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A Deadly Adoption: The PEOPLE Review

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A Deadly Adoption: The PEOPLE Review

Originally posted 06/21/2015 12:00AM

Well, what the hell was that?

A Deadly Adoption, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's secretive Lifetime movie project, wasn't strictly a parody of Lifetime movies.

It was, more accurately, an out-and-out Lifetime movie, just performed with an awareness of the easily mocked conventions of the genre, its clichéd situations and dialogue – "You're not supposed to be here! I told you to meet me at the cabin!" – all of it performed with a slight but very precise ironic distancing.

That gap, that distance, was so small it could only be measured metrically, perhaps in millimeters.

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Will Ferrell Battles Mark Wahlberg in the Laugh-Out-Loud Trailer for Daddy's Home

Originally posted 06/20/2015 02:20AM

[YOUTUBE "arhMMJx7tCU"] The tagline says it all: "It's Dad Vs. Step-Dad" when Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell go head to head in the new comedy Daddy's Home.

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Saturday Night Live

Will Ferrell: Saturday Night Live Is a 'Living, Breathing Time Capsule'

Originally posted 06/11/2015 03:30PM

If you ask Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live has a secret weapon.

In an exclusive clip from Live from New York!, the new documentary about SNL's 40-year history, the former cast member and two-time host shares what he believes to be the legendary sketch show's key to success.

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You Can Breathe Now: The Trailer for A Deadly Adoption Is Here

Originally posted 06/11/2015 02:55PM

[YOUTUBE "ZXzoTZtKY0k"] To all fans of Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig and/or Lifetime movies about stupid nice people who become the prey of crafty mean people: A 20-second teaser has been released by the cable network to promote their buzzy, top-secret project A Deadly Adoption.

The movie stars Ferrell, 47, and Wiig, 41, as a couple who take in a young pregnant women (90210 alum Jessica Lowndes) in the hopes of adopting her baby after it's born.

Judging from the trailer, which has Ferrell with a blood stain on his workout hoodie and Wiig lifting a pistol and taking aim, things go wrong.

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Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Secret Lifetime Movie Is Definitely Happening – and Soon | Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Secret Lifetime Movie Is Definitely Happening – and Soon

Originally posted 06/03/2015 03:00PM

Lesson learned: Never believe Will Ferrell.

The jokester's Lifetime movie with fellow Saturday Night Live vet Kristen Wiig is, in fact, happening.

A Deadly Adoption will air on June 20, honoring the 25th anniversary of Lifetime's TV-movie franchise, according to Variety.

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FROM EW: Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig Scrap Lifetime Movie Due to Press Leak | Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell

FROM EW: Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig Scrap Lifetime Movie Due to Press Leak

Originally posted 04/02/2015 08:50PM

They pulled the plug after news leaked online on Wednesday

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Conan O'Brien Learns Never to Ask Will Ferrell About His Bird (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/27/2015 07:45AM

It seems like it's a lot of fun to be Will Ferrell.

Between the moviemaking and the constant winding-up of late-night TV hosts, he looks like a man who's got things figured out.

t The latest evidence: Ferrell's Thursday night appearance on Conan, where the Get Hard star appeared with a cockatoo on his shoulder … and then resolutely refused to answer any questions about it.

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Credit: ACE/INF
Why Does Will Ferrell Think We Should Do Away with Frats?

Will Ferrell: Maybe We Should Ditch Fraternities

Originally posted 03/23/2015 10:30PM

His 2003 comedy Old School is an ode to frat life, but actor Will Ferrell isn't so sure that fraternities and sororities are worth keeping around.

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Will Ferrell Is the New Face of Little Debbie (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/19/2015 07:40AM

It's enough to make you swear off Swiss Rolls forever.

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Will Ferrell Says Bill O'Reilly Was a 'Real Sourpuss' at SNL's 40th Anniversary Special

Originally posted 03/18/2015 11:10AM

If you thought Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special had everyone laughing, Will Ferrell says think again.

"I wanted to watch the monologue … with Steve Martin," Ferrell said Tuesday night on the Late Show with David Letterman, where he showed up dressed like a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day. "I look up, and there's [Fox News host] Bill O'Reilly."

"Everyone's just clapping, and Bill O'Reilly's like this," Ferrell said, mimicking O'Reilly with a hand under his chin looking stone-faced and unamused. "I don't know if he got a wrong seating assignment or something … but just a real sourpuss."

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