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Tracie Thoms

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Catfish Recap: Even Celebrities Can Get 'Catfished' | Catfish, Tracie Thoms


Catfish Recap: Even Celebrities Can Get 'Catfished'

Originally posted 06/05/2014 11:45AM

Sometimes celebrities really are just like "normal people." Not only do they buy groceries and go to the park, they can also get caught up in the tangled web of a catfish, as Rent actress Tracie Thoms did in the latest episode of Catfish.

The star reached out to Nev Schulman and Max Joseph for help following up on a deceiving Twitter fan. By the time our boys arrived, Tracie had already discovered that one of her Twitter followers was pretending to be someone she was not. When the actress tried to confront her fan "Sammie" about the behavior, the mystery Tweeter pulled a vanishing act, leaving Tracie with plenty of unanswered questions.

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UpdatePosted 06/04/2014 04:30AM

Tracie Thoms Talks Being the First Celebrity Catfish (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/04/2014 03:00PM

Wednesday's upcoming episode of Catfish: The TV Show isn't about romance. Instead, it's an eye-opening tale of how even celebrities are vulnerable to web deception.

MTV gave PEOPLE an exclusive look at the new episode, in which Rent and Death Proof actress Tracie Thoms enlists Nev Schulman and Max Joseph's help to find a fan that went too far. Thoms shared how she formed a friendship with a girl named Sammie, after Sammie reached out over Twitter to help the star promote her film Raze. Unfortunately, Thoms eventually discovered that Sammie was creating multiple fake accounts to manipulate the actress' emotions and get more attention. When Thoms called Sammie out on her behavior, the fan cut off contact.

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