Feb. 22, 2007 | 07:00 PM EST

What's Up with ... the Word 'Pitchy'?

Idol judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson Photo by: Michael Becker / FOX
What's Up with ... the Word 'Pitchy'? | Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell
Seems like whenever Idol judge Randy Jackson isn't using his favorite word "dawg," he's telling contestants that they sound "pitchy." As in: Yo, so listen, that wasn't good for me at all, dawg! It was pitchy all over the place.

So what does Jackson really mean when he says "pitchy"? The music exec broke it down for David Letterman during a recent appearance on The Late Show. "You're hitting the note that could be flat or sharp," Jackson explained. "So one note could be sharp, the next note is flat. Flat meaning that the note that is hit is lower than the actual note that you (should reach) to be on key." Got that, dawgs?