Feb. 05, 2007 | 06:00 AM EST

Carrie Not Dating Cowboy Tony Romo

Photo by: JOHN B. ZISSEL / IPOL / GLOBE PHOTOS; Joe Robbins / Getty
Carrie Not Dating Cowboy Tony Romo | Carrie Underwood
Sorry, folks: Carrie Underwood isn't dating quarterback Tony Romo – and this is coming from the Dallas Cowboy's own mouth. The AI winner and the 26-year-old athlete have been linked ever since she was spotted on the playing field during the Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game on Christmas Day. But Romo put those romance rumors to rest Thursday during a pre-Super Bowl press conference. "We're friends," said Romo. "She's a very nice, sweet girl, I care for her and whoever ends up with her will be a very lucky guy."

As for talk that the country star's presence on the field was a jinx (the Cowboys lost), Romo agreed that a no-girls ban might not be a bad idea. "I would definitely agree with that rule," but he adds, "If she was unknown, people would not have noticed she was there." Or, started those pesky dating rumors in the first place!