Mar. 21, 2007 | 12:45 PM EDT

Idol Video: Ashley Cries (and Cries) for Sanjaya

Idol Video: Ashley Cries (and Cries) for Sanjaya Photo by:
Last night, the world got to meet one of Idol's biggest fans up close: Ashley Ferl from Riverside, Calif, the teary-eyed 13-year-old who got major screen time when Malakar rocked out to "You Really Got Me." And got her he did, which began a TV love affair with the blonde-haired California girl.

Ashley, who won tickets to the show on, seemed to have cried through every moment of her Idol experience: meeting the judges, getting a hug from Sanjaya, watching Melinda Doolittle's performance and the big finale – greeting the contestants onstage. "It was unbelievable!" Ashley told PEOPLE about her experience. So we salute the teen, because long after we've forgotten some of the performances of the night, we'll always have Ashley Cry Me a River from Riverside.

Watch Ashley in Action:
Crying during Sanjaya's performance...

Crying while meeting the Idols...