Nicole Kidman: Snapshot

Nicole Kidman
Date of Birth
June 20, 1967
Birth Place
Honolulu, Hawaii
Don't be fooled by the porcelain skin and To Die For looks. Nicole Kidman's got acting chops. The Oscar winner proves that perfection in skill and beauty can both be had.

After her 10-year marriage to Tom Cruise ended in 2001, the media was waiting for Kidman to break a sweat, instead, she kept working, avoiding the media tsunami set off by her ex and his frenzied courting of Katie Holmes. Kidman continued to get richer, literally (earning $3.71 million for a Chanel commercial) and figuratively (winning an Oscar for Best Actress in The Hours in 2003).

Shortly after marrying country music sensation Keith Urban in 2006, Kidman stood by her man when he entered rehab for alcohol abuse. Now, the regal movie star is living her domestic dream with Urban and their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

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Nicole Kidman: Five Fun Facts

  1. In 1973, Nicole Kidman was passed over for the role of Little Orphan Annie in the musical Annie because she was taller than the boy playing Daddy Warbucks.
  2. Nicole Kidman is a lepidopterophobe: she is terrified of butterflies. "It's so bizarre. I'm not afraid of snakes or spiders. But I'm scared of butterflies," she told In Style.
  3. Nicole Kidman's mother was a feminist and wouldn't let her daughter have a Barbie doll. "She thought it was sexist. A male fantasy figure," Kidman told Entertainment Weekly. "So I stole one."
  4. Nicole Kidman had her first kiss onstage in a production of the play Spring Awakening when she was 14. "It was a really, really great kiss, and I would look forward to it every night," she told In Style. "I tell you, I learned that I loved to kiss."
  5. When she was 17, Nicole Kidman sang in an Australian band called Divine Madness. "Three girls and four guys. We did a lot of '70s stuff. I did Kate Bush, I did Blondie, I did Chaka Khan...We played at parties and one pub gig. We never got paid," she told In Style.

Nicole Kidman: Biography

circa 1970

Nicole Kidman

Aussie Love

Kidman moves to Sydney with her parents, Dr. Anthony Kidman, a biologist and psychologist, and Janelle, a nurse. She delights in her new surroundings. "There's something about the place," she later says in a Time article. "It's the smell of the gum leaves. Australia's in my blood, it's in my humor ...I love [Sydney's] zest for life and the openness of us Aussies."


Nicole Kidman

Best Mates

The aspiring actress meets Naomi Watts at an open call for a bikini ad, and Watts becomes a close friend and confidante. "We had to sit and wait, both in swimsuits, feeling incredibly embarrassed," Watts recalls to PEOPLE. "And neither of us got the job!" In 1990, they appear together in Flirting, also starring Thandie Newton.


Nicole Kidman


Big and Small Screens

Local theater gigs help Kidman land a role in the 1983 teen crime caper movie, BMX Bandits. At the same time, Kidman appears in the movie, Bush Christmas, which becomes a holiday classic in Australia, airing every December. Kidman becomes one of the most famous faces in Australia.

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Nicole Kidman

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