonna need … a bigger boat."

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